Tuesday 15 December 2009

I am delighted to announce that I will be doing a regular, fortnightly, slot on the Radio Show of fellow ANTHONY PEAKE FORUM member, ABRAXAS.
We have agreed that we will record a half hour or so interview in which I will pick up on on one theme of ITLAD/CTF and then we will discuss the implications of this theme. Clearly Abraxas's interests are to do with Gnosticism but as virtually every itladic theme has Gnostic connotations this will be a real positive stimulus for discussion.The interview will then be posted on Abraxas's site the following weekend and will remain in the "Anthony Peake" section for as long as people wish it there.
We have provisionally planned two interviews for January 2010. These will appear on Saturday 9th and Saturday 23rd.The plan is then to have a recording available each fortnight from then on. Abraxas and I have agreed that we will invite others to join us in these discussions. Initially these will involve active members of my FORUM. I envisage that each month there will be a guest who will join us and maybe that three-way discussion will extend for a longer period. I can think of many members of this FORUM who will make superb guests.Both Abraxas and I are really excited about this development. To understand his world-view please check out his site. It is full of fascinating material, most of it profoundly itladic.

Friday 11 December 2009

Rumanian Language Edition Of My First Book Published

I am delighted to announce that the long awaited Rumanian language edition of my first book has now been published. I have already received a handful of emails from my Rumanian readers and some have ordered the English language edition of my second book.

I was surprised on doing a Google of the title (Exista viata dupa moarte?") how many references to this book are already posted. Indeed I have found three Rumanian Forums actively discussing the implications of my ideas.

May I again thank my publisher, Arcturus, for adding yet another market for Cheating The Ferryman.

Tuesday 8 December 2009

The National Theatre website has now re-posted the short film they comissioned as a lead-in to my Platform Event in July 2009. The link below will take any interested parties straight to this movie. I appear after about a minute or so.

Monday 30 November 2009

11:11 Synchronicity

Even though I have been experiencing curious and strange synchronicities over the last two or three years, this one really quite shook me.

A few weeks ago I met up with a member of my FORUM called Dave. During our conversation he told me that he was becoming quite concerned about the numbers 11:11. He told me that he was seeing this set of digits everywhere. He was finding this really very weird. As my books deal with synchronicity and its potential significance we discussed this in some detail. I told him that I knew of no real significance for these numbers other than the fact that they represented the end of the First World War..... and, at the time of our meeting it was building to the commemorations of this day.

Dave insisted that this was not the reason and that his 11:11 experiences had been happening for some time. I asked Dave to place his observations and experiences on my FORUM. This he did.

This can be viewed at:


Now what is odd is that my FORUM members tend to be a very well-read bunch but you will note that all acknowledged the strangeness of Dave's observations but that was about it.

Youn will note from my later postings on this thread that 11:11 started to involve itself in my life. This was odd because I had never noticed such a thing. Of course fellow FORUMITE "A Dark Philosopher" has pointed out that this is part of the "Kangaroo Effect" which may be the case. However I found it really odd that two new professional writers have involved themselves on my FORUM in recent weeks. Marie D Jones and Hilary Carter. Marie contacted me out-of-the-blue and, as you will see from my posting, I was stunned to find that she has written a book on 11:11. (http://www.mariedjones.com/ - and scroll down to the third book on Marie's list).But it became odder. By pure chance I was reading my first-ever copy of the Watkins Review and I saw a review of a book written by Hilary Carter entitled The 11:11 Code (check the book out at http://www.hilarycarter.com/2.html .

This really fascinated (maybe even disturbed) me. This was more than a series of coincidences. They seemed to be clustering all at once.

And yesterday it became really weird.

On checking my email in-box I was surprised (and delighted) to receive an Email from Hilary. She informed me that she was amazed as to how the whole 11:11 phenomenon seemed to be facilitating communication with her and I. Indeed in the email she pointed out that she was travelling in India at the moment and just nipped into the first cyber-cafe she could find to pick up her emails. There was one from me. She had just started typing her response to me when she noticed the computer date - she simply could not believe what she was seeing - 11:11 flashed up! Okay, so what, I hear the cynics say. But Hilary informed me in the email that the actual time was 17:40!!!!

Strange eh. Well it doesn't stop there. Literally seconds after reading the email I picked up my half read latest copy of the British satire magazine Private Eye. I found myself flicking through the pages and I did something I never usually do. Looked at the classified adverts pages. What I saw made my stop dead and gasp in amazement. The full advert in front of me is reproduced in the photograph at the top of this posting.

Now this is becoming far more than simply concidence, synchronicity or the "Kangaroo Effect". This is Jungian synchronicity writ large.

So what does this all mean?????

Thursday 26 November 2009

I am delighted to say that my work is featured in three different ways in the THE GNOSTIC 2, a journal of Gnostic thought published in Dublin by the Bardic Press.
It contains an article I wrote on Philip K Dick together with a review of both my previous books. What is even more pleasing is that the editor, Andrew Phillip Smith, has included a a short story written by him. He states that this story was influenced by something I discuss in my first book. The story is superb and well worth checking out .... as is the journal itself.
It is rare for me to read a journal and enjoy every single article (with the possible exception of my own!) In its pages can be found interviews with Tessa Dick (PKD's widow) and Colin Wilson and excerpts from books written by both these fascinating thinkers.
Other articles include one on Goethe, one on the Pistas Sophia and one on the process known as "Kimetikos".
In my opinin this journal is worth every cent and I strongly advise anybody interested in Gnosticism to check it out. It can be purchased on Amazon or directly from the Bardic Press website at http://www.bardic-press.com/.
They also have a FORUM that will be discussing the contents of this booklet. This can be found at:

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Infinite Potential: The Legacy of David Bohm

On Saturday 21st November I attended the above one-day "Open Dialogue" at Queen Mary College in London.The programme included presentations by Professor Bernard Carr, Professor Basil Hiley, Professor Leroy Little Bear, Lord Stone of Blackheath and our very own FORUM member (and fellow Wirralian but now living in Italy) Dr. F David Peat.

It was fascinating to hear anecdotes about Professor Bohm from those who knew him well such as Prof Hiley, Dr. Mary Cadogan and David Peat. I spoke to Professor Hiley after his presentation and we discussed the actual date of Alain Aspect's famed "Paris Experiment" (something that no book on the subject that I have read is precise about - usually it is stated as taking place in "the early 1980's). I am delighted to state that I received an email from Prof. Hiley yesterday that confirmed it to be 1981.

I also discussed with Prof. Hiley our mutual interest in the writings of the German philosopher Fichte.At lunch I experienced one of life's (probably) unique experiences .... sitting next to a Nobel Prize Winner. This was Professor Brian Josephson of the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University. Prof. Josephson was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1973 for his discovery of the Josephson effect (don't you find it an amazing synchronicity that somebody called Josephson discovers an effect with exactly the same name as his own? Indeed this seems to happen a lot. I wonder why nobody has noticed this before?) This Josephson effect has important applications in quantum-mechanical circuits, such as SQUIDs. The eagle-eyed (or elephant-memoried) of you will recall that on page 395 of ITLAD you will find a note on these "superconducting quantum interference devices" and the work done on these at SUNY. Little was I to know at the time of writing that note that I was to have lunch with the man who discovery made this work possible! Honour indeed.Prof. Josephson is fascinated by parapsychology (this may come as a surprise to many "skeptics" who like to suggest that "real scientists" have no interest in such things. In fact Prof. Josephson had a fascinating "app" on his iphone that had been designed by Prof Russell Targ (what, another "real scientist" eh?) This had been designed to test psi.

