Monday 30 July 2007

Radio Interview - Canada & USA

I will be interviewed on the Rob McConnell Show on the station XZone Radio. This can be found on . This will take place on Monday night, July 30 2007 from 11 pm – 12 am Eastern / 8 pm – 9 pm Pacific time. For those really hardy souls in the UK this will be at 4 am to 5 am Tuesday 31st July.Europe will be one or two hours ahead depending upon location. The show is then broadcast again 4 hours later. Check out theexzone website for full details.

The Schizophrenic Influencing Machine In Relation To The Bohmian IMAX

Hello, and firstly I would like to thank Tony for inviting me to post on his blog, and also for his emailed comments to all my considerably hypergraphic emails! As discussed with Tony, I have much to say on his extraordinary book, and also some of the previous blogs (“Cordoba” especially – Being a fellow Boltonian to the original poster - so I am hoping to write a reply on that subject soon), but for my introduction I would like to post the following to introduce a thesis of my own arisen in part (no, mostly) from Tony’s book:

The Schizophrenic Influencing Machine In Relation To The Bohmian IMAX
("Misallignment of the Bohmian IMAX" theory of Mental Health)

The Schizophrenic Influencing Machine is one of mystical nature.

It makes the patient see pictures similar to a cinematograph (or Bohmian IMAX) and produces, as well as removes, thoughts and feelings, but its function consists mainly in the transmission or draining-off of thoughts and feelings.
As well as producing motor phenomena in the body to deprive the male potency and weaken him, it also creates sensations that in part cannot be described, because they are strange to the patient himself, and that in part, are sensed as electrical or magnetic.
And it was also alleged to be responsible for other occurrences in the patient’s body, such as cutaneous eruptions, abscesses or other pathological processes.

The very first known example of such a “Schizofreniform Influencing Machine” delusion is that of one, and the now legendary, James Tilly Matthews and his “Air Loom”. Matthews was a tea merchant and suspected spy for the UK against the French in the late 1790s. He claimed his mind was being controlled by a sinister gang operating a machine he termed an “Air Loom” which was hidden in a London cellar and sent out invisible, magnetic rays.

John Haslam, highly respected Director of St Mary’s of Bethlem Hospital, London (which of course later became known as the infamous “Bedlam”), quoted Matthews in 1810:

As well as having an armoury of tortures at its disposal, the gang also mobilises various techniques of mind control. One of these is “brain-saying”, which is a magnetically induced sympathetic surveillance at a distance, a silent mode of telepathic communication….”kiting”, or the capacity to hijack the brain and to implant thoughts in it beyond the control and resistance of the sufferer…”

James Tilly Matthews was committed to Bethlem Hospital as being Insane. His case was published in 1810 in Haslam’s seminal work on Paranoid Schizophrenia, “Illustrations Of Madness” (his quote above comes from the book). Matthews was kept in Bethlem at the behest of the Home Office Minister, Lord Liverpool (to whom Matthews had shouted “treason” from the House of Commons gallery following the UK Government’s refusal to back his spying claims): This, despite two distinguished physicians, Drs Birkbeck and Clutterbuck, subsequently declaring him completely sane.

John Haslam’s “Illustrations of Madness” became a classic in the medical literature of Paranoid Schizophrenia, and was the first Psychiatric study in book form of one individual. Matthews himself was important in the history of Psychiatry for more practical reasons. During his involuntary confinement he took part in a competition to draw plans for the rebuilding of the new Bethlem hospital, and the drawings that were used to build the new hospital show some features proposed by Matthews.

James Tilly Matthews was eventually released from Bethlem but died in 1815.

It is also interesting to note that while Haslam kept notes on Matthews, Matthews himself kept notes on Haslam and his treatment in Bethlem. This formed part of the evidence looked at by a Select Committee of the House of Commons in 1815. The findings of this committee led to the dismissal of Haslam and reformation of the treatment of patients in the Bethlem Hospital.

It may be easy to dismiss Matthews’ claims of a machine that can control one’s mind as simply the result of a delusion caused by a mental illness because of the early date (1810). However, his is by no means an isolated case.

