Wednesday 28 November 2007

Schroedinger's Cat's Revenge

One consequence of my Quantum Evolution idea is that, in some Everett universes, Schroedinger's cat evolved into a derranged physicist who puts cats in boxes alongside lethal poisons. Perhaps in the same Everett universe, the physicist is a cat getting poisoned by his own experiment!

Only one thing troubles me - shouldn't it take NINE particles hitting the detector to kill the cat :)

Monday 26 November 2007

BBC 3 Everett Programme

I watched with mounting excitement this evenings BBC 4 programme on Hugh Everett III. Clearly this could be a window of opportunity for the book.Viewers can place their comments on the Times website. Clearly I cannot do so with regard to my own work - is there anybody out there willing to?

The link is

I have been trying to have the broadsheets become aware of CTF without success. This may be the opportunity.



Procognitive Deja Vu experience

Following is an excerpt from a school paper I wrote in which I described an experience I had, which I can still often remember vividly almost thirty years later. In the first 'Comment' to this post can be found the responses to an email survey that was part of the paper:

...The same fifteen people had all experienced Déjà vu. Common sense is that are memories are based on past experience. Is this true, or can Déjà vu be a memory of a future experience? One third of the respondents believed that they knew what was going to happen, and what they believed would happen, did happen. The author has experience in this area as well:

When I was about 10 years old, in Naugatuck Connecticut, my grandmother took me to a roller skating rink that used to be a movie theater. As I looked around, everything and everyone was exactly where they were in my memory of what was happening. As I turned my head several ways, I could not make anything happen differently than it was in memory. I realized that I was engaged in a déjà vu. Something happened that doesn’t normally happen. I was able to speed up my memory of what was happening and knew that a couple was about to turn the corner into my view. I had never in my short life seen these people. Within a couple seconds, the couple turned the corner. Everything about the situation was true to my memory. The people, their clothes, the angle of view, and the obstructions between the couple and me were all the same. Though I may have experienced this to a lesser degree,I cannot be completely sure that it has ever happened since.

Many-Worlds Interpretation Programme. Tonight (Monday 26th Nov) at 2100

May I take the opportunity to thank Paige for pointing out that this important programme is on Freeview TV tonight (BBC 4). I strongly recommend that any of you that find my ideas on the Many-Worlds Interpretation a little strange should watch this programme. I have no idea how it will be put across but I am really looking forward to it. It will be presented by Mark Oliver Everett, the frontman of one of my favourite rock bands of recent years, the Eels. I used to listen to their music while researching information for the first book. Indeed I find it odd to think that I may have been doing so when I first came across the work of Hugh Everett III, whose PhD paper in 1957 was to start the whole Many-Worlds (also known as the 'Many Minds') Interpretation of Quantum Physics, because Mark is the son of Hugh!!!

MWI is one of the central themes of CTF and an understanding of why such a strange theory came about is crucial if one wants to really understand why so many scientists feel that CTF has logical validity.

If anybody is located within travelling distance of the Wirral I will be doing a series of lectures that will attempt to explain MWI. This lecture has been presented to three different groups of the Scientific & Medical Network and I am told is a reasonable attempt to make understandable a complex but fascinating topic.

These talks will be at Heswall Library on 2nd February at 1430,Bebington Central Library at 1100 on 9th February and West Kirby Library at 1430 on the 23rd. Note that these are all Saturdays.

I have also been invited to do a similar talk at the Devon & Cornwall Group of the Scientific & Medical Network on the 16th February (time and location to be agreed).

Sunday 25 November 2007

Quantum Evolution

There is an idea (I think called the Anthropological Principle) that suggests there is more than just historical events up for grabs when we 'collapse the wave function'. We might even decide the laws of physics, or the course of the natural development of life! Might this mean that we can be other than human on a future or previous incarnation? This might amount to a kind of 'sideways' evolution by which evolution progresses between Everett universes as well as in chronological time.

That would fit in with an eastern religion (Hinduism?) which says that you can descend down to an insect, or rise to a more advanced being on each incarnation. Perhaps in another Everett universe, humanity (and therefore I) would have evolved to creatures more resembling of Angels? This would fit in with Christian/Jewish/Islamic beliefs, if my limited understanding of these religions is correct.

Perhaps the ancients knew about quantum physics all along! Of course, they described these ideas in three dimensional terms (e.g. Heaven being 'up', hell 'down') but I don't think their understanding was any less for that!

Friday 23 November 2007

intention and 'accidents'

I've noticed that when my energy is low, I have 'accidents' that seem to be of benefit to others - as though my intention is not strong enough to complete something but it achieves others aims. It seems to be particularly with animals and children, perhaps because their intention level is not affected by being civilized (Waiting your turn/ asking somebody else for something). For instance I might open a packet of biscuits that the dogs couldn' t get at physically themselves but find my hold is loose and the biscuit either drops directly onto the floor or goes spinning out of control as I fight to control its trajectory.

Allied to this and clearer, is that when I'm weak through a migraine attack or other illness, my hold on the world slides noticeably (The new male dog becomes dominant and starts trying to take over the house (again) or my partner starts ranting and raving at me to get a job or wants me to leave etc.). Also as pointed out above, my physical hold on the world obviously slides and I drop things etc.

BBC4, Parallel Worlds, Parallel lives, 9pm, Monday 26th

This program has an interview with Mark E. Everett, frontman of the Eels, an American rock group and son of Hugh Everett III, creator of the many worlds theory, which this documentary covers in part.

