Saturday, 15 November 2008

ITLADian self-portraits

I'm attending a digital photography night class and this week's assignment was self-portrait. Of course I had to give my efforts an ITLADian twist!


SM Kovalinsky said...

Awww, you look cute, Di. And that is not a bad idea; not at all, to put the Peakian spin on it. And there could be a daemon subset to that, and to Dorje's saints of democracy. And my son could spin all into his mania for montages. Thanks for that, Di.

CD...M said...

Di: It seems you certainly enjoy photography. Nice to put faces to names here, with your various photos. Thanks for those.

That's a striking ITLADian image on the front of that book. Is it a good book ?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Woodsprite: Nicely done, Di. Gives me an idea for a FORUM thingymagig. Hmmmm! Really pleased you're enjoying your Photography class.

Cam: Back in July, the book Di is reading in the second photo was included as part of one of my 'Sunday Services'. I also recommended this book to you in a comment just a couple of weeks ago!
FORUM: Split Brains - a common feature? [by Cam]
(see my final comment from Nov 5th)


Rosh said...

woodsprite! nice poses!
im very interested in photography do give me some good tips once the lessons are over...
cam: pls put up yr pic too wud like to see u..

CD...M said...

Karl: Yes, thank you. The name of the book and the author's name were vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place why. Striking image on the front cover.

I have just ordered in Dr. Alice Flaherty's book "The Midnight Disease". I'll see if the store might actually have "Mirroring People" in stock.

Roshni: I will see what I might do to put a picture up, perhaps on my blogger id.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Cam, Please do. I would love to see you.

Johar said...

Di, Very interesting pictures. Looks like you're having fun on the photography course!

I like the arrangement in the first picture and the contemplative look on your face, as though what you are imagining can be seen 'out there'.

What were you trying to convey when you took this picture?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the positive comments. They are much appreciated.

Johar: I was trying to incorporate the part of me that existed in the past, the person I am now and looking towards my future self.

I called this picture "Me and my Daemon" on Flickr, and I'm hoping it will generate a few curious questions from my classmates (and tutor)and who knows, new ITLAD readers!

dorje said...

Love 'em! Maybe we should each do an ITLADian self portrait for the blog? It would be fun project and if our Daemons have any say in it we could end up with some pretty illuminating images. I've finally pulled my finger out and sorted out a space to organise showing my Saint pics off next year. I'm going to be showing them in a church! (Invites all round as details are firmed up...)

Anonymous said...

Dorje: Wahoo! Superb - I can't wait!

And self portraits sound like a fab idea!

Robin said...

Very clever photography! I love how ethereal Di of the past sits on the shoulder and whispers in the ear of present-day Di.

You might even say it's "Di"adic!

Anthony Peake said...

Di, Superb photograph. It picks up on the theme I was trying to do with my two photographs of my 1977 self and my 2007 self that 'grace' the right hand side of this blog. I am sure that we could all create a Daemon-Eidolon image and place it on here and/or Flkr.

As you say this kind of thing could interest many non-itladians to check out what we are about.