Thursday 30 October 2008

The Kerrang! Interview on YouTube

Thanks to Woodsprite for alerting me to the fact that the first part of my Kerrang! interview has been posted on YouTube. It can be found at:

I would also like to give my thanks to Nick and his team for doing such a fantastic job. The video has been enhanced superbly by some wonderful images and - and this really is fascinating, by the section from Linklater's movie "Waking Life" that was first noticed by HurlyBurly many months ago and was then subsequently posted on this site!

The radio interview was good but, of course, it had to be edited down to fit into Nick's schedule. It is clear that the whole interview will be placed on YouTube by those wonderful guys at Kerrang!

Thanks again Nick, and Alex and Amy!!!

Wednesday 29 October 2008

KERRANG! Interview

The broadcast went out last night at around 23:20. It was interesting how a fairly laid back and somewhat flippant programme become very serious as soon as I came on! Indeed I was delighted as to how positive Nick was with regard to the theory. I felt that he had really grasped the finer points of CTF and Itlad.

I have yet to listen to the full podcast yet but from a swift scan it seems that there were quite a few calls later.

The podcast can be listened to at:

I turn up at about one hour twenty minutes into the broadcast.

Monday 27 October 2008

Happy Diwali!

HAPPY DIWALI EVERYONE......Diwali is the one of the most important festivals in marks the triumph of good over is also called the festival of lights.....its a lovely time to be India.....
Central to Hindu philosophy is the assertion that there is something beyond the physical body and mind which is pure, infinite, and eternal, called the Atman. Just as we celebrate the birth of our physical being, Deepavali is the celebration of this Inner Light, in particular the knowing of which outshines all darkness (removes all obstacles and dispels all ignorance), awakening the individual to one's true nature, not as the body, but as the unchanging, infinite, immanent and transcendent reality. With the realization of the Atman comes universal compassion, love, and the awareness of the oneness of all things (higher knowledge). This brings Ananda (Inner Joy or Peace).
Diwali celebrates this through festive fireworks, lights, flowers, sharing of sweets, and worship. While the story behind Deepavali varies from region to region, the essence is the same - to rejoice in the Inner Light (Atman) or the underlying reality of all things (Brahman)

Friday 24 October 2008

KERRANG! Interview now confirmed

I have now had confirmation that my KERRANG! Radio interview will be broadcast at 2200 (UK time) on Tuesday 28th October 2008.

The intention is to broadcast the interview and then open up the phone lines for discussion and debate. I am hoping that as many itladians as possible join in and make this one of the best shows that Nick Margerrison has ever broadcast.

For those of you in the UK tuning in is simple. If you have a digital television KERRANG! can be listened to through your digibox or digital TV. KERRANG! also broadcast on DAB. If you are working on your PC you can also log into their website (see link below)

Listen to Kerrang! Radio on DAB, Sky Channel 0183, Virigin Media, Freeview Channel 722, across the West Midlands on 105.2 FM & at

Outside of the UK may be more difficult as KERRANG! are a music station and as such there maybe copywrite issues in your country. I suggest that you investigate what options you may have in this regard.

Nick suspected that the interview would be special so he requested that his assistant, Amy, video the whole interview for future placement on YouTube. I am not sure how often Nick requests such things but I am delighted that he considered my ideas to be worthy of such an honour

I would like to think Nick, Alex, and Amy for allowing me the opportunity to get Itladian philosophy to even more people.

Lets make the airwaves fizz guys........

Thursday 23 October 2008

Nick Bostrum - "Ancestor Simulations"

In 2003 Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrom had an article published in the journal Philosophical Quarterly. In this article he suggested that at least one of these three propositions must be true:

i. We humans will become extinct before we can develop into a 'posthuman' stage of civilisation.

ii. Any posthuman civilisation will have access to computer power so vast that time travel will be routine using computer-generated simulations of the past. (Bostrom calls these ancestor simulations ).

iii. That we are all living in one of these ancestor simulations.