Finally, David Peat finished off the day with a fascinating, and very moving, talk about Bohm's final years. The picture above is David's book on Bohm. It is well worth reading.

Wednesday 18 November 2009

I am delighted to announce that the long awaited Spanish language version of "Is There Life After Death - The Extraordinary Science Of What Happens When We Die" has just been published by Editorial Kairos in Spain.

This now opens up the whole Spanish speaking world to Cheating The Ferryman. If you wish to check this out it can be found at

I am stunned at the list of my fellow authors published by this prestigious publishing house:

Many of them are my all-time intellectual heroes.

Stop and pinch me because I am sure that I am dreaming all this!!!

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Visionaries of the 21st Century

I am delighted to announce that my good friend William Murtha's new book, 100 Words - Two Hundred Visionaries is now available for pre-order on Amazon USA. I am honoured to be one of the "visionaries" featured in this fascinating collective statement of intention for the 21st Century.

If you are interested in further information please follow the link below:


Wednesday 28 October 2009

Regular Slot on BBC Merseyside

I am delighted to announce that commencing on Monday 9th November 2009 I will be doing a regular slot on BBC Merseyside. This will be broadcast each alternative Monday at 1500 UK time. I will be "on-air" for 30 minutes.
Each show I will take as the theme an element of my writing. Listeners will have the facility to phone in with their questions or comments.

These shows will be broadcast on DAB and FM across the greater Merseyside and North Wales area and will be available to listen on the web.

The shows will then be available on "Listen Again" for seven days after broadcast.The shows will also have the facility for listeners to phone in or text questions, observations or comments.

This is yet another opportunity for individuals interested in my work from across the world to join in on a regular basis.This web option will be found on:

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Anthony Peake and Fairleigh Dickinson

This Fall semester 2009,  Anthony Peake's two published books will be jacketed and placed on the shelves of Fairleigh Dickinson University's library for faculty and students to use.

FDU is a private liberal arts  University in the greater New York Metropolitan area.  It sits on the Twombly estate in Madison,  New Jersey,  a commuter suburb of Manhattan.  It has campuses also in Wroxton,  England,  Tel Aviv,  Israel,  and Bergen County,  New Jersey.

I am planning a fall 2010 conference for Anthony Peake to be held at Lenfell Hall,  at the Madison campus,  in October of next year.  In the meantime,  I think his books can be explored by faculty and students in the departments of psychology and philosophy.  I hope Peake's books will be cited in a few student papers!

Wednesday 14 October 2009


Watched this amazing movie a few days ago. I really did not see any ITLADIAN links until towards the the end when what is really going on is revealed .... and even then I am sure that you will not spot the shock ending.

Terrific screenplay, great acting (has John Cusack ever done a bad movie?) and a mind expanding (blowing?) concept that will have those of you who have read my first book rushing back to pages 237 to 242 of Is There Life After Death - The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die

Basic details can be found at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0309698/

Monday 12 October 2009

Example of how Bohm's "Implicate Order" can be shown visually

Whilst in New York I spotted this image outside the HQ of the Pfizer Corporation. I am hoping that me using this image is okay with them (if it is not please could a representative of that company contact me and i will take it down).

The image is of a Pfizer employee called Joe who works in the Bioinnovation Center in Massachusetts. If you look closely you will see that the image is made up of pictures of all his co-workers in this unit.

A couple of nights ago I was awake in the middle of the night and I started thinking about ways in which David Bohm's concept of "Enfoldment" could be explained in a simple and graphic way. This image suddenly appeared in my mind. I argue that when we are in these semi-awake states (Hypnogogia) our Daemons can communicate more effectively. It is as if the "Doors of Perception" are slightly ajar and ideas can filter through to the semi-conscious eidolonic personality.

My Daemon had given me the answer.

Imagine a picture similar to this of yourself. This picture is composed of micro-images of every human being on the planet. When looked at from a distance it is just a very detailed image of you. However, and this is the important point that I suspect the Pfizer image designer has not done, is that contained within the micro-images will be an image identical to the larger one .... in every respect. As such this image of yourself will, again, contain images of everybody else on the planet. But it gets even more interesting. Imagine that each of all the other images were designed in the same way (containing the micro-images of everybody else).

This is exactly what David Bohm was trying to get across in his dual concepts of "Enfoldment" and the "Implicate Order" - the idea that the whole contained the parts and that each part contains the whole. He used the analogy of a holographic image (smash a holographic image then look at the parts of the image under laser light and it will be seen that each part contains a denuded version of the original image not, as would be expected, the part).

I need to give this idea more thought but I did present it to the audience at my lecture yesterday and it was received very well. I may acquire the software that generates these images and see what can be done.

On Saturday 21st of November 2009 I will be attending an "Open Dialogue" meeting at Queen Mary College in London. This has been arranged by the Scientific and Medical Network (SMN). Under the title of Infinite Potential: The Legacy of David Bohm such lumimaries as Prof. Basil Hiley and Dr. F David Peat will be discussing the scientific philosophy of this great man (the person I try to honour in my term The Bohmian IMAX. I am hoping to discuss this analogy with David and, hopefully, Prof. Hiley.

Saturday 10 October 2009

Anthony Peake on UK National Radio!

Sorry about the late announcement but we have just heard that Anthony's BBC Manchester and BBC Lancashire interviews this week caused a a certain degree of interest.

Indeed such was the interest that Anthony will be interviewed live, in the BBC Five Live studios tonight (Saturday 10th October 2009 at Midnight). The interview will run into very early Sunday morning and finish at around 00:30.

For those of you outside of the UK BBC Five Live is a national radio station and is probably the most popular station in the country. The potential audience is millions although the reality will probably be tens of thousands. Indeed the show is also broadcasy on virtually every local BBC station as well.

So if you are in the UK just tune into Radio Five Live tonight. For those of you outside the UK you can listen in on the Five Live website which is:

You will find full detals on the site if you wish to phone in .... full details can be found at:

Look forward to hearing from you!

Friday 2 October 2009

A story of the Buddha...

