Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Heat induced time slip.

During the recent heatwave my wife and I have decided to use different bedrooms. I preferred the back cooler bedroom she put up with the west facing warmer bedroom.
One evening we retired to bed about the same time, she may have been a little after me as she sets out the kitchen for breakfast. Her normal time of rising is about 4.30am anyhow as she has back problems and twisting and turning in bed she gets up early does some housework and then goes to sleep on the sofa until I get up at for work. I was reading the book The Daemon in bed when she turned in. Eventually I turned off my back bedroom light.
Around 3.24am [AS PER MY CLOCK] I heard her get up as she went via the bathroom etc I checked the time again to be sure and as she is an early riser anyway and it was still warm I took little notice. I fell back to sleep and re-awoke and checked my digital LCD clock it was only 1.15am, again double checking by putting on the light. Huh? How could that be? Puzzled I fell back into a sleep awaking for work at 6.00am. I went via the bathroom and down for breakfast and asked my wife what time she got up, about 3.30am she said she couldn't rest it was too warm upstairs. I muttered I had a backward night then but never bothered to explain it, not worth the hassle. Did my Daemon try to prove something to me or was it just heat induced madness. I still can't accept it as real but who can tell?


Anthony Peake said...


Fascinating post and so in keeping with the discussions on here. Have you considered placing this posting on my FORUM as well? This can be found at

Anonymous said...

I haven't posted this in the forum but hope to do so.

paigetheoracle said...

I'm more interested in your wife's back pain. If she has other symptoms apart from that tell her to look up kundalini as this is just Itladian phenomena coming through, that appear psychic as with your experience (Could be astral projection on her part or the daemon walking the castle walls i.e. the ghost of Christmas past, especially as she seems such a restless spirit. Heat causes things to radiate and move where cold condenses them - this could be why you've chosen the bedrooms you have as masculinity is always described as cold and hard, where feminine energy is warm and welcoming as it has to be and vice-versa, given the roles played).

Anthony Peake said...


An interesting observation.