Sunday, 9 September 2007

Deja Vu receeding


You asked me to put comments on the Blog so here we go. I found your book very intriguing and it explains some of the feelings I've had in my life. Apart from the deja-vu feelings, which have now stopped since I had my car crash earlier this year, I used to make decisions that I would regret - yet know that I should not have made - as if I had made those same choices time and time again. It lead to me feeling quite depressed for some of my life - a feeling that one was stuck on the wheel of life again and again. I have had a strong belief in reincarnation but after reading your book I'm trying to reassess that belief and look at the 'chapters' of my life. I had felt that through many lives (different and successive ones) I was making the same mistakes over and over again.

I mentioned on my mail to you that I tried to avoid the events that led to my car crash. I had to attend a business meeting that I felt was unnecessary and could be carried out via teleconferencing (I work for a big IT company). I had a strong sense of premonition that I didn't want to go on the car journey. I never knew why I had those feelings - only that I should try and avoid attending the meeting. I tried to have the meeting changed or to have my attendance cancelled but to no effect. My colleagues felt that I had to attend the meeting in person. I resigned myself to my fate in the end and lo and behold I had a car crash just before I was due to attend the meeting. The only ill effect of the crash was that I had to attend a driving survival course, to order a new company car and my tax was messed up by a series of hire cars and relief cars until my new company car arrived so I can't see why I had such a strong premonition. I walked away from the car crash without a scratch and no body else was hurt - not a single other car was hit yet the reasons for why my car lost control are still uncertain (though there is a strong suspicion that I had a tyre blow out on a bend while breaking). I didn't have an NDE either - only a strong feeling that I should do my best to control the car so I missed the other cars - which I did. At one point in the accident I remember feeling a sense of surprise and thinking - 'ok I'm in an accident, I'll just sit tight and wait till this ends now.' The car eventually came to rest and I phoned the leasing company to tell them of the crash then my loved ones. Why did I have such a strong sense of premonition if my life wasn't curtailed and no other ill effects occurred. Unless my life has now branched and is now on a new path never before travelled before? As I've said, I've not noticed any Deja-Vu sensations of late - as if I'm starting afresh. I have a sense of renewed optimism. I'm attending a creative writing course to try and kick start a long lost dream to write. My wife and I had our first child and I feel that things are at last going well at work. I do remember that before the crash I had to stop off at motorway services for an urgent call of nature. I'm wondering if this very minor thing saved my life - that a worse accident may have occurred. Or - as suggested in your book - I am actually in a new universe - that I did die in the crash (rather sad for my wife and child especially as my wife was to lose her mother as well later this year) to all other observers except myself. It's a startling thought and one I try not to dwell on for long as it makes me feel very sad.


Anthony Peake said...

Your experience is a fascinating one and one that I think supports an element of CTF that I have developed subsequent to writing ITLAD. I have long neen interested in the reported 'fact' that as one gets older the number of deja vu incidents drops of. My initial theory on this was as one gets further away in time from one's last life the memories simply fade and as such a deja vu 'recognition' of a circumstance will be less likely. However I now consider this to be more complex and, in some ways, even more supportive of CTF. I now think that what mau be taking place is that a deja vu, if reacted to, will bring about a 'temporal mutation' in that any reaction or comment about the deja vu will not have happened in the first (recording) life-run. As such at that point something different will have occured ("Gee whizz, Bill, I just had the weirdest deja vu" would be a statement that could not have taken place in the last life). From that point on there is a split in Borges' 'Garden of the Forking Paths' and the Eidolon enters a new life path. Now, and this is interesting to ponder upon - in that new life-path (o Everett Universe)- the Daemon has no idea what will happen next. It, like its Eidolon, is travelling along a new path that neither of them have experienced before. As such it has no 'precognitive' abilities.

I argue that this change of life-path only really takes place when the deja vu (or precognition) is of such a profound nature that it brings about marked changes in how the future pans out. A small change - such as my example comment above - will not really change anything.

Does this make sense?

Chiron said...

I'm still perplexed as to why my Daemon should try and stop me having an accident that didn't seem to have any bad consequences - uncomfortable perhaps but not dangerous. Ok - perhaps I did die in the 'original' universe I was in and I'm now in a new one but it doesn't matter as I am still experiencing life. We make so many decisions in our lives - some of them probably lethal but they may not become so. So why did my Daemon want me not to travel? Or is there a consequence of the car crash I have yet to discover?