Hello guys!...Im sorry ... Im posting after a long time....Forgive me!.......but DORJE`S post helped me to come over and post this beautiful story about the Buddha...its at once ITLADic as well as Poignant....
Once the Buddha was walking from one town to another with a few of his disciples. While they were traveling, they happened to pass a lake.They stopped there and the Buddha told one of his disciples, "I am thirsty. Do get me some water from that lake." The young disciple walked up to the lake. When he reached it, he noticed that right at that moment, a bullock cart had started crossing the lake. As a result, the water had become very muddy, very turbid. The disciple thought, "How can I give this muddy water to the Buddha to drink!?"So he went back and told the Buddha, "The water in there is very muddy. I don't think it is fit to drink!" After about half an hour, the Buddha again asked the same disciple to go back to the lake and get him some water to drink. The disciple obediently went back to the lake.This time too he found that the lake was muddy. He returned and informed the Buddha about the same. Once again, a few minutes later the Buddha asked the same disciple to go back to the lake.The disciple reached the shore only to find that the lake absolutely clean with crystal clear water in it. The mud had settled down and the water above it looked pure enough to drink. So he collected some water in a pot and brought it to the Buddha.Buddha looked at the water, and then he looked up at the disciple and said,"See what you did to make the water clean. You just let it be and the mud settled down on its own, and you got clear water!"
And then he addressed his disciples:" Your mind is just like that lake ! When it is disturbed, it gets all muddy and confused. So just let it be. Give it a little time. It will settle down on its own. You don't have to put in any effort to calm it down. It will happen. It is effortless.

Thursday 1 October 2009

Live Radio Phone-In : BBC Lancashire 7th October 2009

The night before last a short interview with me was broadcast by BBC Lancashire. This generated such interest with not only the listeners but also the staff of the radio station that I have been invited back to do a two-hour phone-in this coming Wednesday (7th October 2009). This will be broadcast from 2200 to 2300. This may prove to be a really interesting hour. My last phone in was with LBC in London and we had an amazing three hours.

The timing is good for any listeners in the USA and Canada. The programme can be listened to live on-line at:

Full contact details for the studio are:

email address: barnsey@bbc.co.uk.
Telephone number: 00 44 (0) 1254 583583
Text number: 00 44 (0)7786 201 955
So why not join me with your comments and questions?
Note: Numbers into the UK may be slighly different. Please check your access code.

Another Web-Based Review

Interesting to contrast how two people can read the same book (see previous posting) and come up with totally different observations:


In my opinion this is one of the best short descriptions of Cheating The Ferryman that I have encountered. And that includes may own attempts!

Monday 28 September 2009

Blogspot Review of ITLAD and "The Daemon"

You may be interested to know that I have received (as far as I am aware) my first BLOGGER review of my books. This can be found at http://pelicanist.blogspot.com/2009/09/round-in-circles.html.

It is an interesting review and I am honoured that John Rimmer has taken time to not only read my work, but also to spend an amount of time putting together the review.

Some of his comments imply that he has failed to grasp many of the subtlities of ITLAD, but this is not unusual. Indeed his questions have been raised (and answered) many, many, times, on my FORUM.... specifically the accusation of solipsism.

I was also intrigued as to why he feels that my science is "old hat" He writes:

"The reader who gets this book looking for the latest evidence from psychical research, some new amazing scientific breakthrough will be sorely disappointed, for this book is really just an amalgam of poorly understood, often very 1970s pop science and philosophical musings."

In my posession I have literally dozens of books written in the last four or five or years that support the concepts I discuss in my books. For example Rosemblum and Kuttner's Quantum Enigma (2006), Michio Kaku's Parallel Worlds (2005) and Marcus Chown's magnificent book The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead . Each one of these writers are at the leading edge of their profession as physicists .... all with doctorates and professorships. Why John feels that this is "1970's pop science" is somewhat of a mystery to me.

I cannot also give a wry smile that John feels that my writing does not explain any Fortean events (by implication I must say rather than be outright statement) because the founder editor of the ultimate Fortean magazine, Fortean Times does not agree with him. Bob Rickard gave the Daemon nine out of ten and waxed lyrical about how refreshing the book's central concept was. An added smile crosses my face regarding the excellent reviews of both my books in The Journal of the Society for Psychical Research. Again this implies that the SPR do feel that my hypothesis has merit.

I do not feel that an author should challenge a review of his work, and after all I still stress that John has given me the honour of reviewing my work in the first place. I suggest that maybe some of my readers, and members of this BLOGSITE may be motivated to comment (in a positive and constructive way, please) in response to this comment by John:

"One wonders what sort of person could be attracted to Peake's philosophy, presumably someone who has had a fairly cushy life, which they would love to rerun with just a few minor changes here and there, and little empathy or regard for other people less fortunate than oneself."
I suspect (hope?) that John may be more open to my ideas than first seems ... after all, somebody who calls his blog site "Magonia" should appreciate that the reality we perceive is not quite as it seems (I presume this "Magonia" is taken from Jacques Valee's wonderful book A Passport to Magonia - a well thumbed 41 year old copy of which has pride of place on my bookcase).

Friday 25 September 2009

It has just been confirmed that I will be interviewed on BBC Radio Manchester next week. The interview will be recorded at the studios of BBC Radio Merseyside at 1630 on Tuesday 29th September 2009 and will be broadcast on BBC Radio Lancashire at around 2300 that evening. The interview will be for around twenty minutes. The interviewer will be John Barnes
This is to tie in with my lecture at Blackburn Central Library the following evening (30th at 1900).
As with all BBC local radio programmes this can be listened to on-line at:

- Just click on the "Listen Live" tab on the right hand side about half way down the page.

And on "listen again" at:

Sunday 20 September 2009

Reading The Daemon is as interesting as the ITLAD but when I was reading the part about the Hawaiian Kahuna my wife asked me what was the name / make of the watch our daughter had been wearing as she wanted to buy one similar.
My reply was without thinking, it was a Kahuna. Kahuna? How odd that the same name cropped up in two different places around the same time. Coincidence has a strange way of popping up when you least expect it.
Until I had seen my daughter's wrist watch and shortly after when reading The Daemon I had never heard of the word, Kahuna in my life.
Something very odd is going on in our perceived reality
that stops and make you think it is some kind of dream.
Many years ago I worked briefly with a chap named John Bennett now deceased. We talked about many things. His father had a hard working life up there in the NE of England. He asked his father when he was dying what he thought of life after his experiences? His father replied, "It's just a bad dream son". Methinks he was probably right, it is just a dream and bad for some.

Thursday 17 September 2009

I read books in the order I buy them and I’m way behind. I finally got to the stage in my elaborate queuing system were I’m reading the Daemon. I’ve been looking forward to it and have some comments to make on the chapter on different religious views that seem to support ITLADian thinking and also the chapter on the possibility of communication from the higher self during dreaming for those people outside of the three main groups within the scale of transcendence.

Firstly, I loved the common ground identified in various diverse systems of belief but I suggest that the Buddha may also have been able to shed ample and relevant light. For instance the very first line of the core Buddhist scripture the Dharmapada (Sayings of the Buddha) is,

“With our minds we create the world; all that we are arises from our thoughts.”

This could be phrased differently as “The act of perception by a conscious being brings matter into physical existence” (ITLAD p23). Buddhists believe the Buddha recognised the illusory and dream like nature of the ordinary world and so understood how to end suffering.