Being on this channel it will be repeated several times, so don't worry if you miss it the first time.

Thursday 22 November 2007

The Jacket (shockingly) some light film relief.

Anthony, being aware that you are a huge film buff like myself i would like to draw you're attention to "The Jacket". You have mentioned in several previous conversations we've had that Jaccobs Ladder is a favourite of yours and has influenced a lot of your work. This film seems to have several similarities in it and truthfuly i much preffere this film, mainly because there's more of a story to it. Also i'm not usualy too hot on Keira Knightley but find her very attractive in this film, dark and disturbed suits her look so much more!!

Other films such as 12 monkeys, The Matrix, Donny Darko and Vanilla Sky, were mentioned in our previous conversations but this film seems to have struck a cord with me as i've watched it for a second time today. In an attempt to keep this relavent i'd ask any other members to contribute their thoughts and feelings about films which cover similar areas to this blog, aswell as asking Anthony for his thoughts on this.

Wednesday 21 November 2007

Grand Opera or bad (waking) dream?

This is personal and relates one of several paranormal adventures I had with various female friends. It is the first and strongest and I'm not sure how other people will react to it or judge it.

It began when I was living in London. I had this sudden urge to visit my brother's house, one he shared with some others. When I got there I found he was at work and the place was empty but for Jane, the only female member of the household. One thing led to another and the situation blossomed into a relationship. It transpired that when I turned up she was contemplating suicide and my appearance saved her from that. We stayed in the house during a kind of incubation period that lasted several weeks. In this time we both felt powerful forces at work in the form of Biblical proportions, that we both thought of as Jesus and the disciples (Does this make us both insane as it was a shared delusion?). I felt that I was part of a group - the rest being non-corporeal and that I was their with Jane, to give birth to a powerful spiritual being (A second coming?). Anyway the situation fell apart when I left to do some shopping after being cooped up with her for several weeks. When I got back, it turned out she'd walked out of the house in just her dressing gown and got dragged off to the local hospital, just up the road and then the local looney bin, which was just a little further up on the same road (She'd got picked up quickly because the police station was just round the back of the house on a parallel road). I got her out of the mental hospital but that was the end of the relationship and I never saw her again: It transpired that this was the second episode in her life where she had walked out on the street like this - the first was when a boyfriend had dumped her and again she'd been picked up and carted away to a mental hospital and been diagnosed as being Schizophrenic.

Diving - the pressure connection

From experience I believe their is a connection between pressure and being awake/ in control plus lack of it and being dead (passive/immobile/malleable). Pressure increases heartbeat and therefore physical activity, so without it we'd be forever in limbo (a coma/asleep - the state of the Daemon). I liken it to diving in a pool. To reach the bottom, you need to squeeze all the life out of you and shrink so that you can sink (Become a tiny ball). To get out of it again, all you need do is relax and float free (reach the surface - the dispassionate and disbelieving state of The Daemon). When you're in the driving seat it all seems so real - step out of the car (body/Eidolon) and virtual reality becomes unreality as you're no longer moving 'with' it.

Another related point is that certain things/processes occur at certain levels, where the conditions are right for their existence - hence synchronicity doesn't occur all the time, we don't see ghosts or flying saucers daily, we don't have depth of thought and great insights. Science doesn't believe in the paranormal because it cannot be reproduced in the laboratory easily but it already knows that chemical and physical reactions need environmental control to be successfully created by them, themselves (Some elements only exist in the lab because they have been artificially made for instance, so why not the paranormal?).

A question of balance

There's a new series on BBC2 TV (Tuesdays at 9.00pm) called 'Earth: Power of the Planet'. I found it interesting because the host, a geologist, mentioned several times mechanisms, which like homeostasis in the body, brought the globe back to the state it started off from (CO2 - volcanic activity bringing it back to the surface and life sending it down into the depths/ Mountains, ironically creating the cooling effect, leading to weather erosion, that will wear them down: Think of peas in a saucepan, bubbling to the surface, then sinking again - creating a continual exchange pattern between surface and base). This ties in with the relationship of opposites, creating balance and my theory that the universe works on what I call an Accumulation/ Discharge Cycle (2 Worlds Exchange), which of course connects to Tony's theory of Daemon and Eidolon and a vision I had of the future and worked for but which may just be a dud, falling into Everetts Many Worlds theory - true somewhere else but not here (visit my site for T-shirt designs in the gallery and site intro. for more details of theory

Tuesday 20 November 2007

Library Thing

Just to let you know that I have now set up a Group on a website called Library Thing: . This will be another site in which the ideas of ITLAD can be discussed. This will not be as intimate as this site. It is my intention to use this as a tool to get the book better known, particularly in the USA. The direct link to this is:

In actual fact it is a really great site for any of you (and I suspect that that will be all of you) who love books. You can place the contents of your bookcase on it and then contact others who share your interests. It is quite good fun.

Anyway it would be great if some of you decided to get involved in this venture as well but I will quite understand if you don't - after all there is only so much time in a day!