With the potential advances of computer power offered by quantum computing such simulations are entirely possible. Bostrom suggests that the computing power available in a few million years will be so advanced that the human beings simulated in these programmes will be conscious!

Of course this idea is not absolutely original - the 1999 movie The Thirteenth Floor suggested something very similar. However Dr. Bostrum attempts to explain how such a circumstance could come about and is a very well respected academic. I am delighted to see that such ideas are now taken seriously.

Of course this has elements of the "Brain In a Vat" thought experiment of Hilary Putnam as discussed in a previous posting of mine:

So could it be that the 'designers' of my Bohmian IMAX may, in fact, be future software engineers?

Some of you, Ed in particular, have long suggested that consciousness works like a computer programme so could it be that the living of our lives over and over again is taking place in some super version of the computer game The Sims?

Tuesday 21 October 2008

My KERRANG interview will be broadcast next Tuesday evening (28th October) on the "Night Before" hosted by Nick Margerrison. Nick's show starts at 2200 (UK time). The original interview ran for around 40 minutes so it could be broadcast at any time between 2200 on the Tuesday and 0100 the following morning. If you wish to phone in the studio number is 00 44 845 688 1052 outside the UK and 0845 688 1052 within the UK. You can also text a message - text "K" then your message to 64100.
If you have a digibox or a digital television you can listen through your TV by tuning into KERRANG Radio. If you have a DAB radio the signal can be picked up at 105.2. I am also informed that the video of my interview with Nick will soon be posted on YouTube

Sunday 19 October 2008

Roman Dreams, did this person have a glimps of a past life?

Another little story here about an old workmate of mine named Emrys, he has long since passed away but he came to work one day and was telling his boss that he had had a dream that he had been a Roman Soldier he presumed in a past life and in battle he died in this dream by being struck with a spear in his chest.
What surprised him was that when he awoke there was quite a mark on his chest where he said the spear had struck him. He never ever knew how the mark on his chest was made in bed asleep.
He always talked of this story which no doubt puzzled him until he died in this life well into his eighties.

The National Lottery a missed opportunity

Many years ago when the lottery was first started I was very excited about the idea that 'with luck' perhaps there was a chance of winning the big one.
The wife and I bought 2 or 3 tickets and I had a strong feeling that we would win the jackpot or at least a lot of money.
That night I went into a dream that I could see the winning numbers being revealed but within that dream I began to panic that I would forget all of the numbers by the time I woke up and three of those numbers faded away quickly but I hung on to three numbers and on waking wrote them down immediately.
I used the three numbers and won £10. The question will always remain had I remembered the full set would I have won the jackpot?. I will never know and even if for some brain storming reason I remembered them now it would be useless and to know would be more depressing than not knowing. So I guess my Daemon who does know the answer will spare me that torture. Why did the Daemon if that's what it was let me see the numbers in the first place or did my Eidilon catch it off guard and it went into immediate shut down action but not quick enough to fade all three remaining numbers from my memory. To me this proves that the future and past and present are all the same thing, it is all ready there. The trick is to look into the future by tricking your Daemon but you may not like what you see, curiosity killed the cat remember.
I have tried to avoid delving into things too deeply.
Having said that you hear of people winning jackpots two consecutive weeks running. This is a very rare occurence but it has happened and there must be some reason why this occurs.Do they cheat the Daemon in some way? Is their a flaw in their brain that lets them see into the future even though they are unaware of it?

Regards, Rod..

The Art of Itladian Combat?

The latest edition of Fighting Spirit Magazine features an article by itladian philosopher and wrestling champion Alex Shane.

Alex has a regular section in this magazine called "Alex Shane's Guide to Pro Wrestling" In this Alex discusses his 'take' on the world of wrestling. For those of us that have never been involved in such things it makes a fascinating read.

