Friday 31 August 2007

Tony's interview on John Govier's late night radio show

I listened with interest to Tony's interview on Weds 29th August, as I was certain that there is life after death. However, what totally threw me was when he talked about TLE - it was almost as if he was personally discussing me. I suffer from this & get time delay when I'm due to have a seizure - but it isn't long enough in reality to stop myself falling, however it seems like it's minutes before it actually happens. I'm "outside myself" totally detatched if that makes sense. I seem to know what's going to happen because I'm seeing it - it's like watching myself on a film - like "oh this is the bit where I fall down the stairs" . The interesting thing is until Wednesday I didn't think to make any connection with life after death/deja vu etc with my TLE. It's opened up a whole new series of thoughts & theories. Has anyone else had an experience like this? I could use a few tips if anyone can help me, I'm finding it a bit "scary" .
PS sorry if this rambles & doesn't make a whole lot of sense - this is my 1st ever post to a blog!

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Anthony Peake said...


Thanks for placing this comment. You will be interested to know that you are really not alone with regard to these sensations. I know of at least three members of this Blog Group that have TLE and report identical symptoms. You may also be interested to know that there has been some fascinating research done in this area. When you get to the TLE section in my book you will find the references.
Best Wishes