Movement effects upon body

Movement leads to the build up of static electricity, where we most connect/rub up against with the environment, I've noticed. I've noticed 'frisking' helps relieve this (bunching the tips of the fingers up and rubbing them briskly against the sore/affected part i.e. palms of hands, soles of feet, crown of head (?)). Massage of the hip joints also helps as does manipulation of the neck, lower spine and shoulders. This helps with ordinary long distance walking but also soul travel because the body acts as a spring, accumulating energy that creates tension in the body (Eidolon) that when released, catapults The Daemon forward into the future - or at least that is my perception of what happens (See American Indian 'Ghost Dancers' and recent group in Italy, featured in Kindred Spirit, that could do it too ('80's? 90's?))

Schematic to describe time flow

Sunday 18 November 2007

Test to show right (Daemonic) or left (Eidolonic) Dominance

Herbie Brennan has pointed out to me this fascinating exercise. Check out:,21985,22556281-661,00.html

I am sure that this is the wrong way round.

have just checked this out with my wife (strong maths and sciences biased & very grounded rationalist) and my father-in-law who is up here from Devon for the weekend (engineer and similar to his daughter). They both see the dancer going clockwise. I could only see it as counter-clockwise. They both agree that the descriptions are reversed in that they are firmly in the dominant hemisphere camp whereas in their opinions I am clearly a non-dominant hemisphere type being am much more intuitive etc. Clearly we are different but the descriptions are in reverse. I think that non-dominant (right brain) will see the dancer going anticlockwise and the dominant (left brain) will see her dance clockwise.

However the moment I decided to write something I looked at the screen and she had changed direction to clockwise. Clearly this was because I wasw using my left brain (dominant) to write something. Simply fascinating.

I think that this is a fantastic test to show if a person is 'Daemon' or 'Eidolon' dominant.

Thanks Herbie!

What do you think?

Servants of the Light

I would just like to post a personal thank you to Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and her fellow members of the Servants of the Light for allowing me to attend a part of their Gathering of the Lights ceremonies on Friday 16th November. I found it fascinating and a thoroughly enlightening experience (pun unintended). I was made extremely welcome and the response to my presentation was fantastic. For those of you that have attended my talks in the past you will know that I always do a straw pole of the audience with regard to the experiencing of deja vu. In virtually every one of my previous talks the 70%-30% split is observed (70% have experienced deja vu and 30% have not). I was amazed, but not surprised, to observe that it seemed that 100% of the members had experienced deja vu. If deja vu is evidence that the experiencer is existing within the Bohmian IMAX then clearly a positive interest in esoterica is brought about by this location.

Friday 16 November 2007

Daemon/Eidelon symmetry?

In past work in control theory I came upon a class of process termed 'anticausal'. They are distinctive because their response begins before the stimulus that caused it!

I implemented these processes by splitting them into a forward time component and a reverse time component, the second of which is applied to the stimulus data in reverse.

This has set me wondering: We see the Daemon as the 'higher being' because it has access to the future, but maybe the Daemon and Eidelon are symmetric equals. Maybe the Eidelon seems as magical to the Daemon as the Daemon seems to the Eidelon!!

Causality is one of the enigmas of our existence. Maybe, as beings, we became split into causal and anti-causal components, one seeing the past, the other the future. It maybe that the Daemon sees causality too - in reverse by our standards - but appearing no less enigmatic.

Being there when I need me

An unusual thing happened when I had my most recent anger outburst - I actually maintained my presence, which normally I blow with the ferocity (Margaret, my partner said it was the first time she didn't find it terrifying). When I blew it in the past, it led to the collapse of my internal order (control) and almost inevitably a migraine or TLE episode. I believe my attacks are mini-deaths because my wife says that my breath always stank like rotten meat (Being a nurse she knows what it smells like).
They are backing out of this world in a fit of pique (rage abandonment or blowing a fuse because you cannot control something outside of you - a kind of existential panic, where you feel you are not really here as in dream paralysis). Wally Thornhill talks of the Electric Universe on his site and I think we equate anger with stormy weather for the same reason - it is a violent attempt to ground energy as film from space missions have shown - we only see the strike from the clouds, down not space into the clouds as was recently discovered.

In Carlos Castenadas Don Juan books, it was mentioned that the calves are where energy is stored for travel (One of the later books) - probably as a springboard effect, catapulting you forward somewhere. Well I get that, along with terrible tension in various joints (I'm always cracking my knuckles, neck, shoulders, wrists, lower back, knees, ankles and left big toe (?)). I always put most of my migraine attack effects down to travel sickness. Since then I've expanded my knowledge of the situation to take in alcohol poisoning, altitude sickness and the bends - all of which are about pressure change, which led me to wonder if a decompression chamber would help in attacks (An email to The Medical Research Council, revealed a successful experiment had been carried out on this and I suggested to some migraine charities that perhaps a Gamow Bag as used for mountain sickness, might be a better alternative as it was portable but nobody took me up on it, not even the inventor himself). Last note on this - could this explain why it was recorded that when somebody dies, they lose a few ounces in weight? Could it be that literally the pressure is off them and would people in similar situations, show the same loss, even if not necessarily dead? (NDE's, TLE experiencers, Migraine sufferers, people astrally projecting etc).


All periods of unconsciousness reunites us with our daemon - from sleep, hypnosis, thought to illness, accident and death itself (The knockout blow to wistful reminiscence). Think of Lost in Space, where Will Robinson gets transported into another dimension or The Twilight Zone, where Howard Duff finds his life is actually a television play.

