Wednesday 12 August 2009

Sovereign Radio Interview - 12th August 2009

My sincere apologies to Sonia Barrett of Sovereign Radio and to all those planning to listen in this evening. Unfortunately I made a total miscalculation in terms of the time of broadcast. I had checked the time difference between the UK and California a few months ago (when the first interview with Sonia had been scheduled). Clearly I jotted down the wrong time and worsened the error by not checking it again.

Unfortunately the interview was unusual in that usually the radio station rings me. This time I needed to ring them. As I was at home at the correct time of 1600 (UK time) I would have been available to take the call. As it was I waited until the time I thought it was (1800) before attempting to SKYPE the station.

I have done many, many, US and Canadian interviews and this is the first time that this has happened. Hopefully it will be the last time.

My apologies also to Susan-Marie who I know placed this on many wires in the USA.

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SM Kovalinsky said...

Tony: Not a problem for me. I have found that these "mishaps" are synchronicities which happen to a purpose. This will give me a chance to link the Roosevelt video out on the next press release. I am just amazed what that event has done for my pick up: the wires just grab up the content now!