Saturday 5 March 2011

dreaming of you all !

Last night , I had a strange dream....I dreamt of a man without a head, and that his body was lying on a floor that resembled a chess board.
I tried really hard to understand this strange dream, ( esp because, I stopped dreaming since last 3 years)
Our brain works with associations and counter associations..... I suddenly saw a picture in my mind. The picture was about a man`s face on a table without a body .The table that looked like a chess board.
And the man`s face was none other than Martin`s (Hurly Burly) ( I think he had such a picture on his profile some years ago when I was active on the blog and forum! btw, I cant view the forum, it shows a broken link)
And today when I came to Facebook ( again I am not very active on facebook, I just came coz all my friends wanted me to change my old profile pic!)
I met, Martin online!!!!!!
What is this but, the serendipity that we talk about all the time? or is it synchronism ?
But I spoke/chatted with Martin and then later( within a gap of few mins) with Susan and I felt I was with friends.. even after such a long gap.. Almost 3 years!!!!!

Tony I am very very happy for you and today I feel proud to be on your blog and that I am your friend!
Thank you and May the blessings of all the thousands of Gods in the Universe be over you!