Thursday 25 June 2009

Theory now discussed in the Fortean Times Paranormal Handbook

I was in Borders Bookshop this lunchtime and something suggested that I look round the magazines. I was on my way out of the shop and I had absolutely no reason to go over to this section, but I found myself walking towards the rows and rows of magazines. I was quite frustrated because in Speke they have moved all the sections and I had no idea what I was looking for. However as my eyes scanned the rows of magazines they alighted on a new booklet entitled The Fortean Times Paranormal Handbook. I just had this feeling (Daemonic?) that this was of importance. I casually picked it up and noticed that it had a chapter on "Life After Death". I turned to this section simply to see what I could learn from this. I noted that this section was written by Bob Rickard, the "Founding Editor" of FT and the guy who reviewed Daemon in the April edition.

I scanned through it and towards the end Bob was discussing the suggestion by physicist Ron Pearson that consciousness itself is a sub-quantum phenomenon. I then glanced at the final paragraph of the article, the summing-up section and I nearly jumped out of my skin. Bob had writtten the following:

Many of these exciting new notions are summarised by Anthony Peake, to which he has annexed an extraordinary and equally promising discussion of the evidence for each of us having a dual consciousness; one he calls the Eidolon, which experiences life for the 'first' time and which locates itself in physical space; and the other he calls the Daemon, which has lived through the 'life' experience many times and which locates itself in quantum 'non-locality'. The analogy here is of a hologram, an image in which each part contains the whole. Further Peake attempts to account for much of the phenomena experienced during NDE's as imperfect recollections of encounters between the two types of consciousness. If he is correct in suggesting that the Daemon is as much rooted in the quantum world as the Eidolon is in the physical world, we may indeed be on the way to an explanation of both the nature of consciousness and its independence from the physical body - Indeed, to a new theory of death and how it may be survived!


I am so excited about this because this is not the FT magazine which is only in the bookshops for a month .... this £7.99 "Magbook" will be in all the major newsagents - including ones at airports - for the whole Summer and maybe even longer. This could be the big breakthrough.........

Thanks Bob!

Wednesday 24 June 2009

I am delighted to say that my interview with Amanda Lyon and Katrine Seidelin has now been posted on The National Theatre website. It is an excellent short film that explains in a very effective way why this particular production is of great relevance to my own theories on the nature of time, consciousness and perception.The link can be found at:

I would like to thank both Amanda and Katrine for an excellent short film.
The picture above shows the central character "Kay Conway" as she slips into some form of seizure, a seizure that places her 19 years in the future. It is interesting to note that in my theory I suggest that seizures (specifically temporal lobe epilepsy petit mal "absences") do open up the human mind to strange temporal anomalies such as the one depicted in this fascinating play.
Indeed the actress who plays Kay Conway, Hattie Morahan, will be on stage with me on the 23rd July together with particle physicist Professor Jeff Forshaw.

Friday 19 June 2009

Today I was in the process of trying to source a book entitled Replay by a writer called Ken Grimwood. This book is profoundly itladian in that it gives a fictional account of a person who lives his entire life over again, but this time he "remembers" what happens. In itladian terms what this describes is an Eidolon who is aware of its own Daemonic memories of the previous run-through the Bohmian IMAX.

I succeeded in my search and I will be receiving a copy in the next few days. However, in doing a Google-search on "reliving one's life" I came across a simply amazing letter published in the periodical The American Journal of Psychiatry (143:3, March 1986). The letter was sent by an extremely puzzled and very intrigued psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Jerome M. Schneck. If ever I needed empirical (albeit clearly subjective) proof that I am really onto something significant in my ITLAD/CTF hypothesis this is it. Dr. Schneck wrote:

SIR: I would like to describe a patient's delusion that is unlike anything I have encountered before.
Ms. A, a 36-year-old woman, was sent by her employer for a medical examination because she was said to be uncooperative with her co-workers. The examining physician referred her for psychiatric evaluation.The patient was schizophrenic, was vague about any history of inpatient or outpatient psychiatric treatment, and had been advised to take haloperidol and other medications but never filled in her prescriptions. She was loquacious, at times irrelevant, and yet was coherent and capable of offering direct answers to specific questions. She described having hallucinations in which she saw tents and thrones "inhabited by God."She denied having any feelings of depression or anxiety. Her attention and concentration somewhat wavered. She seemed fascinated by her unusual claims. Despite having had previous psychiatric contacts, she denied having psychological problems. She had occasional ideas of reference but declined to describe them in detail.The patient spontaneously revealed the delusion she harbored that she relived her life from moment to moment, each day, week, month and year. She did not claim that she had lived other types of lives in the past or that she would relive this one in the future, after her death. But she insisted that this life was a thorough duplication of her past life. She denied experiencing reincarnation in the sense of having previously lived in some other way or form, nor did she necessarily expect a reincarnation in the future. Her experiences were not the usual well-known deja vu but the re-living of a life span in specific and exact sequence, one event after another in proper order. She claimed that her ability to fortell events because of her reliving often frightened her as well as others. She said her facility to recall past events in detail also frightened others, but she asserted that her recollections were valid and accurate, even for time periods in infancy that are not ordinarily remembered. She claimed that other individuals confirmed her recollections, but she presented no evidence for this claim
I report this case to alert others to this delusion type and to encourage others to report on any similar patients they might have treated.

For me this report is absolutely fascinating and probably one of the most crucial cases regarding ITLAD/CTF. I have tried to trace Dr. Schneck but thus far with no success. He was based in New York so it is my intention to try and trace him, and possibly speak with him whilst I am in that city in August.

