Monday 10 December 2007

Right Brain Vs Left Brain

I found an interesting website through facebook - Right Brain Vs Left Brain and watched the animation and I first see it going clockwise but if I keep staring at it, it changes direction and I can keep doing this. Does that mean that I use both sides of my brain the same amount? As it didn't have that as an option in the text.


Anthony Peake said...


Interesting that you spotted this. It was pointed out to me by Herbie a few weeks back and I placed a similar link on my website. I think that this could be a great tollfor isolating Daemon or Eidolon dominant thought patterns.

Robin Jamison Hernandez said...

What an incredible blog! I was directed here through a (standing) Google alert on right brain/left brain.

I've poked around a bit, and found so much food for thought. Being one who is consistently "hungry," there's no doubt that I'll return regularly to see what's being discussed.

Anthony Peake said...


Great to hear from you. If you drop me an email with your email address I can invite you to join and have you full posting rights should you be interested -

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Everytime i refresh it i see her going clockwise. what does that mean?

Anthony Peake said...

Hi James,

For what it is worth I think that the article has got the instructions the wrong way round. To quote an earlier posting by myself (18th November):

"I have just checked this out with my wife (strong maths and sciences biased & very grounded rationalist) and my father-in-law who is up here from Devon for the weekend (engineer and similar to his daughter). They both see the dancer going clockwise. I could only see it as counter-clockwise.

They both agree that the descriptions are reversed in that they are firmly in the dominant hemisphere camp whereas in their opinions I am clearly a non-dominant hemisphere type being am much more intuitive etc. Clearly we are different but the descriptions are in reverse. I think that non-dominant (right brain) will see the dancer going anticlockwise and the dominant (left brain) will see her dance clockwise.

However the moment I decided to write something I looked at the screen and she had changed direction to clockwise. Clearly this was because I was using my left brain (dominant) to write something. Simply fascinating."

So in my opinion it shows that you are using your dominant hemisphere to process this information. Try doing something creative and see if she changes direction.