Thursday, 11 December 2008

Latest Radio Interview - 11th/12th December 2008

Robert Larson will be interviewing me again on his show "OUT THE RABBIT HOLE" on Thursday 11th December at 5-6 PM, Pacific Time. For listeners in the UK this will be broadcast at 1 -2 AM on Friday 12th December. The show is broadcast from the studios of KUCI in Irvine, CA. For those of you in sunny Orange County this can be listened to at 88.9 FM. For the rest theshow is streamed worldwide at Audio archives this interview can be found at If you are interested in Robert and his previous shows you can check him out at his MySpace site at:

Robert and I will be discussing my new book, The Daemon, particularly in relationship to the late, great Philip K Dick. This is curiously apposite because PKD lived in the same area of California as the KUCI studios.


Curious Curandera said...

great blog site

Karl Le Marcs said...

Concha: Please also take a look at FORUM (link below)

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Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: Just been listening to this, LIVE (finally, after the phone problems you've had) but just seen you'd put the wrong date here!

Interesting interview. I was struck by your discussions around the Western Mystery Traditions/Esoteric Philosophy/Theosophical Societies.

I have just this week began reading a quite remarkable book (given it's content, much of which has been deeply occultic (or secret) for many many eons) called "The Secret History Of The World" by Jonathan Black (the non de plume of Mark Booth) within which he also discusses PKD.

Great discussion on PKD, VALIS, Counter-Clock World, Anarch Peak, Exegesis etc. Such a shame that the interview was shortened by the phone problems.

"Modern Science tries to enforce a narrow, reductive view of our Consciousness. It tries to convince us of the unreality of elements, even quite persistent elements in experience, that it cannot explain. These include the shadowy power of prayer, premonitions, the feeling of being stared at, the evidence for mind-reading, out-of-body-experiences, meaningful coincidences and other things swept under the carpet by modern science."
Jonathan Black - "The Secret History Of The World"

..........and of course, yours and my view of Modern Science certainly does NOT sweep such phenomena as those mentioned by Jonathan Black in the quote above "under the carpet", we include them, certainly within my CtCw theory of Consciousness and collectively towards our Uber-Theory.