Within Tibetan Buddhism, like some of the systems covered in The Daemon, there is often an understanding that the mind functions (as a formless continuum) with three levels. The first is the Gross Mind, which is the ordinary every day mind which perceives the physical “reality” of the world. It is generally deluded and shrouded in ignorance of this illusory nature of experience. It is subject to habitual desires and cravings and wanders dream like through suffering and unsatisfactory experiences. This mind may be seen as an equivalent to the eidolon on account of it’s limited viewpoint of the universe. The second part of this triune entity is the Subtle Mind which is the mind that arises during dreaming. Its reality is more fluid and flexible but it still believes it to be real, on the whole, when experiencing it. The third part is the Very Subtle Mind which manifests at the loss of consciousness at sleep and again at death as clear light. It is this, Buddhists believe, which, although it is not permanent or unchanging, carries experience from one life to the next. This is the most powerful and distilled element of the mind which eventually is the seed of individual enlightenment/Buddhahood. It seems that here is another clear reflection of the split nature of the mind from this totally different culture.

Within contemporary western Buddhist thought it may be not unreasonable to recognise the various deities, sometimes depicted, as Jungian archetypes within the mind, beings of light, which represent personal potentials rather than external powers. For instance the potential for perfect compassion may appear in deep meditation as Chenrezig to anyone familiar such an iconic image.

The Buddhist practice of chanted “Sadhana” visualisation represents an attempted technology not just to worship Buddhas and Bodhisattvas but to actually become them. There are also stunning and intense accounts of Tibetan NDE experiences (called Delog experiences) in which the various deities appear in exactly the way Christian NDEs may reflect meetings with Christ or Angels. If these are ways to recognise the Daemon then perhaps some of the meditation techniques associated with these traditions may provide useful tools to explore ITLAD too.
One in particular leaps out at me, the esoteric Tibetan way of Dream Yoga. This is a fascinating idea based in ancient tantra where the basic idea is to meditate to the point of retaining conscious while in the dream state, (often going to sleep sitting upright in the full lotus posture!) The meditator then enters a perfect lucid dream state with a clear goal. The idea is to make a series of ritual offerings and requests before sleep to the Buddha in question and to request Him or Her to appear in the dream to convey direct blessings and give teachings on spiritual advancement. What seems to be in question here is a direct communication between the lower and upper levels of consciousness which is not just one way.
When I first started to meditate in 1995 I experienced a series of very strong lucid dreams where I felt I had been spoken to and even asked questions of several different Buddhas. (Interestingly when I heard the voice of the Buddha it seemed to come from above my right ear each time) These were serious life-changing experiences which caught me completely off guard. In an attempt to recapture this I read the work of psychologist Stephen La Berge and Lama Surya Das about the science of lucid dreaming and the practice of Dream Yoga. I practiced all through the last summer but only made slight progress. I also investigated the idea of lucid dream machines such as the Nova Dreamer, which detect when the brain enters REM sleep and send a stimulus signal to encourage the development of lucid dreaming capacity. I am aiming to acquire one before Christmas and continue experimenting. I wonder, has anyone else has tried lucid dreaming to make the one way channel of communication into a two way conversation?

The eventual goal of Dream Yoga is to recognise on a deep level that dreaming is a mistaken appearance to the Subtle Mind and that external “reality” is a mistaken appearance to the Gross Mind.
When the historical Buddha was questioned about his extraordinary presence and abilities, they asked “Are you a man or a god?”- He replied simply, “I am awake…” Of course Buddha was a title given to him and not his name (which was Sidharta Gotama Shakyamuni). The title simply meant one who has awakened from the dream of ordinary experience.

Friday 4 September 2009

After some difficult technical problems my interview with Sonia Barrett of Sovereign Mind Radio was broadcast live two days ago. In my opinion this is one of my most interesting in that it turned out to be more of a dialogue than an interview. In my opinion it is well worth listening to as much for the observations of Sonia as my own contribution. Due to the delay of the broadcast it is possible that many who are interested may have missed it.

However I am delighted to say that it has now been posted. It can be listened to at:

Indeed Sonia was so interested in matters itladian that she has invited me back for another interview, this time a three hour special that will have both myself and Karl (A Dark Philosopher) L LeMarcs. In this we plan to discuss in some detail the latest developments including an introduction to Karl's Collapsing The Consciousness Wave that first appeared on this BLOGSITE with his postings "Where Is The Internet" and "The Sensation of Being Stared At".

This will be a very important show for the development of both itlad/ctf and the uber-concept of

BIGTOE .... "The Bohmian IMAX Grand Theory of Everything"!

The broadcast time and date will be 0800 (Pacific Time) on Wednesday 14th October 2010. Don't miss this one!

Tuesday 25 August 2009

This morning I received my copies of the Russian edition of ITLAD from my UK publisher, Arcturus.

It is entitled День сурка: хроника личного бессмертия which, if my translation is correct means "Groundhog Day: Chronicle of personal immortality". Yet again it seems that a foreign translator has hit the nail on the head (you will recall that the Dutch edition was called Leven Na Leven Na Leven - "Life After Life After Life". I find it interesting that neither decided a literal translation of "Is There Life After Death". Clearly both translators had really grasped the theme!

I have attempted to contact the Russian publisher because I am sure that Russia could prove to be a really good market place for ITLAD/CTF. The issue is getting it marketed well over there.
I am hoping that soon we will be joined by some Russian Itladians who may see the links between my writing and the work of Petyr Ouspensky.

The Spanish language edition should be out soon as well .... what we need is French and German editions to follow soon. Indeed when in New York I met a young lady who was very impressed with my lecture. She was from China and said that she would send a copies of my books to a publisher she knows in Shanghai. If I can break into the Chinese market as well I will feel that we are really starting to make inroads into real "World Exposure".

Monday 24 August 2009

New "angle" on Many-Worlds Interpretation

Whilst on holiday in Greece recently I read a fascinating book entitled Hidden Dimensions - The Unification of Physics and Consciousness written by Dr. B. Alan Wallace. I find this an absolutely fascinating book that is well worth checking out.However what really caught my eye in this book was a reference to the work of Michael Mensky. Philosopher Mensky has extended Everett's "Many World's Interpretation" (MWI) and in doing so, in my opinion, suggests a wonderfully itladian slant that gives yet another solution to the implied solipsism of ITLAD/CTF.

You will recall that according to Everett at any act of observation the wave function is not collapsed by that observation but the wave function continues with the the act of measurement (observation) dividing the quantum world into alternative classical worlds, all equally "real". The observer subjectively perceives only one classical world, namely that of everyday experience.

However all the other worlds also exist.

Now the issue here is that each alternate world must, by logic. also contain an "observer", many replicas of the person who existed prior to the act of observation.... and each one of these replicas believes that they are the continuity of subjective consciousness.Mensky asks the simple question: What happens to the observer's consciousness when such a measurement takes place? He states that every observer sees only one result ... meaning that a choice of one alternative reality out of all the possibilities must be made. Mensky suggests the following itladian solution:

"All alternatives are realised, and the observer's consciousness splits between these alternatives. At the same time, the individual consciousness of the observer subjectively perceives what is going on in such a way as if there exists only one alternative, the one she exists in. In other words, the consciousness as a whole splits between the alternatives but the individual consciousness subjectively chooses (selects) one alternative".