In operations from the late 1940s until the early 1970s there were many covert CIA projects (most infamously MKULTRA and ARTICHOKE), involving many prominent members and institutions of the medical and scientific communities to investigate and experiment with various forms of behaviour modification and control using, in many cases, unwitting human subjects.

Whispers” is a collection of case histories of paranoia that Ronald K. Siegel, an Associate Research Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Bio-Behavioural Sciences at UCLA, had studied. One of these cases was a man named Tolman who believed that his mind was being controlled by POSSE (Personal Orbiting Satellites for Surveillance and Enforcement). Siegel’s implications are that claims like these are similar to those of James Tilly Matthews, and indeed they are, but it is clear that Siegel is trying to dismiss Tolman’s claims by implying that similar reports existed two centuries before this technology could ever even have existed!

I must stress at this point that I’m not making any of this up, go check it out for yourself, and also go find the artist Rod Dickinson’s fantastic construction of an actual functioning “Air Loom” in 2002 from the original drawings of James Tilly Matthews himself circa 1810.

There is much to be written on Matthews and Tolman and many many more cases of Paranoid Schizophrenic mind controlling testimony throughout the years which brings me to my original thesis:

Whilst Matthews thought these mind control signals where being beamed via waves from the Air Loom to control his mind; and while Tolman thought these signals were being beamed at him from some Outer Space entity, the intriguing answer to link these two famous cases and all those cases I have spoken to recently of existing Paranoia, Schizophrenic, Bipolar Depression and other Mental Health Sufferers who talk with passion about a “steering agent” or “mind controller”, could be reached with a slight tweaking of Tony's Bohmian IMAX theory.

What if these signals, or voices, or controls experienced by the patients are not actually “beamed” into their heads externally but from internally; from the Daemon! BUT, with a significant misalignment of the Bohmian IMAX similar to a badly dubbed film, or a skipping DVD. The Daemon is experiencing the replay of its life from a different time scale than the Eidolon, causing unexpected voices, not pertinent to the empirical evidence of the Eidolon. This Psycho Neurological Bohmian IMAX Misalignment Theory could help to explain Mental Health issues such as Bipolar Depression, Paranoia, Schizophrenia and even Delusion.

Imagine watching a DVD on your TV with the sound down, and playing a CD at the same time. The mixture would be confusing, you may have a car chase seen on the DVD accompanied by a gentle ballad: Or a love scene with a background of heavy metal music. The senses would be confused, and this is the way the mind would react (to a much greater degree) to a misalignment of the Bohmian IMAX causing the symptoms of Paranoid Schizophrenia, and maybe providing some answers to the widely shifting moods of Bipolar Depressives whose Daemon is experiencing a depressive memory of its eternal recurrence whilst the Eidolon is empirically experiencing something pleasant resulting in unexplained sadness and depressive feelings within the patient. Similarly the Daemon may be playing back extracts from conversations in its past life which the Eidolon takes as “voices” as the timing of the two Cartesian Theatres are out of synch.

I know that Anthony Peake is keen to discuss my theories further with me, and indeed I intend to continue my own research and I do have even more that I could say at this point but I feel enough has been said already to hopefully generate some responsive comments or ideas from this blog’s members which would be greatly appreciated for the continuity of my work and the development of the theory.

In my next blog, if there is sufficient interest from Anthony and the readers of this blog, I will attempt to discuss my own recent research into the Neurological effects on Depression, especially around the Dentate Gyrus region of the brain (well known for its study toward the phenomenon of déjà vu) and the Neurogenesis (creation of new neurons within the brain) from learning, and memory which feeds the Hippocampus all within the Temporal Lobe, and the possible benefits towards future research into the causality and treatment of Depression.

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Wednesday 25 July 2007

another new experience

Hi Tony,
Well I'm on - but as a novice blogger it's a whole new experience -hope you got my thoughts on email. Good luck with plays -thought the Graeae was fab!

Monday 16 July 2007


This has been posted as a reply to my recent blog. However I feel that it is so important that it should be placed on the front page to ensure that it is not overlooked.

