Friday 23 November 2007

intention and 'accidents'

I've noticed that when my energy is low, I have 'accidents' that seem to be of benefit to others - as though my intention is not strong enough to complete something but it achieves others aims. It seems to be particularly with animals and children, perhaps because their intention level is not affected by being civilized (Waiting your turn/ asking somebody else for something). For instance I might open a packet of biscuits that the dogs couldn' t get at physically themselves but find my hold is loose and the biscuit either drops directly onto the floor or goes spinning out of control as I fight to control its trajectory.

Allied to this and clearer, is that when I'm weak through a migraine attack or other illness, my hold on the world slides noticeably (The new male dog becomes dominant and starts trying to take over the house (again) or my partner starts ranting and raving at me to get a job or wants me to leave etc.). Also as pointed out above, my physical hold on the world obviously slides and I drop things etc.

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