By this he is suggesting that the the observer's brain and the observed system are synchronistically entangled. Now what is exciting is how Dr. Wallace interprets Mensky’s idea. He writes:‘Unlike inanimate matter, every conscious living being perceives the quantum world, with its characteristic nonlocality, relative to its own cognitive frame of reference. Each of these individual classical projections is “locally predictable”, and in each case one, a conscious being realises a world of living experience. And each such classical world exists only relative to such a being or community of beings.” (page 82) And in this way Wallace and Mensky explain how all “observers” within the same cognitive framework perceive the same things and in doing so ensure that their observations are consistent. Indeed he goes on to suggest that the selection of reality is made taking into account the preferences or psychological state of that observer:‘So it is possible that by choosing a classical world according to our interests, we may affect the probability of which alternative we observe.” Wallace then presents the most amazing quote from Mensky:

‘If, for instance, a close relative dies in one of these realities and remains alive in another, the conscious subject is highly motivated to select the latter alternative. If he believes in this case that he is able to affect the selection, it is not inconceivable that he will actually increase the probability to some extent that he will witness precisely the latter alternative’.

Of course within ITLAD/CTF the choice is assisted by a “precognition” or “hunch” injected into Eidolonic awareness by the Daemon who is already aware, having followed through the alternative scenarios in previous runs of the Bohmian IMAX.Wallace makes an interesting observation that this may explain such mysteries as the “placebo effect”.I would add that this may also explain the “Law of Attraction” (Ed, is this how you always find a parking space?)Now for a true (and well documented) personal example.

For the last eight years I have never had a plane seat that has not been over the wing! This has become far more than a joke with my wife, family and close friends. I have flown approximately 50 individual sectors in that period and every flight is the same …. I get a window seat and look out on the wing….with one exception, and only one. Four years ago I flew to Greece with my mother and wife-to-be to make arrangements for our forthcoming marriage on the island of Halki. I gave my mother the window seat. And guess what ….. you guessed it. We were off the wing!I have calculated that on any one flight there is a rough average of 70 window seats on an average size plane.(737-800). 16 of these will be on the wing. So I have a 1 in 4.375 of being allocated a window seat on a wing. So on average I should be off the wing 3 flights in every 4. But I have been on the wing 50 times out of 50 !Is this evidence of my negativity (I now expect to be on the wing?) that places me always in the universe where I am on the wing?Will my universe now change because I have recognised why this is happening? I am flying from London to Denver in a few weeks time. Let’s see what happens!!!

References:Wallace, B Alan – Hidden Dimensions – The Unification of Physics And Consciousness (Columbia University Press) – isbn: 9780231141505.

Mensky, Michael B – Concept of Consciousness in the Context of Quantum Mechanics (Physics-Usekki 48, no. 4 (2005): 389-409

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Last night I was delighted to receive a copy of the Society of Psychical Research (SPR) review of The Daemon. I received it "out of the blue" from one of their Officers. I had long known that the SPR had reviewed ITLAD and, for some reason, I was worried about what they may say. I guess that my logic was that the SPR is an organisation that I have always held in awe ever since I was a child and I first began reading about unusual phenomenon. Back in 1969 I used to receive a weekly copy of a part-work called Man, Myth & Magic and in the early 1980's I collected a similar series (although slighly less intellectually challenging) called The Unexplained. Both these works were full of learned articles written by members of the SPR. I read more about this organisation and found that they had been founded in 1882 by Henry Sidgwick, Professor of Moral Philosophy at Cambridge University, and had, over the years, some great thinkers, scientists and philosophers within its ranks. A few years later (1886) a book that was to have a huge influence on my own philosophy was published by the SPR. This book was entitled Phantasms of the Living and was written mainly by Edmund Gurney, together with Frederic Myers and Frank Podmore. I re-read this book whilst researching material for The Daemon and I was stunned with how my Daemon Hypothesis can be applied to many of the cases reported by Gurney et al. A few years later one of my all-time intellectual heroes, William James, was to join the ranks of the SPR.

Over the years this organisation has attracted some of the best brains of each generation, radical thinkers who were willing to risk carefully built academic reputations to pusue understanding of areas of experience that did not fit into the scientific paradigm of the time.

As such the opinion of the SPR was of great importance to me. For them not to like my book was a possibility, and something that I would prefer to be in ignorance of. However yesterday I was sent a pdf of their review of The Daemon...and on reading it I found that the reviewer gave it a reasonable review. Indeed in my opinion the reviewer, Robert Charman, writes an excellent précis of the whole ITLAD/CTF hypothesis and in doing so he has given the members of the SPR an excellent understanding of what I am trying to explain.

It is of no surprise to me that the SPR focuses on the one element of ITLAD/CTF that does not fit in with their research findings …. That consciousness is simply an epiphenomenon of the brain and as such cannot exist outside of the brain. However on careful reading of my work it will be seen that I leave this question open. I can see evidence that the brain may also be a receiver of some description in which case consciousness may exist in another “place”. My problem with this was that such a concept falls into the classic Dualism trap and despite much research no hard evidence has been found for such a conclusion.

But there is considerable subjective and experiential evidence for this conclusion. Distance viewing, telepathy, out-of-body experiences, Astral Travel and many other well documented phenomena suggest that consciousness is more than just a “brain-state”.

As such my involvement with the SPR is, yet again, phenomenally synchrondipitous. Last night I was also sent a pdf copy of their review of ITLAD (Robert Charman again). This is another very fair and well thought-through review. Robert is obviously a very careful reader and does an excellent job. This stimulated me to do something I had long planned to do …. Join the SPR. I emailed my contact (Tom Ruffles) to let him know that I was doing so. Tom replied asking if I had considered doing a lecture for the SPR! Wow! What an honour that would be. But of course the timing is exactly right because Karl and I will be presenting BIGTOE to the world via our Edge Media TV interview which will be recorded on Friday 21st. Bringing together my ITLAD/CTF with Karl’s CtCw will, in one perfect synthesis, explain all the phenomenon discussed above whilst still remaining true to the concept of the Bohmian IMAX.

I have informed both Tom and Robert about this TV programme and I am hopeful that they will inform the members of the SPR about it.

All very exciting ………. And, as I stated above, a classic case of synchrondipity!!!

Sunday 16 August 2009

Quantum Duo: Anthony Peake & Karl L LeMarcs to be broadcast on Edge Television

Quantum Duo: Anthony Peake & Karl L LeMarcs to be broadcast on Edge Television

Shared via AddThis

WORLD PREMIERE of BIGTOE: Peake-Le Marcs Television Interview

Anthony Peake and Karl L Le Marcs will be interviewed by Edge Media Television on Friday 21st August for a television programme named ESOTERIA hosted by Nick Margerrison and broadcast in the UK on Sky Channel 200, Controversial TV.

Tony and I are very proud and excited by this invitation to our very first joint interview where we can introduce BIGTOE (Bohmian IMAX Grand Theory of Everything), the uber-theory combining Tony's ITLAD (Is There Life After Death) with my CtCw (Collapsing the Consciousness wave), to the world.

