Monday 15 December 2008

Sunday Times Article - Have Your Say!

After doing a little research I am delighted to say that the writer of the Sunday Times article (see previous post), Bryan Appleyard, is also a member of "Blogger" and has his own site similar to this one. As with this site (and all open Blogger sites) other Bloggers can place comments. I am pleased to say that Bryan has placed a posting on his article and is keen to have some reader responses. May I suggest that if any of you keen itladians out there, after reading the article, feel motivated to put an itladian comment on Bryan's site it will do us no harm here. It may even stimulate some interest in the great British media (which to date seem to have rather missed out on "Cheating The Ferryman".

Mr. Appleyard is a highly respected journalist and one, I am sure, who may be fascinated with what we are attempting here and on the FORUM.

The link is




SM Kovalinsky said...

I did post a remark, Tony, and hope it meets with your approval.

Dave Richards said...

Bryan seems to be strongly inclined towards the mind/brain duality. So am I. But is it compatible with ITLADIAN theory .. which seems to me to premised on the idea that it's all in the brain?

String said...

Found your blog and website/forum through Graham Hancock's site (message board) will have a longer look at the topics on your forum. Very interesting to me, to say the least. About 10 years ago I had a forward to something I was writing which was about escaping the Underworld. Quite surprised to find this!