I call this movement between states, The Artist Effect or moving forward to act (alter) unconsciously, or back to examine what's happened/ been done. Life is having your nose pressed up against a window, looking in - reality is turning round and seeing the real world in all its entirety (The paranormal taps us on the shoulder, to take our focus off the small dream we have all our attention on, to remind us that there is a bigger picture out there in infinite space/ through eternal time).

The reason that normal conscious knowledge is poor could be that we suppress it, to keep our eye on the ball (Action is visual 'reaction' - thought (contemplation/meditation) requires stillness of body (action replay): 'Don't distract me with chatter - I'm watching the game!' (intellect versus e-motion or the illusion of reality caused by immersion in it i.e. moving with it versus standing back (disconnection) and seeing it as an illusion, separate from the self: Emotion, sound and Eidolon versus intellect, sight and The Daemon (The past is lived internally, in the driving seat but viewed externally because you've driven past that point and are looking back on it or the car is parked and you're unconscious (immobile). Why do some people have life reviews and others don't? Think of a plane crash. The life reviewer parachutes out of it before it crashes, watching his life go down inevitably, slowly in the distance. The non-reviewer (materialist) hangs onto the controls like grim death, going down with the plane, hands on the controls/ face pressed up against the window, refusing to give into death until it leaves him no choice but to acknowledge he's dead.

Observation stops something in its tracks - freedom is taking our attention off it and allowing it to be/do whatever it wants itself - unharnessed, uncontrolled: The Observer Effect could be why we get the answer we expect - we make it.

Thursday 15 November 2007

Religion is a chocolate box

Firstly, back to your book: Jesus couldn't die for anyones sins, only his own, as our own acts lead to our own fate, good or bad.

Secondly, I wouldn't say Gnosticism died out, so much as escaped (served its purpose and left). It was an escape tunnel from the conflict that ensured the survival of Christianity etc. (Conflict forms matter - see arrows pointing inwards analogy in previous post or Scientology's 'ridge' of energy, plus post before this one by me, on intelligent design and lies). Another thing is that dualism cannot help but be stumbled upon over and over again (self-discovery) - so, unlike hypocrisy, it isn't an attempt to be unique (special - capturing you by your ego) but accepting your sameness (commonality with all life).

In this state of grace/bliss, you can't hold back anything, physical or mental (No secrets or lies/ no possessions). Patrick McGoohans TV series 'The Prisoner', covered this i.e. The freedom of the individual to explore and create, versus society's (The other 'state') urge to control you and get you to conform/tow the party line: If there is only you in the universe as a force, who else is to blame for your failures/ the way things are? (No subordinates). You're either a pack animal (follower) or a loner (individual) - cat or dog people (Beverly Nicholls).

Liars have good memories

If the world is an artificial construct, then you're going to need to rebuild that falsehood continually. People with imagination, want to create something new - hence they are seen as destroyers (rebels) of the old order, rather than bringers of the new (The war in Heaven).

On the question of accident or purpose, with regards to NDE's - personally I believe that if the universe was built on deliberate intent: Mind creates form from energy, turning it into matter (i.e. solidifying it, creating building blocks through evolution, to reach this stage with intelligent, opposable thumbed bipeds), then 'accident' is a concept or belief not a fact. Think of it like this - if you want to build something, you first need an idea, then to amass the raw materials for it, before refining them to fit your purpose. As you learn more about the product you built, you refine it even more, improving things as you go along - from Model T to a modern, state-of-the-art, car. Now look at the world. Without the mineral kingdom, the plant one could not have got hold. Without plants, animals couldn't have come along and without animals, no us. I see an intelligent design, a purpose to life by an invisible presence, continually leading us forward as beings, much as a good teachers presence is almost invisible as they lead us to seemingly make discoveries on our own but they know where they are taking us as 'they have been there themselves, before' (The Daemon). 'God knows' what the eventual form will be but we don't, until later - just as raw processors in car factories continue their part in the chain, without needing to know what the end product of their effort is, even if the vehicle designer does (unconscious direction/part of the whole dream but not the dreamer).

It's the Daemon that lives on and is eternal - Eidolon is the shell (Don Juans mould of man), a vehicle to get you from A to Be (past to future, through/as the medium of the present:- with time itself as wear and tear)

Wednesday 14 November 2007

Reel life?

If the world is an artificial construct, then you're going to need to rebuild that falsehood continually. People with imagination want to create something new - hence are seen as destroyers of the old order (rebels).

Accident or purpose(NDE's)? Belief not reality: If universe, deliberate intent (building blocks to reach us as we are now) then the idea that's its all 'accidental', is just a concept, ignoring evolution as a deliberate strategy by a higher power. If daemon keeps going forward into the future, then it is an intelligence with purpose - not just for the individual but all of life (see related post below plus similar posts by me on this blog)

Time is on my side

Time broken down into sections, seems shorter because it is more interesting but in fact is longer through the journey being broken and full of diversions. This is the lesson of the French Speleologist:- A journey without interruptions and diversions is shorter but seems longer because it is emotionally boring (Sensory deprivation effect): Cold fill (thought/intellect) as opposed to hot outburst (action/emotion). Think of time differences thus - if you're working, time flows in a habitual pattern of minor differences/major sames but if you're 'resting', you can explore anything you like (Time to think versus lost in activity/concentration i.e. consciousness focused on a single spot versus dispersal of attention i.e. free to wander through a field of ideas. The worrier shrinks time to nothing (panics) because he fears he will lose it. The warrior relaxes to encompass it all. Talking of habit - the Don Jaun approach is to abandon it: Those you can't wake up to the truth, you leave behind, creating a new community, a new system, a new world to live in. The alternative is as JFK said, violent revolution "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable" (compression/suppression, leading to explosion as in The Matrix: Opt out (dream) or fight in (Eidolon).