Michael Houlder said...
Monday 16th July 2007

As you requested in your e-mail to me, I've posted the letter I sent to you (see below) after our meeting at your lecture on Thursday 5th July at Bolton Central Library. I've also posted Vivienne's "predictive e-mail" from the evening before the event, as I refer to this throughout letter. Also, as well, I've appended your e-mail reply to my letter, as it adds more detail about your own 'Córdoba convention' at the SMN meeting the following weekend.

If you really are 'staggered' by our Córdoba coincidences, as I broadly outlined them to you on the phone (and in the letter), then wait until you hear about the fine detail and precision timing of them. From your own experience the following weekend, you are obviously beginning to realise that this phenomenon (whatever it is) is real. We do have a web-site pending about all of this, where we will describe these events in detail, and show illustrations of the physical evidence relating to them. You and your readers can register for e-mail notification when it is published, at our temporary announcement page at
"Córdoba Exploration ... at ...

The 'predictive e-mail' from Vivienne, referred to in the letter to Tony (further below) follows.
Subject: FW: Peake's 414
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 23:40:38 +0100

Got all 3 messages thank you, read and enjoyed all – wow what a very impressive 414 page!
I understand your reaction to his material now. It’s uncanny but I suppose that is what we are growing to expect so don’t lose your nerve. I wonder if he has visited Córdoba? I can see you both collaborating somehow in a future book as I think you may hold a piece of his jig saw puzzle. If only you could muster a bit of passion about your work he could be citing you in a future prologue. Have you ever tried writing a screen play?
Well it’s getting late and I’m almost ready for the dream time. Hope Mark comes along tomorrow – I feel his presence is required somehow.
See you tomorrow

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael []
Sent: 04 July 2007 20:20
To: Viv______
Subject: Peake's 414
I just thought you might be curious


Original letter sent from Michael Houlder to Tony Peake, on Monday 9th July follows
(unexpurgated except for personal contact details):-

"Something's happening here ... what it is ain't exactly clear ..."

Hello Tony

I enjoyed your lecture at Bolton Central Library on Thursday evening (5th July), and speaking to you briefly afterwards, both in person during the book-signing -- and later on the mobile, about our shared enthusiasm for Córdoba. As I mentioned at the time, Mark refused to tell me who it was that I was calling. I guess he thought it might spoil the surprise. He simply told me to dial the number and mention Córdoba to the person who answers. Although I suspected that it might be you, I did think that it could be another member of the audience, who happened to share my (our) fascination with that amazing city. That it should be you, and a fellow Dick-head (as you efficiently describe us), adds a new dimension to our long history of Córdoba weirdness here in Bolton.

It was obvious, from your presentation, that you are a long-time CSNY fan, so I assume you'll have no problem placing the lyrics above. I know it was originally about the State suppression of political protest in the 1960s … but I think it is a useful anthem for the state of mind/minds that my friends and I have been in for some time.

I wish that there had been time for a public Q+As at the end of your lecture, as there are a number of issues arising from your ideas which intrigue me deeply, but about which I think I need some clarification. I had already had chance to download and read your article Cheating the Ferryman in close detail before attending the lecture, and I finally obtained a library copy of your book only two days before the event, so I had some chance to scan your ideas in the book, but may have misinterpreted one or two points. Now that I have bought my own copy of your book, I will study it in much closer detail, at my leisure, before troubling you with any simple misunderstandings. I assure you, though, I will be asking questions later! Hopefully, I may have chance to address these through e-mails, or even in person if we do have the opportunity to meet-up again soon, as you suggested on the phone. I'm convinced that we will have a great deal to compare notes over. I will take a week or two, to really consider your book, before asking you for any detailed clarification.