We are being interviewed for two hours which is to be recorded for broadcast at a later date. When we have confirmation of the broadcast time and date we will, of course, announce it here and on FORUM.

I have begun a thread on this interview, with more information and links, over on the FORUM - CONSCIOUSNESS section, where Tony and I hope all those who have an interest in the future of ITLAD/CtCw and the implications of BIGTOE to all Consciousness and Life will contribute with questions, opinion, discussion and debate.

So, if you have any questions on how ITLAD and CtCw work together then please ask us on the thread linked below:

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Saturday 15 August 2009

Angels In My Hair

Has anyone read the book 'Angels In My Hair' by Lorna Byrne. I have and to be honest I'm torn I don't know what to think. Part of me believes her because I have had plenty of very unexplainable experiences throughout my life and I can relate to her in some way's. However, the rational side of me is saying no way! she's a millionaire now, paid a 6 figure sum by the publishes of international bestseller The Da Vinci Code for her book in the U.S. Come on! it's a put up job!....or is it... I have experienced at least two miracle's that could have been from the pages of this book and have absolutely no explanation except divine intervention but something is playing on my mind... In her book her husband is near death and she beg's God to allow him to live longer. God's tell's her 'ok Lorna I will allow this just this once'. She said God's tone was such that she knew she could never ask out again to God to spare her husband life. This made me think 'sod off' I would still ask and go on asking or begging 'whatever'.... In fact I would ask so many questions and not simply accept as she does the words of these being's/angels that have been in her life since birth my questions and questioning would be endless. Maybe that is why I don't see angel's and maybe that's why God doesn't talk to me in the same way because I ask too many questions....

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Sovereign Radio Interview - 12th August 2009

My sincere apologies to Sonia Barrett of Sovereign Radio and to all those planning to listen in this evening. Unfortunately I made a total miscalculation in terms of the time of broadcast. I had checked the time difference between the UK and California a few months ago (when the first interview with Sonia had been scheduled). Clearly I jotted down the wrong time and worsened the error by not checking it again.

Unfortunately the interview was unusual in that usually the radio station rings me. This time I needed to ring them. As I was at home at the correct time of 1600 (UK time) I would have been available to take the call. As it was I waited until the time I thought it was (1800) before attempting to SKYPE the station.

I have done many, many, US and Canadian interviews and this is the first time that this has happened. Hopefully it will be the last time.

My apologies also to Susan-Marie who I know placed this on many wires in the USA.

Tuesday 11 August 2009

PK Dick , Anarch Peake , and Anthony Peake | The News is NowPublic.com

PK Dick , Anarch Peake , and Anthony Peake | The News is NowPublic.com

Interesting website?

You and the dark philosopher may be interested in this site as it covers much the same ground but its by an experiencer that has had a lot of experience I can tell you!

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Thank You to Anthony Peake

I just want to say thank you to Anthony Peake,  for gracing New York City with a superb lecture on August 3 in the Grand Ballroom of the Roosevelt Hotel:  One  which was invigorating,  electric,  and seamless from start to finish.  I am humbled by the rush of congratulatory calls and emails I have received post event;  and the compliments on Anthony Peake,  and many are requesting a part 2.  Thank you again,  Tony,  and thanks also to Martin Huxter for his excellent speech and his company;   and to John Broughton of New York Philosophy for his;   and to Ruth Ahlgren and her sister,  for their wonderful participation and presence.  

Thursday 30 July 2009

Grimwood post

I couldn't leave a comment for some reason, so here goes this post instead. I've been out with two women diagnosed with schizophrenia, plus another in which spontaneous psychic events unfolded. In my opinion this is all ITLADIAN and the condition needs to be reclassified. When I was in Scientology they were against the barbaric treatment of such patients but they never saw or were interested in the psychic power or 'witch' angle, that I saw: I'm now 57 so those heady, daemonic days are over, in the same way as flowers burst into bloom, seed and then die off as their purpose for being wanes.

Tuesday 28 July 2009

I have just been informed that Radio City, the major radio station for the Merseyside area, has requested that I be involved in tonight's "Pete Price Show". I will be "on-air" for approx 20 minutes from 2220 (BST). The theme of the programme will be "the meaning of life". Also being interviewed will be a theologian and a philosopher. As we understand it the three guests will be interviewed separately and then the telephone lines will be opened for a debate and discussion. The guests will not be involved in this but Pete will.

Radio City broadcasts on FM across Merseyside and to a much wider area on digital. For those of you interested in this show it can be listened to on-line at:


Clearly if anybody wishes to phone in and add their itladian comments that will be great.

Wednesday 8 July 2009

Heat induced time slip.

During the recent heatwave my wife and I have decided to use different bedrooms. I preferred the back cooler bedroom she put up with the west facing warmer bedroom.
One evening we retired to bed about the same time, she may have been a little after me as she sets out the kitchen for breakfast. Her normal time of rising is about 4.30am anyhow as she has back problems and twisting and turning in bed she gets up early does some housework and then goes to sleep on the sofa until I get up at 6.am for work. I was reading the book The Daemon in bed when she turned in. Eventually I turned off my back bedroom light.
Around 3.24am [AS PER MY CLOCK] I heard her get up as she went via the bathroom etc I checked the time again to be sure and as she is an early riser anyway and it was still warm I took little notice. I fell back to sleep and re-awoke and checked my digital LCD clock it was only 1.15am, again double checking by putting on the light. Huh? How could that be? Puzzled I fell back into a sleep awaking for work at 6.00am. I went via the bathroom and down for breakfast and asked my wife what time she got up, about 3.30am she said she couldn't rest it was too warm upstairs. I muttered I had a backward night then but never bothered to explain it, not worth the hassle. Did my Daemon try to prove something to me or was it just heat induced madness. I still can't accept it as real but who can tell?

Friday 3 July 2009

Now Television beckons?

I am delighted to announce that I will be appearing live on UK television on the Thursday 23rd July at 2000 (British Summer Time). I have been invited to be the sole guest on a two hour programme on Edge Media TV.

I will be appearing on their "Flagship" programme On The Edge. I will be interviewed by Theo Chalmers. I spent a fascinating 45 minutes chatting with Leo yesterday. He has a great sense of humour and I am sure that this could be a very interesting show. indeed I am informed that there will be a facility whereby listeners can "text in". How this facility works I am not sure but I watched part of Theo's programme last night and the listener involvement was very active.

Edge Media programming is broadcast in the UK on the Sky platform, Channel 200 "Controversial TV" from 6am until 10pm. It can also be received across Europe on Eurobird 28.3E (11.222Ghz H, symbol rate 27.5, FEC 2/3).

However what is even better news for those of you outside of the UK (and those of you, me included, who do not have SKY TV) is that this programme will also be available for viewing live via a webcast. This can be viewed at:


Their general website can be found at http://www.edgemediatv.com/ .