Time and life as a journey is central to Eidolon if not Daemon, I believe (Thought - inner quest versus action - outer quest). The pills I'm taking now for my migraines now are sedatives, which coupled with the fact I'm dreaming consistently again, plus as I said I seem to have also cut off from UFO's as a subject too, symbolizing the future, and higher education, symbolizing the mind/intellect, means I'm moving into the past (concentrating on the physical): I used to dream about being at university all the time, now it is a rare subject. Sleeping where you don't (the Lethe effect) is I believe because you're entering the future - where, when you re-member it, you're slipping into the past (Catching up with Eidolon/sorting out material situations) as my dream about Diss, the other night, proved.

I get time jumps, like Preistly's dying youth, but mine is about the direction the world is taking (more intuitive). For instance I read or see something on TV and know what the next stage/move should be and I don't think I'm alone in this ability.

Talking of Autism.... I was recently in another post, I think they go into screaming fits because they lack the internal censor mechanism of ordinary people. Sensory input, unfiltered, then becomes unbearable to them, much like my migraines/TLE does. Like Huxleys Renee, it has all become horribly overwhelming. Like a glass shattering, the outside (atmosphere) pours in as though I was a colonist living in an Earth type environment bubble on another planet. I'm killed (overwhelmed) by its foreigness (The light is too bright. the sound is too loud - touch makes me cringe, smell makes me want to vomit and if I could eat, I'm sure taste would do the same.

I remember reading somewhere that the brain isn't there so much to process information as to censor it. This would explain Aspergers Syndrome sufferers difficulty with incoming sensory data and ordinary peopes ability to handle it.

I think Kim Peak (The character 'The Rain Man' was based on) is unique in this respect, in that having a bridge between both sides of the brain, means he doesn't have overwhelm problems.

Viewing the daemon (Dog Day Afternoon)

When our old dog was dying (Margarets first one). I woke up in the middle of the night, to see it projecting itself onto the ceiling. When Margaret's mum was on the way out, our Labrador wouldn't go near her but kept barking as though it could see something floating above her. The other night, after I'd taken our new dog Jack for a walk, we came back and he immediately started barking at something, seemingly hoovering over her (Margaret revealed that while we were out, Holly had become so motionless, for a minute she thought she'd died).

Does anybody else out there have similar memories of human/ animal reaction or visions of loved ones seen or sensed like this?

Tuesday 13 November 2007

Still pictures

In a recent program on BBC4, The Genius of Photography, Jon Snow said he thought memory had to be in the form of still photos rather than moving film and I'd agree. The reason for this is simple - movement blurs vision. You cannot see what is truly in front of you unless you stop yourself and look (confront it). People who are frightened are continually on the run - that is, life is just a continuous blur to them, so they never see it for what it is. It takes courage to make a stand and discover the truth, rather than join the panic that parts us from our 'senses'.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Autistic people have a problem with sequencing, which is why data processing eludes them (I could never see the sense of gears for instance - why not just an accelerator?). This is why words confuse them as they have to work out the order and meaning from that, to make sense of the message. This is also why vision is more important to them i.e. instant, whole communication - not charades (guessing games).

VS Ramachandran and 'Ingrid', sounds like someone watching a film and catching each frame individually, rather than as a smooth flow of seeming continuity (Hand cranked projectors of old and the strobe effect of silent movies - new films don't have this problem as they are faster, so you can censor out gaps). It's similar to when you're ill or suffering from the effects of alcohol - you can't scan across a vista but get image drag instead. By the way because this is the way we see, doesn't mean that, that is the way the world is in fact: Things move or stay still but it is us that creates stills of life, not life that necessarily creates still pictures of itself, from moving or seemingly still objects.

Monday 12 November 2007

BBC Radio Merseyside

I have just been informed that BBC Radio Merseyside wish to interview me on Monday 3rd December 2007. I am not sure of the exact time but it will be at any time between 18:25 and 19:00 with it being more likely to be after the news at 18:30.

They want to talk to me about the links between CTF and the new film The Golden Compass. This film will be on general release on the 5th December. Clearly within Merseyside this can be listened to on normal radio. For others this can be listened to on line at:

I will discuss this interview again nearer the time.

Mysterious America

Just a quick note to say that I am quoted on the excellent USA website Mysterious America. Brent Raynes discusses with me the implications of an encounter with a curious entity that John Keel describes in his book The Mothman Prophesies. Brent makes the interesting suggestion that this being is identical to my concept of The Daemon. This can be found about two thirds of the way down on the following web page:

If you have the time do take a look at Brent's site. In my opinion it is very interesting, particularly to those of us interested in the UFO phenomenon.