In this article Alex also discusses his return to the ring for one last, high profile, matc before he heads off to India at the end of the year. This last ever match of "The Showstealer" will take place at Bromley Civic Hall on 26th October. Alex will fight the IPW:UK Heavyweight champion Martin Stone. (Discussion about this can be found at ). This contains an eight minute video of Alex threatening Stone ... well I don't know about Stone but it scared the hell out of me!

Now if you can get hold of a copy of this magazine (which is stocked by all High Street multiples including W H Smiths) Alex's article can be found on pages 72 to 76 and a very interesting read it is to. However what may be of interest to itladians is a comment he makes on page 76. Here Alex writes:

"As always I would like to leave you with some of my philosophy. As I've started to get into more complex areas of wrestling in these articles, I would like to share some of the more complex areas of philosophy too. I have not got anywhere near close, in these articles, to the out-of-the-box thinking that I am currently exploring, such as questioning the very nature of reality.
I have regular meetings with Anthony Peake, who is the author of the best-selling book 'Is There Life After Death - The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When You Die", where we exchange theories on these subjects. If this stuff interests you then I highly recommend his book."

Thanks Alex. This really shows the power of ITLAD and how it is slowly creeping its way into the collective consciousness and Zeitgeist of the early 21st century... and how it is appearing in what would normally considered to be the most unlikely of places such as combat magazines.

Alex, may I personally wish you the best of luck for your bout on the 26th.

Wednesday 15 October 2008

KERRANG Radio Interview

Last night I was interviewed by Nick Margerrison of Kerrang Radio. Although this will be my second interview with Nick and my third for KERRANG it is the first time that I have actually been interviewed in their studios in Birmingham.

Nick had already read two thirds of The Daemon so was in a position to ask some very interesting questions with regard to ITLAD and The Dyad. Indeed I was really flattered when he stated that he was a really big fan of my work. As you may be aware Nick was the guy who in July interviewed the astronaut and moon-walker Dr. Edgar Mitchell. On live radio Dr. Mitchell said to Nick that the USA government had been in regular contact with aliens for the last forty years. This brought about a flurry of media interest and Nick's interview was mentioned in many of the national newspapers. Indeed as you may be aware both Dr. Mitchell and I are members of The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) - me as a run-of-the-mill member and he as the founder!

The interview was also filmed and Nick plans to place this on YouTube in due course.

The interview itself will appear in two weeks time ... possibly the 28th October. I will confirm this as soon as I hear from Nick's producer, Alex Baker.

This show will end with a phone-in with listeners adding their comments or observations. It would be great if some itladians involve themselves.

Monday 13 October 2008

Thanks and Impressions

New Yorker finds no Cult of Ideology in Peakian group,  but much of charm and character
I hope my putting up a post will not be too much,  but I wanted to give my thanks and some impressions.  I have just gotten back from NY airport and it is late but wanted to get it out of the way.  I want to thank Martin Huxter and Anthony Peake and Karl LeMarcs most of all,  as well as all whom I had the high  honor of meeting.  It is bittersweet,  as one realizes that emails and internet  leave out so much that is essential,  and that the charmed circle in Liverpool is closed to some of us geographically,  and we fall further out of sync with the life of the Itladian community.  My time in London and Liverpool brought the painful awareness that living online is not a good thing.

