Friday, 3 July 2009

Now Television beckons?

I am delighted to announce that I will be appearing live on UK television on the Thursday 23rd July at 2000 (British Summer Time). I have been invited to be the sole guest on a two hour programme on Edge Media TV.

I will be appearing on their "Flagship" programme On The Edge. I will be interviewed by Theo Chalmers. I spent a fascinating 45 minutes chatting with Leo yesterday. He has a great sense of humour and I am sure that this could be a very interesting show. indeed I am informed that there will be a facility whereby listeners can "text in". How this facility works I am not sure but I watched part of Theo's programme last night and the listener involvement was very active.

Edge Media programming is broadcast in the UK on the Sky platform, Channel 200 "Controversial TV" from 6am until 10pm. It can also be received across Europe on Eurobird 28.3E (11.222Ghz H, symbol rate 27.5, FEC 2/3).

However what is even better news for those of you outside of the UK (and those of you, me included, who do not have SKY TV) is that this programme will also be available for viewing live via a webcast. This can be viewed at:

Their general website can be found at .


SM Kovalinsky said...

Wow, and congratulations to you, Tony. I hope to be able to download this and embed this. Praise unto you, Anthony.

paigetheoracle said...

Ach, so ziss is why I've been dragged back to ziss site!