Wednesday 21 October 2009

Anthony Peake and Fairleigh Dickinson

This Fall semester 2009,  Anthony Peake's two published books will be jacketed and placed on the shelves of Fairleigh Dickinson University's library for faculty and students to use.

FDU is a private liberal arts  University in the greater New York Metropolitan area.  It sits on the Twombly estate in Madison,  New Jersey,  a commuter suburb of Manhattan.  It has campuses also in Wroxton,  England,  Tel Aviv,  Israel,  and Bergen County,  New Jersey.

I am planning a fall 2010 conference for Anthony Peake to be held at Lenfell Hall,  at the Madison campus,  in October of next year.  In the meantime,  I think his books can be explored by faculty and students in the departments of psychology and philosophy.  I hope Peake's books will be cited in a few student papers!


Anthony Peake said...

Susan Marie,

May I formally thank both yourself and your Mother, Betty, for arranging this great honour for me.

Best Wishes


dorje said...

That’s excellent! I’ve been doing something similar on a much less formal scale with my students for a while now. I teach Fine Art in a conceptual direction and my students are often fascinated by issues raised in both books. I run a project on time later in the year and we discuss the chapter on Zeno’s Universe which opens up all kinds of ideas. We got back today from a week long field-trip with twenty four of them making sculpture in the Lake District and I finished reading The Daemon while I was there. One of them had just read The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot so we had had bits to discuss.

Another ex student (who is coincidentally one of the strongest I have worked with in the last ten years, is now a practicing artist herself and is now training to lecture) texted me today to tell me about a recent unexpected precognitive experience which came out of the blue to her just hours after finishing reading. I’m going to meet her on Tuesday to get the details…

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