Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Interesting new Blogger Tool

Although having been slightly overshadowed by my new FORUM this site is still proving very popular ... particularly as the meeting place of the more committed "Itladians". However as we have long discussed we have never received many visits from passing traffic. Clearly this is because that it is rare that this site is found by chance. It is usually via a direct contact with myself or another itladian.

Whilst surfing the web this lunchtime I came across a site that allows blogsites to be rated and commented upon by others. In my opinion this is a great opportunity to have broadcast the simply amazing things that we discuss here.

The site in question is called and it can be found at (now that was a surprise wasn't it!).

I have checked this site out and much to my surprise our little blogsite here is already registered on there: ( ). However on checking further I found that little more detail about CTF can be found. But what also caught my eye was that the site invites reviews of it. Thus far nobody has done so, which is not really surprising.

However if we are interested in getting more people involved in both the blog and the FORUM then this is a way to do it. Now clearly as the owner of this little blogsite I cannot place a self-review on there (nor would I dream of doing so) but It does mean that others can.

So if any of you have a few spare moments and wish to review this blog then please consider doing so.


CD...M said...

Tony: Looks like you could "claim" your blog there, by way of filling out the author information. Perhaps others might easily link to your Blog profile that way.

Cheers - Cam

CD...M said...

Tony: Review posted. Had to sign up on the site, as well, but done in any event.

Happy to do so !