Wednesday 31 October 2007

Picture house analogy

Just a short point. When we try to think or re-member something, isn't it interesting that we cover our eyes to do it? (Think of going into a film theatre to see things and that the projection of an image requires darkness for it to be seen).

Related to this is the fact that ghosts are associated with the dark as you'd expect with a projected image or print through of an earlier image, where the tape had been used several times (Live ghosts that respond to your existence are something else - stone tapes are what I mean here). A theory mooted in Anomaly, the journal of ASSAP (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) suggested that water was associated with ghosts and I wondered from that if the images were somehow projected onto wayer droplets, suspended in the air?

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting idea,Paige. In 2007 I saw a documentary I think from Russia where movies were being projected on running water like a shower on a larger scale and people can actually walk through and among them ,between the scenes as it were. Somehow this seems significant and Technology has already made quantam(!!) leaps who knows how OUR great grandchildren will find entertainment??? Let alone other implications ,which as it is 6 am where I am, cannot delve into right now....!!! Jesamyn