It is interesting to observe that this lady had been diagnosed as schizophrenic. Could it be that her odd perceptions themselves had brought about this diagnosis? If so then by implication anybody who may perceive elements of the Bohmian IMAX will be quickly labelled with this "illness". However what if this is not an illness but a glimpse of the true nature of existence? I am sure that Dr. Rick Strassman would agree with my position on this having tested out such a proposition with his work on DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine).

A careful reading of this report begs some strong questions .... for example, did nobody think to test out the woman's claims that she could perceive the future? Surely this would have been easily tested? But it seems that nobody bothered (of course, if one accepts what many deja TLErs have told me, that the very communication of what is about to happen to another human being will ensure that that the universe splits and a new future is created to accommodate the change from what happened "last time" - i.e. last time the subject would not have made the prediction and as such the very verbalisation of the fact changes peoples actions and reactions).
She was also quite precise in her point that this was not a form of reincarnation but a "reliving" of the same life. Something that I have stressed many times in my lectures when people assume that I am talking about a form of "reincarnation".

I am interested in any comments anybody may have with regard to this case ..... and even more interested if anybody has access to any further material to do with this case, or any similar.

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Anthony Peake in New York - August 3rd 2009

The following has recently been announced in to various media outlets in New York.

'Anthony Peake will be addressing the New York public at the Roosevelt Hotel, Madison Avenue @ East 45 St, Midtown, Manhattan, Monday, Aug 3, 6- 9 pm, 2nd floor, Conference Mezzanine, The Broadway Suite Lecture/Discussion/Author Book Sale and Signing/Free Public Reception for the Author, Open Bar and Buffet : Hosted by Gnosis Arts Multimedia Communications, LLC (Eric Bryant).'

There is an open invitation to this event so if you happen to be in New York on the 3rd of August please do feel free to join us there.

Full details about this event can be found at the BLOGSITE of my associate Susan Marie Kovalinsky:

Tuesday 16 June 2009

PKD Day at Nottingham Trent University - 13th June 2009

Last Saturday I attended a fascinating day of discussion and lectures at Nottingham Trent University. With me was fellow BLOG member Mick (of "Cordoba" fame) and his girlfriend Jan.

The papers in the morning were highly academic in their approach. Indeed it took me back to my own university days in the mid 1970's. Clearly the approach was textual rather than personal in that the themes discussed Phil the writer not Phil the man. However this is what was to be expected as it was taking place in the English Department.

In the afternoon I presented a paper entitled "PKD-PRECOG?" It is difficult to evaluate how this went down with the assembled academics and enthusiasts but I think the lack of questions (except from Mick and the organisers) suggested to me that the audience were, at best, confused and at worst somewhat underwhelmed.

On reflection my presentation was somewhat different to those that had gone before. I was dealing with "facts" (as reported by Phil himself so I guess the word "fact" in this case consists of many "factors") whereas my predecessors had analysed Phil's writing in a sociological or textual way. I was fascinated to realise that a simple science-fiction story can be analysed and taken apart for meaning. I wonder what Phil would have made of it?

I was really expecting some challenging questions - particularly as I presented evidence from Phil's life that he had been precognitive. Indeed I even distributed copies of the fascinating letters that Phil wrote to Gloria Krenz, one of which actually described the circumstances of his own stroke that was to happen seven years later. I guess that because my analysis did not work within a Marxist, Derridian or Deleuzian approach it caused a degree of confusion.

Of course it could simply be that my lecture was the last of the day before Tessa Dick joined us on SKYPE and everybody was anticipating chatting with her.

Tessa was wonderful, being witty, funny and very open in her comments about Phil. However I found it again very strange that not many questions were asked of her. I can only assume it is because many attendees of the conference were more used to answering questions than asking them.

One question Tessa was asked was to seek out her opinions on the biographers of her husband, specifically Lawrence Sutin and Emmanuel Carrere. Her response was to say that parts of Sutin's book contained accurate information and some did not. She did not seem to be aware of the Carrere book. However she then said that she had been very impressed by a new book by an English writer by the name of Anthony Peake - she said that with the exception of his suggestion that Phil experienced TLE, she felt that this book, "The Daemon" was excellent!

This really made my day, no, far more than that, it made all my hard work worthwhile. Tessa was actually an external witness to most of Phil's 2-3-74 "experiences" so with the exception of Phil himself she is the only person qualified to really comment upon my "take" on Phil's theophany.

Indeed Tessa finished of her communication by categorically stating that she agreed fully with Phil that the reality that we perceive is an illusion and that we are all living within this illusion.

I would like to thank Tessa for these kind comments regarding my work and also Professor John Goodridge for organising a wonderful, and very enlightening day.

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Paranormal Magazine - Issue 37

I am delighted to announce that the much awaited Paranormal Magazine containing my article and an interview with me has been published. This will be found at most UK newsagents and some bookshops (including Borders). In my opinion Richard and his team have done an excellent job. The use of images is particularly striking.The magazines website is:

For those of you outside the UK there is a downloadable version of the magazine that can be purchased on-line. Details can be found at:

In his review of the article and interview Richard writes:

'Anthony Peake's "Cheating The Ferryman" theory (is) one of the most exciting and far-reaching theories regarding the supernatural to have emerged in decades".

This follows on from the Fortean Times review of "The Daemon" where founder of the FT, Bob Rickard wrote the following:

' (The Daemon) is not a self-help book, at least not in the the usual meaning of that term. It is something far more exciting; an intelligent and imaginative synthesis, a tentative step towards understanding what happens to us at the moment of death. In doing so, Peake seems to be shining a light on our equally mysterious inner life'.

What can I say!!