Saturday 1 December 2007


last week my husband was painting our kids playroom, he was up a ladder and had the radio playing through the TV - Heart FM (it plays mainly R&B of the 80's) when the TV decided to turn itself off then turn itself back on and play Chris Barber 'Bugle Boy March' at full volume - the tune we had played at my father-in-laws funeral and not a tune that would be played on 'Heart FM'.
My father-in-law died last September and would have been very interested in this blog as we often discussed such matters even to the extent that we made a pact that whoever went first would try to make contact from the afterlife - obviously that was before he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
I don't know how the TV experience would fall into us being on a continuous cycle of birth - death - birth - death etc etc... But, I do know for sure that my father-in-law is trying to let us know that he continues to live on....

I'm now wondering if there is a possibility that everything that has ever happened is happening now - all at once?, that our past, present and future including our death and time spent in the afterlife is actually existing at the same universal time and that is why we sometimes have deja vous or experience uncanny coincidences or warnings of impending danger or vivid flashbacks like, something trivial that happened when we were children seemed like it only just happened, because, for a fleeting second it is remembered with such clarity. If this is to be true then could our daemon's actually be us in our future when we are in the afterlife stage being our 'higher selves'? emmmm.......


Carenza Waters said...

Hi Karen,

I too listen to Heart FM!

Many believe time to be an illusion so it is entirely possible that things happen 'all at once'.

I have my own view on 'ghosts' based on the Everett 'Many worlds interpretation'. If it is true, then in some Everett universes our departed love ones are alive and well. They are going about there business as normal.

Isn't that just how some 'ghosts' appear - carrying on as they did in life oblivious to the fact they have 'died'?

Dr Who and such programs would have us believe that alternative universes have 'void's between them. I suspect not - more there would be a continuum of worlds.

This being the case, universes where our departed loved ones are still alive may not be so far from this one. They may be only a centimetre away in some unperceived dimension.

And this being the case, your Eidellon only has to drift 'off target' very slightly before you start seeing these people.

Quite possibly, in some Everett universe, your Dad was indeed at your home and did indeed switch your TV on!

Karen said...

Thank's for your comments Carenza. I have sky plus'd the Everett programme and am looking forward to watching it alone - when they've gone to footie and its quiet!. Its strange that Jesus said 'In my fathers house there are many mansions' and Everett believes there are many worlds. (not that Im religous or anything!)

Anonymous said...

Karen: When hearing of the MWI for the first time, I instantly was reminded of Jesus' "many mansions"as well- and often thought his miracles may have been a switching to alternate planes.

Karen said...

I watched it!. I was glued (liked the music too). Im now wondering if we are all God - Im not losing it honest! (Ive only necked my first of several Archers Aqua of the evening!). If the photon can be in lots of different places at once could we not all be "the photon" could the photon be everything? is the photon God?....
Susan Marie: yes, it makes sense doesn't it unless we are all God but just don't realise it and Jesus did that was why he could heal and make miracles.

Anthony Peake said...

If CTF is correct then in a very real way we are all 'God' in our own Everett Universe in that it is our 'act of observation' that brings about reality in your own universe (if one also applies the implications of Bohr's Copenhagen Interpretation. Without you as an oberver your universe cannot exist). You may recall the wonderful poem by Ronnie Knox that I opened chapter 3 of ITLAD with. It goes like this:

There was a young man who said, God,
I find it exceedingly odd
If he finds that this tree
Continues to be
When there is no one about in the Quad'.

Dear Sir,
Your astonishment's odd:
I am always about in the Quad
And that is why the tree
Continues to be,
Since observed by
Yours faithfully

As we know this was Berkley's argument for the existence of God.

However in each individual universe (or 'Phaneron' as the philosophers term it) is brought about by the observer then the Quad does not exist when the observer ceases to perceive it.

Particle physicist Professor John Wheeler calls this idea 'The Participatory Universe'. He even goes as far as to argue that the observer's act of observation also brings into existence past events as well as present.

Makes my brain hurt!