I spent Friday night at the Park Plaza in London,  and met Martin there.  This was the beginning of a realization:  I had related to him online for so long as a sort of "lost boy".  So when he made his appearance,  it was a shock to see the person.   When he appeared in the hotel lobby,  I was startled by his height,  his build,  his beautiful jacket and shoes.  And moreso by his posh London accent.  He is self possessed and charming.  He can speak on many topics,  and with substance and ideological reference.    He is far more polished and impressive than I had thought him to be.  His manners were elegant in the posh bar,  and with the bartender,  and I was proud to be seen with him.  He is a young man who is integrated and lively.  He has impressive eyes,  and a coy giggle which was alarming in its power to charm.  His gait is confident and masculine.   He seemed for all the world an educated London aristocrat.  When I took his arm to stroll outside to smoke,  I thought of Morrisey's song,  "Hand in Glove",  with the line,  "just stay on my arm,  you little charmer."  For that is what he is.  And I had related to him all wrong in emails,  and felt a sense of shame for having underestimated him. And horror at the falseness of online relating.   The film critic ought to have been an actor.  To anyone who has read Martin's fine writing,  I highly recommend meeting him.   If ,  that is,  you can stand his youthful charm and intelligence:   Quite a heady brew. 
My next shock came with LeMarcs.  I know now that Tony's idea of time dilation is a reality:  time slowed and stopped and seemed to expand,  in my first moments of beholding  him.  I had actually wanted to be disappointed;   prayed,   in fact,  to be disenchanted,   but it was not to be.  There was the same electric charge in the air that had surrounded Barack Obama;  it was palpable.  His phycical bearing brought at once to mind what Nietzsche spoke of as  "that miracle,  when nature has placed the head of a genius on the body of a ruffian,  so that the result is a Nero,  a Caligula ,  to be worshipped. "  It is as if some transcendent being has descended into solid flesh,  without fully having the ability to grasp his condition.  His very footstep is solid and Nero-like.  He is a king,  and I  can say no more;  do no more,  except to phone my brilliant New York therapist,  who already has assured me that there is hope;  that he has  plans for  a cognitive method to "shake those Brits out of your life for good."  . . . Tony is all I knew him to be:  beautiful,  refined, intelligent  modest,  with a lovely voice.  I had long wondered how  a man with such impossibly gorgeous features could possibly find a  fit wife,  and the thought that she would be as beautiful as he had never occurred to me (  I don't know why,  but it hadn't).  She is a female Anthony Peake,  with her own beautiful eyes and gorgeous mouth to match her husband's.  It was beautiful to see them together.  Di and I agreed that Penny is a perect English rose.  . . Liverpool itself,  like a Britsh hetero brother of the gay and waywayd  American Provincetown:  such an aura of Ptown surrounded it at night;  the same mix of elegance and roughness and water and boats.  In itself,  like a dream,  and almost a portent. . . And such vivid impressions I had of Jo,  who was adorable,  and Di,  who seemed like my long-lost self,  and Dr. Alan Roberts ( I hope I have not got his name backwards)  and Groundhog,  and Rich,  and Dorje.  But I feel I cannot continue on.  The three I loved first and longest:  Tony,  Karl and Martin,  were human,  but splendidly human;  I found no flaw,  only charm ,  charm.  and more charm.  And something more. . . And as I said,  it is bittersweet,  as the realization hits,  that the online was always but a shadow's shadow,  and cannot continue on in the same way,  now that the reality has overtaken it.  I am reminded of the life I had before my husband died,  when people were solid and things were real;  and one must sigh and wonder how much one can invest further in that beautiful circle which is fast closing us out , -  we who live in the farthest reaches  -   with no intention or awareness  of having done so.    But again,  my deepest thanks to all. 

Sunday 12 October 2008

Inaurural meeting of the International Association of ITLAD

On Saturday afternoon, the Blue Bar at Albert Dock, Liverpool, saw the inaugural meeting of The International Association of ITLAD. In honour of our highly esteemed and well beloved Susan Marie, we congretated together to exchange conversation on things philosophical and quantum. There was also a fair sprinkling of the requisite nonsense talk and laughter!

I managed to obtain photographic evidence of the gathering which can be viewed on Enjoy!

Friday 10 October 2008

Audio From Tony's Interview On City Talk Radio With Roy Basnett (Download)

Following on from the interest in my uploading of some of Tony's previous Radio Interviews I have taken the time to convert to MP3 and upload the latest one, broadcast last night on City Talk Radio for those who missed it or were unable to listen as it was broadcast.