Saturday 10 November 2007

Philip K Dick & Brad Steiger

Please accept my apologies for re-visiting this theme but it was last discussed in February this year and I am sure that many new members of this blog are probably unaware of it. The reason I am referencing it again is that Brad Steiger has just had an article published on 'The Anomolist' and 'Coast To Coast' websites in the USA. This article has caused considerable interest with over 4,000 visits in the first few days. Brad was a close friend of the Great Man and I was honoured when he sent me a copy of this article before it was published. Brad and Brent Raynes of 'Alternative Perceptions Magazine' are very interested in something that I came across in my research on PKD for my next book. This is what I wrote in the February posting:

"I have found a series of letters that PKD wrote to a pen pal in 1974 on a really obscure personal website set up by the lady in question herself. I have most of the biographies of Dick and I regularly check out most of the websites on him and I have never heard of these letters. They seem virtually unknown. Imagine my excitement when I came across a zeroxed copy of one particular type-written letter that he sent to her on May 9th 1974. This date is very important because Dick had just encountered his Daemon in mid March of that year (he called it various names including AI, Sophia and VALIS). The letter is not that unusual but there is a hand-written note at the bottom that reads "P.S. What really scares me most, Claudia, is that I can often recall the future." Now what excites me about this is not just that he claims to see the future but his use of words (and Phil Dick was always very specific about his word use). He says that he 'recall(s) the future'. This implies that he senses that this is a re-experience of an already lived event. If you have read my first book you will be aware that this idea is absolutely central to my theory. We are all living our lives again in an inwardly generated illusion. Deja Vu (Vecu) is a short-term remembering of the last time you lived this moment. I argue that those with TLE and schizophrenia have uncontrolled access to these 'memories' and that is why they experience regular deja vu and precognitive feelings. It has long been argued that PKD had TLE and he himself claimed that he had been diagnosed as a schizophrenic. I rest my case!"

It would be good to hear from any of you 'Dickheads' out there with regard to this fascinating bit of information.

Thursday 8 November 2007

Virtual reality

The second TV program (see One Life post earlier) of significance recently was Visions of the Future on BBC4. Part of it was about robotics and the other half concentrated on virtual reality. The illusion of reality is I believe caused by 'moving with' something (video games/ roller coasters). Separation and stillness, discloses it as illusion - hence meditation and dispassion (non-involvement: The most obvious case of this in recent years was when Christopher Reeve was in a film with Michael Caine and he had to kiss him - suddenly a member of the audience in an American cinema leapt up and shouted 'Don't do it Superman!'.

I remember coming out of Scientology and having this vision of future entertainment called Sensies (holograms that could be projected into mid-air - I don't know onto what medium but it may have been electro-magnetic vapour) and Feelies (again maybe electro-magnetic but creating the impression of something solid, through magnetic repulsion), that would unite one day to truly create the physical as well as visual illusions of reality. Holograms work through creating interference patterns (Scientology again has a similar idea but calls it a ridge of energy) and this is I believe partly what creates the illusion of physical reality as opposed to the point above about involvement and reality as a cognative effect. By this I mean think of four arrows pointing inwards to create concentration upon a single point in space and time versus pointing outwards and moving in that direction, to disperse energy/attention away from somewhere (expansive as opposed to contractive). As a concrete example think of a hand crushing a plastic bag up in its fist or relaxing into an outstretched palm and letting the bag grow again.

I also believe this ties into morality and ethics because conflict leads to crushing of reality (shrinking of perception) and peaceful co-existance to expansion of consciousness/conscience (Seeing interdependence of everything and it's survival interlinked with yours - good for us, good for it/ bad for us, bad for it (how anything works is how everything works at basic).

Your section on Jesus and Gnosticism in the book comes into this but I shall mention that in a later posting where it is more relevant and can be concentrated upon rather than lost in the reality angle.

Second Spanish Radio Interview - Monday 12th November @ 1310 GMT

I have been invited back to talk about my new book and the CTF links to the film The Golden Compass on REMfm. This is the largest English-speaking radio station in Southern Spain. For those of you not living in that part of the world the interview will be broadcast live on the web. Log onto at 13:10 (UK time) on this coming Monday (12th November). I will be interviewed by Mary Harboe and I will be on for about 15 minutes. Please note that this is not available for 'listening later' so you will need to be on-line at that time to catch me.

Sleeping pill that wakes you up

There have been two interesting TV programs recently and I shall do a separate posting for the other. Firstly, BBC1's, One Life, covered a certain sleeping pill that had been waking people up from coma's, Zolpidem. It made me wonder if this was similar to the Dopamine effects mentioned by Oliver Sacks in his book Awakenings and from the same or a similar cause i.e. an existential battle going on in the mind of the person afflicted, which stops healing of the affected organs/parts by them? In other words, if they surrended to reality perhaps they'd heal naturally but as they're in denial about their true state, they cannot? (stuck in their bodies, dreaming rather than waking up and interacting with external reality).

Not sure if this totally relevant to Daemon and Eidolon, except as how conflict may take us away from peace and the greater picture, leaving us trapped in a prison cell that destroys awareness of other realities, outside of us. What is perception but awareness of difference? (sensations/eidolon/childhood). What is thought but the same, internally? (daemon/adulthood). Consciousness (sight) is the full stop on action as unconsciousness (sound/ release)starts it up: Concentration and dispersal of attention (energy).

Wednesday 7 November 2007

Steve Taylor and "Making Time"

My associate and fellow member of the Scientific & Medical Network (SMN) Steve Taylor has written a fascinating book called Making Time. Steve's theory on time and my own as discussed in chapter 5 of ITLAD are very similar. Steve and I met this summer when we both did presentations at the SMN Annual Gathering in Manchester. Steve's book is doing very well and he has become a minor media celebrity. As well as being interviewed on the Simon Mayo Show on radio 5 Live Steve also appeared on the BBC Breakfast Show. This can be viewed on YouTube - .