Thursday 2 July 2009

Cheater of the Ferryman: His Name in the U.S. Media

I hope that Tony will forgive me a bit of boasting,  but it is simply thrilling to see all my hours of work,  reaching out to press,  writing OpEd pieces, etc.  paying off in such a big way.  Articles about Tony's theories,  his work with the National Theatre of London,  and his upcoming New York event on August 3 in Midtown Manhattan,  have now been spread through the US media ,  in Metro New York, and are showing up on the pages of such media giants as USA Today,  CBS and NBC in New York, World News , the Thriller List put out by famous American mystery author Leighton Gage, Mayor Bloomberg's Office's Cultural Affairs list,  and major authors and events listings.  An article about Cheating the Ferryman coming to New York ranked as one of the top "Science and Life"  section stories,  even posted above pieces on Michael Jackson.  My editor and colleague,  Eric Bryant, and I are so happy to be helping in the ITLADian adventure.  Bravo to the founder of the feast,  Mr. Anthony Peake.

Thursday 25 June 2009

Theory now discussed in the Fortean Times Paranormal Handbook

I was in Borders Bookshop this lunchtime and something suggested that I look round the magazines. I was on my way out of the shop and I had absolutely no reason to go over to this section, but I found myself walking towards the rows and rows of magazines. I was quite frustrated because in Speke they have moved all the sections and I had no idea what I was looking for. However as my eyes scanned the rows of magazines they alighted on a new booklet entitled The Fortean Times Paranormal Handbook. I just had this feeling (Daemonic?) that this was of importance. I casually picked it up and noticed that it had a chapter on "Life After Death". I turned to this section simply to see what I could learn from this. I noted that this section was written by Bob Rickard, the "Founding Editor" of FT and the guy who reviewed Daemon in the April edition.

I scanned through it and towards the end Bob was discussing the suggestion by physicist Ron Pearson that consciousness itself is a sub-quantum phenomenon. I then glanced at the final paragraph of the article, the summing-up section and I nearly jumped out of my skin. Bob had writtten the following:

Many of these exciting new notions are summarised by Anthony Peake, to which he has annexed an extraordinary and equally promising discussion of the evidence for each of us having a dual consciousness; one he calls the Eidolon, which experiences life for the 'first' time and which locates itself in physical space; and the other he calls the Daemon, which has lived through the 'life' experience many times and which locates itself in quantum 'non-locality'. The analogy here is of a hologram, an image in which each part contains the whole. Further Peake attempts to account for much of the phenomena experienced during NDE's as imperfect recollections of encounters between the two types of consciousness. If he is correct in suggesting that the Daemon is as much rooted in the quantum world as the Eidolon is in the physical world, we may indeed be on the way to an explanation of both the nature of consciousness and its independence from the physical body - Indeed, to a new theory of death and how it may be survived!


I am so excited about this because this is not the FT magazine which is only in the bookshops for a month .... this £7.99 "Magbook" will be in all the major newsagents - including ones at airports - for the whole Summer and maybe even longer. This could be the big breakthrough.........

Thanks Bob!

Wednesday 24 June 2009

I am delighted to say that my interview with Amanda Lyon and Katrine Seidelin has now been posted on The National Theatre website. It is an excellent short film that explains in a very effective way why this particular production is of great relevance to my own theories on the nature of time, consciousness and perception.The link can be found at:


I would like to thank both Amanda and Katrine for an excellent short film.
The picture above shows the central character "Kay Conway" as she slips into some form of seizure, a seizure that places her 19 years in the future. It is interesting to note that in my theory I suggest that seizures (specifically temporal lobe epilepsy petit mal "absences") do open up the human mind to strange temporal anomalies such as the one depicted in this fascinating play.
Indeed the actress who plays Kay Conway, Hattie Morahan, will be on stage with me on the 23rd July together with particle physicist Professor Jeff Forshaw.

Friday 19 June 2009

Today I was in the process of trying to source a book entitled Replay by a writer called Ken Grimwood. This book is profoundly itladian in that it gives a fictional account of a person who lives his entire life over again, but this time he "remembers" what happens. In itladian terms what this describes is an Eidolon who is aware of its own Daemonic memories of the previous run-through the Bohmian IMAX.

I succeeded in my search and I will be receiving a copy in the next few days. However, in doing a Google-search on "reliving one's life" I came across a simply amazing letter published in the periodical The American Journal of Psychiatry (143:3, March 1986). The letter was sent by an extremely puzzled and very intrigued psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Jerome M. Schneck. If ever I needed empirical (albeit clearly subjective) proof that I am really onto something significant in my ITLAD/CTF hypothesis this is it. Dr. Schneck wrote:

SIR: I would like to describe a patient's delusion that is unlike anything I have encountered before.
Ms. A, a 36-year-old woman, was sent by her employer for a medical examination because she was said to be uncooperative with her co-workers. The examining physician referred her for psychiatric evaluation.The patient was schizophrenic, was vague about any history of inpatient or outpatient psychiatric treatment, and had been advised to take haloperidol and other medications but never filled in her prescriptions. She was loquacious, at times irrelevant, and yet was coherent and capable of offering direct answers to specific questions. She described having hallucinations in which she saw tents and thrones "inhabited by God."She denied having any feelings of depression or anxiety. Her attention and concentration somewhat wavered. She seemed fascinated by her unusual claims. Despite having had previous psychiatric contacts, she denied having psychological problems. She had occasional ideas of reference but declined to describe them in detail.The patient spontaneously revealed the delusion she harbored that she relived her life from moment to moment, each day, week, month and year. She did not claim that she had lived other types of lives in the past or that she would relive this one in the future, after her death. But she insisted that this life was a thorough duplication of her past life. She denied experiencing reincarnation in the sense of having previously lived in some other way or form, nor did she necessarily expect a reincarnation in the future. Her experiences were not the usual well-known deja vu but the re-living of a life span in specific and exact sequence, one event after another in proper order. She claimed that her ability to fortell events because of her reliving often frightened her as well as others. She said her facility to recall past events in detail also frightened others, but she asserted that her recollections were valid and accurate, even for time periods in infancy that are not ordinarily remembered. She claimed that other individuals confirmed her recollections, but she presented no evidence for this claim
I report this case to alert others to this delusion type and to encourage others to report on any similar patients they might have treated.

For me this report is absolutely fascinating and probably one of the most crucial cases regarding ITLAD/CTF. I have tried to trace Dr. Schneck but thus far with no success. He was based in New York so it is my intention to try and trace him, and possibly speak with him whilst I am in that city in August.

It is interesting to observe that this lady had been diagnosed as schizophrenic. Could it be that her odd perceptions themselves had brought about this diagnosis? If so then by implication anybody who may perceive elements of the Bohmian IMAX will be quickly labelled with this "illness". However what if this is not an illness but a glimpse of the true nature of existence? I am sure that Dr. Rick Strassman would agree with my position on this having tested out such a proposition with his work on DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine).