See Previous BLOG post:
Announcement: New Radio Interview [By Tony]

Download Instructions:
(36MB, 54 Minutes)
When you click on the link below, you will be taken to a new page, at the bottom of which is the audio file (Anthony Peake - City Talk Radio). Simply enter the three letters shown in the box as directed and click DOWNLOAD. Under the FREE section you will have a few seconds to wait but when it says FREE DOWNLOAD, simply click it and you then have the option of simply opening the audio or saving it to your computer, so please click on Open or Save according to your wishes.

Hope you enjoy it.

> City Talk Radio - Broadcast October 10th 2008 <

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Thursday 9 October 2008

The Inaugural International ITLADic Gathering (and wine-infused toot talking)

The historic and beautiful Albert Dock in Liverpool, UK will be the venue for the Inaugural International ITLADic Gathering (IIIG) this Saturday 11th October, as Tony and I are delighted to welcome the enigma that is Susan Marie Kovalinsky to the UK from New Jersey, USA for the inevitable light drizzle and biting cold wind.

Your very own A Dark Philosopher *bows* will escort SMK to Blue Bar on Albert Dock where that amiable fellow Tony will join us for a couple of hours of verbal badinage, philosophical ponderances and gags of awful magnitude, before the doors are flung asunder and all manner of ITLADists descend on the venue to liven up proceedings somewhat.

Tony, SMK and I will be joined by Penny, Johar, Woodsprite, Ed, Aloha Gary, Baphomet (and Mrs Baphomet) or will it be Anubis65? Dr Alan Roberts, Rich, hopefully “Lady Jayne” and perhaps others who are not regular contributors to BLOG/FORUM but who are avid followers of our collective ramblings and thus know all of us by name and would like to meet us face-to-face.
(poor souls are in for a major shock)

I know there are MANY who would love to be there with us (Jesamyn, Robin, RafromCa, Cam, Roshni to name but a few) and I do intend to see if there is a wi-fi signal in the area that would allow me to connect to SKYPE or other webcam services to broadcast some pictures, but knowing the area as I do, I suspect there is no signal. However, I’m sure there will be many photographs taken and much diving behind comfy sofas by yours truly to avoid them!

If any BLOG/FORUM members or even stray lurkers would like to pass on any comments then please do so either in the comments box or on private email to me and I will be delighted to relay them during the gathering.

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Announcement - New Radio Interview

Hi Folks,

My lecture at Widnes Library went very well last night. Thank you to all who attended, particularly "Lady Jayne" who made some fantastically supportive comments when describing how her temporal lobe epilepsy opens her senses up to the real world of the "Bohmian IMAX". Also thanks to Janette Fleming for making sure the event ran so smoothly. As usual we ran out of time but I think we gained some more itladians to join the ever-swelling figures.

In the audience was local radio presenter Roy Basnett of City Talk Radio. You may recall that I did an interview on this station during the summer. Anyway Roy was keen to understand more about CTF and ITLAD so I was wisked off to the City Talk Studios to record an interview.

Roy not only grasped the ideas but ran with them as well. I suspect we have our first itladian broadcaster. The interview ran for nearly an hour. It will be broadcast early friday morning (between 2:00 - 4:00 British time) on Roy's award winning show. But do not worry if you miss it because Roy intends to feature me (photo and all) on his part of the City Talk Website:

For those of you in the USA and Canada the time will be much more civilised and you can listen in as it is broadcast via the web -

As City Talk is a non-music station there are no international restrictions (unlike Kerrang).
I know it is a big ask but Roy does take phone calls so that people can comment on the show. If he received a call from The States or Canada that would really be exceptional. The number will be: 00 44 151 708 1059 .

Wednesday 8 October 2008


Ok, after harassing Karl with some questions about the LHC, I would like to offer some new thoughts on Tony’s Bohmian IMAX Theory.