It was a great compliment you gave me on Thursday, when you said on the phone that you would like to send me a draft copy of the first chapter of you latest book. I am grateful for that. I would be delighted to provide any feedback you might find useful. I should warn you, however, that my own interest in quantum physics, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, Córdoba, Philip K.Dick, Bob Dylan (if that rings bells) etc. etc., can only be described, at best, as those of an advanced amateur. I have no professional involvement in any of these fields of research. I do have a MA in Philosophy, and did specialise in the Philosophy of Science, but I do not teach these subjects academically. It was just a deep and prolonged hobby. Any research or study I undertook was extensive, but not professional, and simply the result of a desperate need to try to figure out what on earth is happening to the reality I once thought was so “unproblematic“.

With that caveat in place, I would certainly be very pleased to meet you again, and discuss our mutual enthusiasms for PKD., Córdoba, and for the vast range of subjects that impinge on what it is to be a conscious something in this weird old world of ours; particularly as your arrival in Bolton, to deliver your lecture, seems to have had a far wider coincidental/providential context for my friends and myself, than you can currently understand.

As I said on Thursday evening, I completed my final MA dissertation (back in 1997) with the title:

David Bohm’s Ontological Interpretation of Quantum Theory as a Modern Logos Doctrine”.

It is not only his concepts of Implicate/Explicate Order and the Holomovement that interest me, but also his later notion of ‘Active Information’ (a development of his earlier ‘Quantum Potential‘ concept), which is somehow encoded within the implicate order, and in-forms wave-particle entities with superpositions and characteristic states. I see this as a clear parallel to the ancient Logos concept of Heraclitus, the later Stoics, and in Hellenistic theology and philosophy. Earlier in the MA course I also wrote a module essay on the implications of the EPR Paradox for our conception of time and space. Less directly related to the philosophy of science, but also of some relevance to your theory, I think, I also did a study of Plato’s concept of the contingent immortality of psyche (mind/soul), and Aristotle‘s concept of ousia (‘substance’). In addition, I also have continuing interest in the British Empiricists (Locke, Berkeley, Hume) in regard to perception and theories of causation, and Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, who’s notion of the Transcendental Self and transcendental ideality of space and time, may also be of relevance to your theory.

I have been attempting for quite some time (perhaps too long) to develop a comprehensive framework for relating Bohm’s theory, cellular automata in computer theory, and human consciousness, as well as some key concepts in western philosophy and theology. Not least among these, in the context of your theory. It includes a cybernetic interpretation of personal resurrection (or should that be re-erection -- if a caller to one of you phone-in shows on your website is to be followed). This is not a purely abstract or speculative attempt, but a genuine and rational response to the unfolding weirdness of my own life, and increasingly the weirdness of those around me (the weirdness of their experience, that is, not the weirdness of them as people - that‘s beyond explanation). I have posted some of these ideas to a website, but have not formally launched it. I will be pleased to give you the URL at a early later date, perhaps after we have had the chance to talk through some of our mutual ideas in person.

As well as this brief survey of my intellectual interests (and how they may have some significance to your theory as I currently understand it), I think I should also give you some idea of the impact your arrival in Bolton has had on myself and my friends who attended your lecture on Thursday ... particularly with regard to the enthusiasm that you and your wife appear to have for Córdoba. I would normally be extremely hesitant to mention these things to an almost complete stranger, but many of the key issues which you have obviously spent considerable time researching, and marshalling into your book, are the very issues which have preoccupied me and my friends for several years now, and with increasing urgency. Precognition and prescience, the significance of meaningful coincidence and 'synchronicity', even your central concern with the encounter with death, have all imposed themselves increasingly on us for several years. It has been over twenty years, in my particular case, since I was shaken from an attitude of 'militant agnosticism' about any such issues. I would once have dismissed them outright as 'New Age' nonsense. I remain deeply sceptical and rational in my attitude to these phenomena, but I cannot easily dismiss them now, especially as such experiences seem to have extended to my friends, like a virus. Central to those experiences have not only been my personal visits to Córdoba, but also a wide range of extraordinarily precise 'coincidences' relating to Córdoba which have targeted us all.