Speed of Light/Times Winged Chariot

I find it funny that heat excites matter so that it disperses rapidly (meat rotting for instance) plus cold concentrates and preserves it - yet time seems to 'slow down' in the former case and 'speed up' in the latter case. Could it be down to connecting to eternity (The whole picture - space/time continuum or infinity/eternity: E-motion) which has no barriers, versus compartmentalization of reality, into smaller and smaller sections (rapidity/ minuteness: Intellect).

Maybe fever (internal heat) confirms Einsteins belief that time slows down, the nearer we reach the speed of light, if as you say, the former (heat) is just a facet of the latter (light): The case of the Doctors Wife in the book. Could this also be why dance leads to mystical states? (Heated up particles (being) projected into the future).

This goes back to what I said elsewhere about matter and energy (body and spirit) being like a volcano - the live part of us (potential) lies within and the dead part (personal history) surrounds us as a crust. Energy exists as potential - when it
takes form it becomes actual (matter). Think of a building. It requires a plan to get built. Materials may exist independently but construction requires them to be collected together in one place (a-massed), then thrown up to form a particular shape. Entropy ensures the building decays over time (goes back to potential) as only when new is anything pristine (perfect). Without maintenance the structure collapses - with it 'something' is always in this particular place, unless deliberately destroyed (pulled down).

The Measured Approach (Defining Terms)

The way I see it time and energy are measurements* of flow (verbs) and, space and matter are nouns (measurements of stability: Quantities/ What 'is' as opposed to potential (was or will be)): Scientology's 'MEST' (matter, energy, space and time). Time is I further believe, a measurement of change as space is a measurement of distance travelled.

Now is the border between future and past, and where we are at, at a particular time (on matter/in space): The cusp of being, indicated in an old woodcut, showing a man poking his head through the daylight air and coming out into the night sky (Think also of walking through a waterfall, where the past is a blur of water and the future an impenetrable rock - only the present air reveals anything visible). Dissect the body into back and front, and you'll see we're always heading into the future and away from the past (sensing/looking out for what is to come and ignoring (leaving behind) what is gone).

The speed at which time flows (or not) is dependent upon release or binding of matter as energy (or energy being slowed down and converted into matter: Aimed forward, it pushes you back into the past (memory) - aimed backwards it projects you into the future (imagination). Think of a water cannon at the front or a rocket booster on your back.

Lori Anderson wrote a song (meditation) on walking, which made me realize that we project (teleport) ourselves forward through space/time and re-collect ourselves as matter (form) at the other end (Thrower and catcher). Society works this way too - think of one of those Slinky toys (springs) that could 'walk' down stairs. This also puts a new light on Christs saying that the first will be last and the last, first (top,bottom and bottom, top) as a natural consequence of movement (flow).

* Measurement, like language, can take any form you like because it is arbitary, not obligatory (set in stone). If this was not the case then there wouldn't be several ways of measuring things or more than one tongue upon the Earth.

Tuesday 6 November 2007

Reincarnation ?

Hello everyone, I am new here so forgive me if I ramble. I thought I would share something that happened to me when I was very young and also my view on reincarnation which to be honest came to me today whilst pondering the book. So here goes. When I was about 8 years old my brother and I had gone swiming at the local pool with our parents. Being silly kids we decided to jump off the top diving board together,. It was about 10 feet off the ground, At the last minute I changed my mind and stepped backwards, falling off the board. I remember having time to watch the people, some watching me it seemed to take ages, I was thinking , I wonder if it will hurt but I wasn't scared and in fact I had the distinct feeling of being pushed forward towards the water and away from the concrete which I was heading for. I had time to question who pushed me . It seemed an age before I actually hit the ground, fortunatly most of me went straight into the water. But at no time was I scared, I new I wasn't alone and it didn't really matter if I hit the ground or not. When I surface from the water I was smiling and couldn't understand why people were so panicked. I told them what had happened but I dont think anyone belived me and so I have carried it with me all these years and tried to work it out myself.

And here are my thoughts on reincarnation, I would be very interested to here what anyone else thinks. I was considering this today as I have had flash back to past lives before and today for the first time I came up with an alternative reason for them. Unless I have miss-understood the book ( which is very possible knowing me) What if we have only every lived our life in this time period again and again, and say we had lived a hundered times this life, isn't it possible that in all those previous times we would have picked up information about a person or place, even something as vague as a strangers name, then in each life we learn a little more about that person and then maybe in this life because of all the information we have, if we were regressed we could bring up even obscure things and details, even create our own movie to go with it. It would all be tracable but it wouldn't mean we had ever lived it. I thought I was a Knights Crussader but when you think of all the information there is today about them and the films, I could easily have watched all these before and be fully armed with the information needed.
Well there you are, my possible version of it. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think.

