Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Graham Hancock

I received an email from Glen Kreisberg a few days ago. Glen is an associate of the writer Graham Hancock. At present Graham is working on a novel and has requested that Glen commission articles for Graham's website. I am delighted that not only are they interested in me writing an article for them but also they wish me to be their "Author of the Month" for March 2009. I am deeply honoured to receive this accolade and I have, of course, agreed to write the article.

It seems that Glen has checked out this Blogsite and its sister FORUM and has found it all very interesting. He is of the opinion that there is much "crossover" with what we are discussing here and the subjects discussed on Graham's forum ( Graham's forum is where I would like us to be soon .... with over a million hits a month!

Graham and Glen plan to set up a series of links from their site to our FORUM and this site here. Clearly this will involve more visitors for us which is fantastic .... even more people will become aware of ITLAD and CTF and in doing so the message will be spread.

Glen has already set up a link from his website to mine. If you have a moment or two mayber check out his stuff at


Jason Kephas said...

good news Tony - Hancock is doing some commendable work bringing once-marginal ideas to the mainstream, and i strongly recommend his book SUPERNATURAL, about the links between DNA, alien abductions, and shamanic/spirit realities

of course GH is probably sponsored by Freemasons too ; )

Proceed with caution and delight

Aloha Gary said...

WOW! Way cool!

now this is just totally unfair!

here I am struggling to keep up with all the great ITLAD and DAEMON stuff on your forum and you go and give me another one to go through ;-)

Thank you.

And as pointed out this is great company to be keeping, I'm amazed how many of these guys' books I have already read.

Maybe the '3rd book prophecy' will turn out to be true!!?


Aloha Gary said...


well I've only just finished all 850+ pages of Supernatural which covers many areas in a lot of depth!! from an ITLAD perspective, principally that the recorded experiences of shamans on a 'journey', meetings with faeries and elves and UFO-alien abductees are all basically similar, if not the same!!

well worth a look!

Anonymous said...

Anthony - found your site 10 minutes after finding Graham Hancock's site and reading an Amazon review of one his books which mentioned the use of Ketamine. Never even knew it was a drug, let alone a banned one.

So I then zip onto yahoo to check some email and what do I see:

Nice one Cyril ;-)