Initially it was only myself who had experienced these 'Córdoba coincidences', and I attributed it to some kind of ‘synchronistic’ response to my interest in the cultural and intellectual heritage of Córdoba. But now it seems to have propagated itself to my friends, once they became aware of it. This troubles me. It is not entirely unlike the reaction of characters in The Three Stigmata to the central “character” of Palmer Eldritch. At least they are not yet growing chromium plated, stainless-steel hands and eyes. However, it is almost as though Córdoba itself, or some spirit of Córdoba, is imposing itself on our consciousness. As enthusiasts for the city, I'm sure you and your wife will be fascinated by our stories.

It is because of the ’ubiquity’ (?!) of these recurring coincidences, that Mark approached you at the very end of the evening on Thursday, to find out if Córdoba held any significance or meaning for you. The fact that you have been there, done that, and literally worn the T-shirt (and continue to do so you told me) was astonishing, but I have to say, not surprising! Such has been the power and presence of these 'Córdoba coincidences' in our lives. As I mentioned to you while on the phone on Thursday, my friend Vivienne told me that she had sent an e-mail to me late in the evening of the previous night (Wednesday), in which she wonders whether you, too, may have been to Córdoba. I hadn't checked my e-mails on Thursday, since she’d sent it, and I only read her e-mail myself for the first time on the day after our meeting and phone-call. I have attached a copy of this e-mail as a JPEG screenshot - it seemed the best way to be sure that the date/time stamp of her first sending of it stayed on it (those things can change depending on which mail-server one uses, if I just sent it as a ‘forwarded‘ or ‘reply‘ to the e-mail). It is important that you see that she did send it on the evening before your lecture, and before our meeting. (Wednesday 4th July at 11.40 pm).

Vivienne's reference in her e-mail to the '3 messages' are to 3 e-mails which I had previously sent to her earlier on Wednesday. I had (I admit my guilt) scanned and e-mailed the Prologue and Epilogue from your book, which I had only obtained on loan from Bolton Central Library the previous evening (Tuesday). I apologise now for any copyright infringement and abuse of your intellectual property, but I did want her to read something of your book, in order to be primed for the lecture the following evening. I also wanted to show her just how closely my literary (PKD) and scientific interests (Bohm, QT generally, neuroscience, etc) matched your own. Hence her comment about my “reaction to his material”. The 'enjoyment' she mentions, from reading those messages, are regarding these sections of your book, and her response must be genuine, as she certainly wouldn't have expected a copy of her private e-mail to me to find its way to you like this. She agreed to my request to send you a copy of the e-mail now, as she realises how important it is that you are aware of the significance of our Córdoba-mania, and her own 'intuition' about your possible (likely) visiting of Córdoba. That was some kind of prescience, and is a measure of the presence Córdoba has in the minds of our little group. Her suggestion, in the same e-mail, that you and I may possibly have some basis for a collaboration is also remarkable, considering your kind offer to send me a draft of the first chapter of your latest book. Further, she also clearly expressed her concern that our friend Mark should also attend your lecture, as there was some doubt that he might, due to illness within his family. In the end circumstances “nudged” his decision to attend. His attendance did prove to be ’required’, as it was only his unprompted query to you, about whether Córdoba meant anything to you, which revealed your obvious affinity with it. Vivienne’s remarkable prescience in these three matters shows how significantly your own attempt at a framework for understanding precognition and prescience is taken by us.

You may be tempted to begin to start to suspect that her e-mail to me was a post-facto fabrication by us to impress you, but I assure you it was not. As one Dick-head to another, I know you will accept the reality of this phenomenon. Something really is happening here …even if it’s not entirely clear what it is.

Vivienne’s other reference to “a very impressive 414" refers to the fact that I also sent her a scan of page 414 of your book, which is an index page. I sent this as something of an ‘in-joke’, but this highlights another key sequence of coincidences which have developed for us over the last three years, the recurrence of the number 414 in extraordinary circumstances, and on several occasions in direct relationship to Córdoba! I know this may seem like an imitation of the recent Jim Carey film 'The Number 23" but I assure you that our experiences with 414 were occurring long before that flimsy was released, and we have documentary evidence of that too. These 414 coincidence have had a precision and significance far beyond those of the number “23” in the film. Our coincidences with “414” is probably 18 times more than that of the number 23 (cryptic joke intended - but do the math/s)!!

We have many examples of documentary and physical evidence relating to these coincidences. We are all very aware of that much general chatter about "coincidence" is often simply anecdotal, so we have all been very keen to obtain any physical evidence we can to document and prove these occurrences. We are accruing quite a significant archive about these matters.

We have other threads of coincidence which seem to have revealed themselves too. We even had a flurry of coincidences about "coincidence" itself, which began with my randomly dipping into a book on the shelves of the local Weatherspoon’s pub, and the very first words that I see on a random opening of the book were:

“Coincidences usually have the air of practical jokes on the part of Providence.”

That line is not from The Celestine Prophecy, or some other New Age hand-book as you might expect, but a line from a Lord Peter Wimsey novel of 1926, by Dorothy L.Sayers (Clouds of Witness, p.125). These ’coincidence coincidences’ culminated in my stumbling on the sole remaining copy of a novel called ‘Coincidence’ by David Ambrose, in a remainders bookshop in Bolton, and was on the very same day that the Dingbats (a picture puzzle) in the Bolton Evening News was of an arrangement of the letters of the word ‘coincidence’ in the form of a smiling face (“A happy coincidence!”.) Not only that, but on the following day that week’s New Scientist was published, with a feature article titled “How to make Coincidences”. This doesn’t exhaust the ‘coincidence coincidences‘, the documentary evidence for which I will happily show you at a later date. It was as though the very notion of ‘coincidence’ itself was being forced upon our attention. You can imagine my interest (but ultimate disappointment) when Vivienne directed me to the book “The Celestine Prophecy”. The ‘coincidences’ that so excited James Radfield are extremely thin compared to those we have been experiencing here in Bolton.

So you see, several of us here in Bolton have had a very pronounced sense of 'expectation' (even prescience) in regard to your lecture in Bolton. This sort of prescience and coincidence has been quite typical of experiences of our little group her in Bolton over the past five years. As Mark evidently mentioned, we are just a group of friends and acquaintances, who have known each other since school. We are not a self-selecting cult obsessed with weirdness. However, although we have know each for over 30 years, it is only in the last five to seven years that these phenomena have become so pronounced. Indeed, there have been periods of years, sometimes of a decade, when we hadn’t seen each other, or expected to see each other again. But we do seem to have been brought together again over these past few years, by some extraordinary coincidences, or the practical jokes of Providence. For what purpose this ‘gathering’ may have occurred I’m unsure.

As I mentioned to you on Thursday evening, I found the publicity leaflet about your lecture as I was walking out of Bolton Central Library with a copy of PKD's Ubik in my hand. I had actually finished reading it, and had been in to the library to renew the book, in order to show some of my friends certain content in it that I knew they would find amusing. To reassure you of the authenticity of this story, I’ve attached a scan of the cover of the library copy of UBIK, which I still have on extended loan (until 16 July), together with the self-service receipt for the original loan period, which has the book title and loan period printed on it. You will see that the original loan period ended a week before your lecture.

Not only that, but the PKD. book that I read in March, immediately prior to UBIK, was VALIS, the two books which you highlighted on your power-point presentation as being the most significant in regard to your own theory. I have been an admirer of PKD writings for many years (without being too obsessive a fan). I read other of his books, such Man in the High Castle, Palmer Eldritch, Scanner Darkly, Do Androids Dream..?, and many of his short-stories, over a period of fifteen years and more. Choosing to read Valis and Ubik this year was simply a matter of getting around to them now. Or so I thought. I now realise that the timing was in someway contrived, somehow, as a primer for your lecture and perhaps our future discussions. When those two books appeared on your screen on Thursday I very nearly laughed out loud at the outrageous coincidence of it.