Latest Interview - free listening

I did an interview with a magazine called Astraea a few weeks ago. This is now available for free listening at They have done an excellent job. The team at Astraea are really pleased and I have to say so am I. I feel I am in great company as in the recent past Astraea's interviewer, ex BBC reporter Guy Leigh, has interviewed such luminaries as Robert Bauval, Michael Baigent (of The Holy Blood & The Holy Grail book), Colin Wilson, John Gribbon, Tom Harpur and Nick Pope. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Merseyside Anomalies Research Association (MARA)

Some of you may be aware of this organisation, indeed even be members. For those of you who don't I first came across them when I was invited to present a lecture at their Paranormal Week Festival at Halton Lea Library on the 24th April 2007. Mark Rosney and his team are involved a a lot of fascinating research into paranormal events across the North-West of England. They have recently launched a new magazine called The Paranormal Researcher. Edited by Eileen Shaw it contains some fascinating articles including one by myself - although I have to say that my contribution rather pales into insignificance when reviewed in the light of the other contributions. It is an excellent read. At present the magazine can only be purchased and downloaded in pdf format from the MARA website. This is . Check it out and see what you think.

Lo and behold!

When I wrote a previous post a few days ago I had in mind a case I saw on a satellite channel of a man who saw Roman soldiers march out of a wall in York. And would you believe - that very same program was on Sky last night! Some might have seen it - written and presented by Wiliam Woollard? I wonder if Professor Archie Roy would be a champion for CTF? He's a pretty open-minded fellow.

Sunday 4 November 2007

CTF - The Unification Theory of all Religions

As far as my limited knowledge of faiths go, I cannot find any aspect of CTF that excludes any of the great world faiths.

Even the Christian view fits in: We are not reincarnated as such, and to 'degenerate' (by which I mean behave in a way contrary to the wisdom of the Daemon) will lead to ever worse incarnations until, eventually, you inhabit a truly horrible Everett universe. In that respect, Heaven, Earth and Hell can be interpreted as alternative universes. I suspect CTF follows even more closely the eastern religions of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Maybe in some universes past tyrants sought help for whatever emotional turmoil lead to their behaviour. Maybe there is a truly heavenly outcome for humanity that one can reach if we listen well enough to our Daemon!

Maybe CTF is the 'Unification Theory' which will one day unite the world religions (not to mention religion and science)? I would love to think CTF is the key to future peace and enlightenment. I live in hope :)

The Golden Compass

On the 5th of December (7th December in the USA) 2007 a film will be released that will be of profound interest to all members of this Blog. Many of you will no doubt be aware of it. It is called 'The Golden Compass' and will star Nicole Kidman and my fellow Wirralian Daniel Craig. This film is based on the fantastic book 'Northern Lights' - the first volume of Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy.

Central two the storyline are three elements of a great deal interest to us; the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad, The Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics (MWI) and Gnostic theology. For those of you who have read ITLAD you will know that these are also the cental themes of my Cheating The Ferryman theory (CTF).

I am hoping that this may be the opportunity I have been waiting for. Interest in Daemons will be at fever pitch from December onwards. I am sure the film is going to be massive so the concept of the Daemon will be discussed in papers, magazines and on the media. Now we know that the Daemon is far more than just a fictional device used by Philip Pullman - it is a provable part of the human psychi. The same will happen with regard to MWI and Gnosticism, but probably less so than interest in the cuddly Daemon Pantalaimon.

I am keen for my theory to be broadcast to as many people as possible. I know that I am really asking a lot here but I am hoping that being a member of this group means that you are, like me, really taken by the CTF theory and want it to be much better known outside of our small circle. Can you help me on this?

For example phone calls to local radio stations when the inevitable discussions take place with regard to the film (I know that it will be hotly debated because of the seemingly anti-religious theme of the film). Also letters to national newspapers will also be of a great help. Magazines such as Fortean Times, New Scientist, Focus etc also leap to mind. I am sure that those of you outside the UK all have similar magazines in your country.

One particular avenue seems very promising. People can post comments on the NMDB website - I know that this is read by thousands of people.

Obviously I will be doing all I can to publicise the book to as many media areas as possible. But I am an unknown, first-time, writer that only a handful of people are aware of

I promise that I will not forget any assistance that you give at this crucial stage. This could be the time that ITLAD breaks into the Weltgeist!

You can help me make it happen.

Thursday 1 November 2007

Light relief

According to the quantum physics view, things only exist when they are observed. Does this mean the calories in a chocolate bar aren't there if you aren't reading the nutrition information on the wrapper? :) Is there an Everett universe where chocolate doesn't have any calories? If so, take me there Daemon!!!!!!

Maybe I am there. Maybe in another universe chocolate is toxic. Here's something I wrote a few years back:

God, are you there?
I am always here Kellen. What do you want?
I don’t like to seem ungrateful… Its about my family.
Go on.
I think I would have been happier if I had been born to more caring parents.
And you would like me to arrange this?
Well, yes.
Again? Wh…?
Yes Kellen, this is not the first time. On six other occasions you have come here seeking changes in your fortunes. Last time you wanted to be born to greater affluence. Before that you wanted better health. I can do all of these things of course, but I doubt you understand that altering the course of events this way inevitably has consequences for others’ lives.
I-I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry. I…
Do you still wish me to honour your request?
Yes – yes, there is something I want to ask of you.
Oh Kellen, when will you ever learn?
But what I ask is not what I came for. God, I want you to return me to the life you originally gave me.
Then Kellen, I must turn you away. For that is the life you have now. Yes my dear Kellen – your efforts to mould your life into the perfection you sought finally brought you back to where you started, as I knew they would.
Seventh time lucky I suppose.
No Kellen, FIRST time lucky.