A careful reading of this report begs some strong questions .... for example, did nobody think to test out the woman's claims that she could perceive the future? Surely this would have been easily tested? But it seems that nobody bothered (of course, if one accepts what many deja TLErs have told me, that the very communication of what is about to happen to another human being will ensure that that the universe splits and a new future is created to accommodate the change from what happened "last time" - i.e. last time the subject would not have made the prediction and as such the very verbalisation of the fact changes peoples actions and reactions).
She was also quite precise in her point that this was not a form of reincarnation but a "reliving" of the same life. Something that I have stressed many times in my lectures when people assume that I am talking about a form of "reincarnation".

I am interested in any comments anybody may have with regard to this case ..... and even more interested if anybody has access to any further material to do with this case, or any similar.

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Anthony Peake in New York - August 3rd 2009

The following has recently been announced in to various media outlets in New York.

'Anthony Peake will be addressing the New York public at the Roosevelt Hotel, Madison Avenue @ East 45 St, Midtown, Manhattan, Monday, Aug 3, 6- 9 pm, 2nd floor, Conference Mezzanine, The Broadway Suite Lecture/Discussion/Author Book Sale and Signing/Free Public Reception for the Author, Open Bar and Buffet : Hosted by Gnosis Arts Multimedia Communications, LLC (Eric Bryant).'

There is an open invitation to this event so if you happen to be in New York on the 3rd of August please do feel free to join us there.

Full details about this event can be found at the BLOGSITE of my associate Susan Marie Kovalinsky:


Tuesday 16 June 2009

PKD Day at Nottingham Trent University - 13th June 2009

Last Saturday I attended a fascinating day of discussion and lectures at Nottingham Trent University. With me was fellow BLOG member Mick (of "Cordoba" fame) and his girlfriend Jan.

The papers in the morning were highly academic in their approach. Indeed it took me back to my own university days in the mid 1970's. Clearly the approach was textual rather than personal in that the themes discussed Phil the writer not Phil the man. However this is what was to be expected as it was taking place in the English Department.

In the afternoon I presented a paper entitled "PKD-PRECOG?" It is difficult to evaluate how this went down with the assembled academics and enthusiasts but I think the lack of questions (except from Mick and the organisers) suggested to me that the audience were, at best, confused and at worst somewhat underwhelmed.

On reflection my presentation was somewhat different to those that had gone before. I was dealing with "facts" (as reported by Phil himself so I guess the word "fact" in this case consists of many "factors") whereas my predecessors had analysed Phil's writing in a sociological or textual way. I was fascinated to realise that a simple science-fiction story can be analysed and taken apart for meaning. I wonder what Phil would have made of it?

I was really expecting some challenging questions - particularly as I presented evidence from Phil's life that he had been precognitive. Indeed I even distributed copies of the fascinating letters that Phil wrote to Gloria Krenz, one of which actually described the circumstances of his own stroke that was to happen seven years later. I guess that because my analysis did not work within a Marxist, Derridian or Deleuzian approach it caused a degree of confusion.

Of course it could simply be that my lecture was the last of the day before Tessa Dick joined us on SKYPE and everybody was anticipating chatting with her.

Tessa was wonderful, being witty, funny and very open in her comments about Phil. However I found it again very strange that not many questions were asked of her. I can only assume it is because many attendees of the conference were more used to answering questions than asking them.

One question Tessa was asked was to seek out her opinions on the biographers of her husband, specifically Lawrence Sutin and Emmanuel Carrere. Her response was to say that parts of Sutin's book contained accurate information and some did not. She did not seem to be aware of the Carrere book. However she then said that she had been very impressed by a new book by an English writer by the name of Anthony Peake - she said that with the exception of his suggestion that Phil experienced TLE, she felt that this book, "The Daemon" was excellent!

This really made my day, no, far more than that, it made all my hard work worthwhile. Tessa was actually an external witness to most of Phil's 2-3-74 "experiences" so with the exception of Phil himself she is the only person qualified to really comment upon my "take" on Phil's theophany.

Indeed Tessa finished of her communication by categorically stating that she agreed fully with Phil that the reality that we perceive is an illusion and that we are all living within this illusion.

I would like to thank Tessa for these kind comments regarding my work and also Professor John Goodridge for organising a wonderful, and very enlightening day.

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Paranormal Magazine - Issue 37

I am delighted to announce that the much awaited Paranormal Magazine containing my article and an interview with me has been published. This will be found at most UK newsagents and some bookshops (including Borders). In my opinion Richard and his team have done an excellent job. The use of images is particularly striking.The magazines website is:

For those of you outside the UK there is a downloadable version of the magazine that can be purchased on-line. Details can be found at:

In his review of the article and interview Richard writes:

'Anthony Peake's "Cheating The Ferryman" theory (is) one of the most exciting and far-reaching theories regarding the supernatural to have emerged in decades".

This follows on from the Fortean Times review of "The Daemon" where founder of the FT, Bob Rickard wrote the following:

' (The Daemon) is not a self-help book, at least not in the the usual meaning of that term. It is something far more exciting; an intelligent and imaginative synthesis, a tentative step towards understanding what happens to us at the moment of death. In doing so, Peake seems to be shining a light on our equally mysterious inner life'.

What can I say!!

Wednesday 20 May 2009

Worldview Warfare (weltanschauungskrieg) & the Necessity of Illusion

“We are greater artists than we know.” Nietzsche.

  • Everyone has their personal version of reality and everyone believes theirs is not only the best version, but the only one that really counts
  • Our version of reality is dependent on our physical, emotional, psychological imprinting as infants, and has little or nothing to do with conscious processes.
  • It never seems to occur to us, however, that our version of reality is built up from material that comes directly from other people’s versions of reality (the books we read, people we respect, and so forth).
  • We cling to our version of reality as if our life depends upon it. Maybe it does. Yet we know that any version of reality is incomplete, and never can be complete.
  • The way we view the world defines who we think we are, our constructed identity. We cannot see ourselves from the outside, except through the eyes of another.
  • We agree the sky is blue without ever wondering if we are seeing the same color, knowing only that we have agreed to give it the name “blue.”
  • We all desperately need others to agree with our version of reality, even while we insist that we are special and unique.
  • Does anyone ever really upturn their version of reality in a way that is meaningful? It is akin to identity-suicide.
  • Our versions of reality are our defense systems, our armor, against an incomprehensible, and probably hostile, Universe. It began as a necessary survival response to those first childhood experiences, the ones which presented the original threat to our well-being, so shaping the identity-armor that was later fully consolidated as a version of reality.
  • Parents are the first to override our sense of reality by telling us that monsters do not exist and that our invisible friends are imaginary, that we are not hungry when we say we are, and so forth.
  • We are looking for allies, most of all in our illusions. Complicity in denial. The rejection of conspiracy “theory” (a telling term, since it is often as fact-based as anything in the consensus realm) perhaps stems from our unconscious awareness that we are all conspiring, all of the time, to keep ourselves in the dark about this one, all-consuming fact: that we are the authors of our own beliefs.
  • Friendship is opposition.
  • When worldviews, versions of reality, go to war, the potential for breakthrough is great
  • What we believe to be real becomes real. We forget that we chose to believe a version of reality because we had to. It was a necessary illusion.
  • Jason Horsley

(full piece here)