As I said, we have all become very conscious of obtaining any physical evidences of coincidence, or fulfilled precognitions and presentiments, where possible, because we all still retain a "show me scepticism" about these matters. We are all reasonably intelligent and rational people. We are all quite sceptical of much so-called ‘New Age…’ so-called '…thinking'. But we are also open-minded and have had any knee-jerk cynicism about these matters knocked out of us. As you will appreciate, once the philosophical implications of some of Dick's ideas and themes have lodged themselves in one's brain, there is no theory about the ultimate nature of reality that is too far out-there to at least be given some consideration. We are both obviously aware, as Dick was, that there is far more to this weird reality we seem to find ourselves in than “meets the eye” (or even “fits the brain” probably). A degree of rational and scientific integrity is vital however, if we are not to float off into the realms of unsupported New Age speculation.

I do try to avoid, at least at the moment, any theory of ultimate and/or subjective reality that may lead to the 'tar traps' of solipsistic closure. Like ‘tar traps’, once you step into a solipsistic interpretation, there is no pulling yourself free. That way lies psychosis and self-implosion. That is one of the difficulties I do currently have with your theory. However, just because I’d like to think that this reality I seem to inhabit is not solely the product of the hallucinations of my dying brain doesn’t mean it isn’t. I have honestly considered, in the past, that I am lying Matrix-like in some VR environment, generated in a vast supercomputer in some high-tech prison (or rehabilitation facility) in the 25th century or beyond, and in this atheistic secular future, this supercomputer is probably housed in the Mezquita-Cathedral in Córdoba to keep it cool. Hence the system's own attempts to make me aware of my “true home“ with constantly programmed references to Córdoba cropping up in my VR world. Either that, or your theory is correct in every detail, and my dying brain is currently wedged under a bus on the Roman Bridge in Córdoba, probably beneath the statue of Raphael (the archangel of healing and my Being-in-White), and all of this is a replay. Perhaps, even, you are the Daemon to my Eidolon, come to Bolton to guide me home to my fatal destiny in Córdoba. That would explain why we seem to share so many cultural and scientific interests. They are the exact same interests. My interests.

As you know, reading too much PKD can seriously damage one’s ontological frame-of-reference. Buffalo Springfield were bang on the money …

"Paranoia strikes deep ... Into your life it will creep ..."

Best wishes for the rest of the lecture tour. ...

I hope to speak to you again soon, and look forward to meeting up with you, perhaps in Liverpool. I have been thinking of paying a visit to the “Gormleys” on Crosby beach, so maybe we could tie it in with that. However, I’m sure that Vivienne and Mark would be very pleased to meet you again here in Bolton, to tell you their own tales of prescience and coincidence.

I’m sure we’ll sort something out.

Michael - or Mick (but never ‘Mike’)


Anthony Peake's reply (Tuesday 10th July 2007) to this letter follows:-


Wow, wow and thrice wow!

I am simply staggered by the significance of all this. You may or may not be aware but I was away for the weekend at the annual gathering of the Scientific & Medical Network ( I am a member of this organisation and they had requested that I do a short presentation of my Cheating The Ferryman theory. The SMN is a fascinating organisation and has some very powerful intellects involved. (indeed in the audience for my talk I counted five university professors at seven PhD's!!). Now what is interesting is that over dinner on Friday night I got chatting to those on my table about the curious synchronicities of Thursday night. There was great interest and, get this, of the five people on the table three had been to Córdoba in the last two months!!! Indeed for the rest of the weekend many of the delegates got involved in collecting what became termed 'Córdoba moments' and we had many lively discussions regarding Jungian synchronicity. It was both strange and a little disturbing. This has to be significant but of what I am unsure.

And then I receive your email. What can I say. It is like an episode from The X Files. I hope you don't mind but I have fowarded it to a few of those delegates who were particularly interested in Córdoba. I await there responses with interest.

Now, you may or may not be interested but as well as the list of talks below I will be doing a presentation at the North West Group of the SMN on Saturday 8th September. This will be in Rawtenstall. It would be great if you could get along. I can introduce you to some really interesting 'fellow travellers' along the road towards rational understanding of the borderlands of science and mysticism. We (i.e. The SMN) are keenly looking for new members and I think you and your friends are ideal candidates. Check out the website and see what you think. My talk in Rawtenstall will focus on the quantum physics of Cheating The Ferryman and will be identical to a talk I gave in Geneva in February. If nothing else I am sure you will find this interesting.

