Monday, 30 November 2009

11:11 Synchronicity

Even though I have been experiencing curious and strange synchronicities over the last two or three years, this one really quite shook me.

A few weeks ago I met up with a member of my FORUM called Dave. During our conversation he told me that he was becoming quite concerned about the numbers 11:11. He told me that he was seeing this set of digits everywhere. He was finding this really very weird. As my books deal with synchronicity and its potential significance we discussed this in some detail. I told him that I knew of no real significance for these numbers other than the fact that they represented the end of the First World War..... and, at the time of our meeting it was building to the commemorations of this day.

Dave insisted that this was not the reason and that his 11:11 experiences had been happening for some time. I asked Dave to place his observations and experiences on my FORUM. This he did.

This can be viewed at:

Now what is odd is that my FORUM members tend to be a very well-read bunch but you will note that all acknowledged the strangeness of Dave's observations but that was about it.

Youn will note from my later postings on this thread that 11:11 started to involve itself in my life. This was odd because I had never noticed such a thing. Of course fellow FORUMITE "A Dark Philosopher" has pointed out that this is part of the "Kangaroo Effect" which may be the case. However I found it really odd that two new professional writers have involved themselves on my FORUM in recent weeks. Marie D Jones and Hilary Carter. Marie contacted me out-of-the-blue and, as you will see from my posting, I was stunned to find that she has written a book on 11:11. ( - and scroll down to the third book on Marie's list).But it became odder. By pure chance I was reading my first-ever copy of the Watkins Review and I saw a review of a book written by Hilary Carter entitled The 11:11 Code (check the book out at .

This really fascinated (maybe even disturbed) me. This was more than a series of coincidences. They seemed to be clustering all at once.

And yesterday it became really weird.

On checking my email in-box I was surprised (and delighted) to receive an Email from Hilary. She informed me that she was amazed as to how the whole 11:11 phenomenon seemed to be facilitating communication with her and I. Indeed in the email she pointed out that she was travelling in India at the moment and just nipped into the first cyber-cafe she could find to pick up her emails. There was one from me. She had just started typing her response to me when she noticed the computer date - she simply could not believe what she was seeing - 11:11 flashed up! Okay, so what, I hear the cynics say. But Hilary informed me in the email that the actual time was 17:40!!!!

Strange eh. Well it doesn't stop there. Literally seconds after reading the email I picked up my half read latest copy of the British satire magazine Private Eye. I found myself flicking through the pages and I did something I never usually do. Looked at the classified adverts pages. What I saw made my stop dead and gasp in amazement. The full advert in front of me is reproduced in the photograph at the top of this posting.

Now this is becoming far more than simply concidence, synchronicity or the "Kangaroo Effect". This is Jungian synchronicity writ large.

So what does this all mean?????


Dan Thompson said...

My girlfriend first brought my attention to 11:11 phenomenon.

She always said when you catch the clock at 11:11 to make a wish. Since then I've always noticed it.

There's a wealth of information about it on the internet. Stars aligning, spirit guardians and all that.

Whilst I doubt any of that, its still an interesting anomaly.

Oh, as a sidenote of strange times of day, I recently discovered that the 'witching hour' is 3am. I always thought it was midnight.

It's noted that high levels of strangeness happens at 3am. Usually on hospital wards and the like.


Anthony Peake said...

I agree with you Dan. There is a lot of odd ideas flying round regarding most unusual phenomena. I am trying to find a rational and, dare I say it, rational and scientifically-based answer to these things.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Hi Tony, we've done several posts on the 11:11 phenomenon. It's fascinating. There's also a guy named Blayne who has a blog on 11:11- I'll get the url from our site and post here. I'll put up a link to your site, too.
Trish MacGregor

dorje said...

I love this one- it's stranger than my matrix medal one. Sometimes we don't even have to keep our eyes wide open-they just jump out at us in ways that are increasingly difficult to ingore

Anthony Peake said...

Thanks folks. It does continue. Yesterday I went to the microwave to heat up some milk and the time on the microwave clock (and, of course, every other digital clock in the house) was 11:11. Not that this is that odd, I know, but it still felt strange as I only use the microwave once a day to heat up the milk for my cappucino.... and I decided to do it at 11:11 just as I had been thinking about those very digits.

Anubis65 said...

It would be good to find an answer to this but i have yet to come across one that doesn't involve the end of the world or some sort of angel. The Daemon maybe. Thanks for posting this Tony as this has been bugging me for years now and no matter how much i try to avoid it 11.11 always comes back to haunt me at some point.

1ladynada1 said...

11:11 has been in my life for a while,whats been coming to me recently is 15:15 would love if you shared any thoughts you have on this with me...

67 Not Out (Mike Perry) said...

A fascinating post. 11.11 - a doorway to another world/level perhaps.

I think, though, that once we become fixated on something - a number, sign, or absolutely anything - we do tend to see it everywhere. The brain/mind doesn't filter it out any more so it seems to be everywhere. What we dwell on we see (and attract).


Gwil W said...

I can't say I've noticed the 11:11 thing before but I'll certainly be on the alert for it from now on. For me the no. 22 seems to be an old and persistent 'friend'.

Chiron said...

Interesting. I've had this with numbers adding up to 10. I'd see number plates of cars on posters, on TV adds, etc all adding up to 10. 10 in numerology is supposedly the number of new beginnings. It reduces to 1. In some ways it is like the blank rune in viking runes. It is pregnant with beginnings and endings.
Incidently, IIRC, in numerology, 11 is the number of the philosopher. It is the teacher. Perhaps the Daemon?

Chiron said...

Actually - to add to my last comment. I just started reading your Daemon book and youmention that JB Priestly' book was 316 pages and that the page of interest about Coleman's date of the exploding star on 17 March 2000 was p91. 316 and 91 each add up numerologically to 10 and thus to 1.
But the date is a quandry. 17 is 8, March is 3 or is it the numbers of the letters of March. 8 and 3 is 11. One could say that 2000 is messing it up but if we had the date as 17.3.00 then it would add up to 11. 11 is one of the numerolgical numbers that can't be reduced any futher - so 11 does not make 2 for instance, it is simply 11.

Chiron said...

You might want to treat these sites I link with a pinch of salt but the idea is there and you get my meaning. I'm posting them to investigate this further and not saying these sites have any veracity.

11 being the master number - the number of the philosopher:

And on the subject of 11:11: