Wednesday 10 September 2008

Leven Na Leven Na Leven - Een Wetenschappelijke Verkenning

I am pleased to announce that the Dutch language edition of ITLAD has now been published in The Netherlands. It is interesting that my Dutch publisher (Ankh-Hermes) have decided against using the misleading "Is There Life After Death" title and have gone for a far more accurate "Life After Life After Life".

Having worked for many years for the British 'wing' of the Dutch national airline KLM I have a particular liking for The Netherlands and Dutch people in general. I spent many happy times in Amsterdam and a small town called Nordwijk on the coast.

Indeed one of the first organisations to show interest in my work was the Ouspensky Society and I visited their offices once in Amsterdam. My contact at the time was a lady called Pauline Tiben. If she is by chance keeping up to date with how my writing developed it would be great to hear from you, Pauline.

Another Dutch member of this Blog is the Dutch NDE writer Titus Rivas. Again it would be great to hear from him.


Karl Le Marcs said...

First there was ITLAD, then came CIZPS (Poland) [have you got copies of those editions in yet AP?] and now we have LNLNL (ELANELANEL); I can spell banana but I don't know when to stop!
*obscure gag*
I think an ITLAD Conference in a few Amsterdam Coffee Houses (or somesuch) would be, erm, of interest! Especially as I would have to fly KLM (KLLM on KLM would be like BA (from the A-Team) on British Airways (who, by the way, missed out on a FABO advertising campaign idea I sent them many years ago where BA (from the A-Team), who was famously scared of flying, could be sitting on a BA plane all happy and jangly etc with the tagline "I ain't flying no plane, sucker; except a BA plane"
Or Something!),er)
Congratulations mate, and yes, I agree, "Life After Life After Life" is a better title!
(and finite as well)
*Nerdish BIGTOE smile*

Robin said...

I've just forwarded this post to friends in the Netherlands. This is all very exciting Tony! How about The Daemon? Are the these publishers considering it as well?