I would be really grateful if you could do me another favour. As you will see below I also have a blogsite. I can give you full access to be able to start you own blog thread - rather than just replying to somebody elses. Now I would be really pleased if you joined as a member and placed on there your letter to me (taking out any personal details such as your address and phone number. There are, again, some really interesting people who are full members of this blog and it is really international. It has Canadians, Americans, Australians and even Philippinos. Some of this are internationally renouned experts in their field so you comments will be read, I am sure, with great interest. Again let me know and I will send you a formal invite.

As discussed I have attached a copy of the first chapter of the original version of my first book. It describes in detail some of the weird synchronicities that took place during my research. Let me know what you think.

Look forward to hearing from you


Tony:-- I hope this is helpful for you. As mentioned at the top, any of your readers can register for e-mail notification about our Córdoba coincidences web-site when it is published, at our temporary announcement page at
"Córdoba Exploration ... at ...

Your own Córdoba convention will now obviously be a significant entry. I look forward to hearing more about it.
best wishes,

16 July 2007 12:20

Thursday 12 July 2007

Myron Dyal Interview

If you get the chance give a listen to an interview by Robert Larson of our fellow blogger on this site, Myron Dyal. This can be heard on:

Myron describes in some detail his relationship with his Daemon 'Charon'. Those of you who have read my book and therefore aware of my Daemon-Eidolon Dyad will find this very interesting and again 'proof' of my thesis. It may come as no surprise that Myron has Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.

It would be great if any of you wish to comment on this amazing interview.

Wednesday 11 July 2007

Latest News

I have just got back from three wonderful weeks on the Greek island of Halki - a little known gem a couple of hours ferry from Rhodes. I arrived back in the UK on Wednesday last week and on Thursday gave a talk at the theatre in Bolton Central Library. The turn-out was really good with over 50 people attending. What was interesting about this particular event was that I met up with a group of locals who are very interested in the concept of synchronicity. Indeed a whole series of events leading up to this group attending my talk almost defies belief. It all revolves round the word 'Cordoba'. I am hoping that one of the group will add his own posting on this site. This will explain in a little detail why this is all so weird (and possibly even significant).

On Saturday I gave a presentation to the Scientific And Medical Network (SMN) annual gathering in Manchester. In the audience were such luminaries as Dr. Peter Fenwick and David Lorimer. I am pleased to say that the response was very positive. In my subsequent chat with Dr. Fenwick he pointed out one or two areas were my research sources were somewhat out of date but otherwise the 'Cheating The Ferryman' thesis survived virtually unscathed. Surprisingly enough the 'Cordoba' coincidences continued including the simply staggering fact that one of Manchester's twin-towns is, yes, you guessed it, Cordoba!!!

Sunday morning saw me do a return interview on BBC Radio Manchester. This was only a ten minute spot but was very enjoyable with the interviewer asking some very interesting questions.

If you are interested I will be interviewed by a California-based radio station in the very early hours of Saturday morning. It will start at midnight on Friday and finish on Saturday at 1:00 am. It can be listened to live on (Robert Larson's show 'Down The Rabbit Hole). But do not worry if you are UK based and do not wish to to stay up late. Robert tells me that the interview will be recorded and be available at a later date. Indeed Myron Dyall was interviewed a few weeks back and his interview is now available at the same location.

The South African magazine Odyssey has asked me to do an article for them. This will be in either the November or December edition. Indeed you also may be interested to know that I also have an article in this month's edition of the Australian magazine New Dawn.

On a totally different tack I have also been asked to write a couple of plays for the newly formed Wirral Writers Group. The first one will be on Joan of Arc and will focus on her 'voices' (a theme I will be writing about in my second book) and the second will be a dramatic adaption of my short story 'The Graiai'. I am very excited about these projects. Although in many ways related to the Ferryman Thesis' they are purely non-fiction and therefore demand different things from me.