Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Daniel Tammet 2

I agree with Hurly-Burly. The psychological state known a 'savant-syndrome' is, for me, further evidence of the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad.

I saw the TV programme on Daniel Tammet and I went out and got hold of a copy of the book. I knew exactly what I was looking for - did he have epilepsy (crucial to my theory)? - and this was confirmed in the book. In ITLAD I discuss the Russian memory-man Sherenevsky. As well as amazing memory recall this man also had extreme synaesthesia (you may recall his description of a symphony by Shostokovich). Sherenevsky also had TLE and believed that he shared his consciousness with another person (his Daemon?).

With regard to this whole savant-syndrome thing may I suggest two books that are an absolute must read. One is Darrold A Treffert's 'Extraordinary People', and the other is Oliver Sacks' 'An Anthropologist on Mars. The former author was the consultant for the film Rain Man. This book is full of fascinating examples of synaesthesia and amazing memories with individuals who seem to have another section to their brain that they can instantaneously access with no conscious intention. Some of these people have epilepsy. To me this implies that certain individuals have access to the memory banks and information processing ability usually only available to the Daemon.

The latter has a fascinating section on an Italian artist who seems to have a form of total-recall with regard to his childhood memories. On reading this I knew what was coming next and I was right - the artist has TLE!


Hurlyburly said...

You may catch my banging my head against a wal ltrying to enduce Synaesthesia.

Would this be wrong?

Anthony Peake said...

If you do that you will definitely see stars and possibly red as the blood fills your eyes. However it may be unlikely that this is synaesthesia. More likely concussion!

Hurlyburly said...

Spoil Sport.

I may just move to America in that case and file a lawsuit against my DNA for being crap.