The purpose of the LHC is to project protons around the circuit at high speed until they crash into each other. When this occurs, scientists are hoping to discover all sorts of amazing stuff. The part that interests me is the measurement of the energy of the protons before and after collision. Now, a proton weighs slightly less than its constituent parts. Therefore, when they collide and explode, one would expect there to be slightly more energy after the collision than before.

However, if there is less energy, one can hypothesize that the expended energy, in the form of types of quarks, has been pushed into another dimension! I’ll leave the science of this to Karl to address!

This got me thinking about the dying body. What if, at the point of death, all the atoms in the human body start decaying and releasing their energy into the universe? Could some of this energy be pushed into another dimension? If so, all the information for that being will be encoded within each energy packet so that they can come together again, rather like some corals I’ve seen mangled in a blender; only to reattach itself to the right piece of coral it was part of before. So, these energy packets would then become part of a new Eidolon (merging with other Eidolonic energy), restarting its existence externally of the previous Eidolon (the original us). So, in effect, the body would die, but some of the energy within each atom of the body would continue in another dimension.

Also, if these energy packets contain the daemonic information from the original Eidolon, this too will become part of the new Eidolon in another dimension. This means that our daemon within our phaneron is quantum entangled with the daemon in the other dimension! This pertains not only to subjective daemonic evolution but objective daemonic evolution as well.

This doesn’t detract from Tony’s theory. We still experience the past life memory playback within our own phaneron. However, the energy that is released into another dimension isn’t enough to recreate a new eidolon that is ‘us’. It will reform with other particles of energy to create another Eidolon. This could explain past life regression tapping into different people as they do contain particles of us from another dimension. It can also explain why some people hear voices and experience neuro atypicality. Their doors of perception are so wide open in this phaneron; they are tapping into the particles of their energy that exist in another dimension.

In his famous study, Raymond Moody interviewed some 150 people who had either actually briefly died (according to Doctors) or had almost died. He concluded from this study that there are NINE experiences common to most people who have had a NDE:
1. Hearing sounds such as buzzing
2. A feeling of peace and painlessness
3. Having an out-of-body experience (OOBE)
4. A feeling of travelling through a tunnel
5. A feeling of rising such as into the heavens
6. Seeing people, often dead relatives
7. Meeting a spiritual being such as the Being of Light
8. Seeing a Past Life Review
9. Feeling a reluctance to return to life

Most of the above experiences can be explained as energy release from the dying atoms.

There was an experiment done to see if the human ‘spirit’ could be weighed. Dying people were weighed before and after death and it was noted that they weighed slightly less. Now, I know this experiment has been widely refuted but could it be viewed another way. Could the slight weight loss after death be attributed to the energy release from the atoms and could the body weigh less after death because the energy has been pushed into another dimension?

Friday 3 October 2008

Daemon Photo for Anthony

As You might be able to guess, I've not contributed to this before and to be honest I'm a complete Luddite but it was lovely to meet Anthony at his lecture to the Liverpool Holistic Circle. I'm not a member of the group but was glad of the opportunity as the first book blew me away and I was eager for the second.

I'm an artist and have been working on a series of images over the last few years of ordinary people in everyday situations who are positioned in front of circular objects, circular architectural features or even road signs and the like which give the impression of halos. I've made two books of these saints in the last year and have managed to talk a few people I admire into joining in with the project. After growing up Catholic I couldn't resist the saint symbolism and have, I suppose been trying to show people's higher selves and using the cultural language I understood I was trying to democratise the status of saint.

Anthony was good enough to help me with this even though the only near by circle was the high up clock on the wall- (I was particularly entertained by the clock as Anthony's halo because I'd loved the discussion on time in the first book.) He had to stand on a chair to be in line with it but we both thought it was fun and he was very patient. Actually- it's not even apparent that it is a clock but that's ok. Normally I just present the actual snap-shot, (as If fleeting glimpses of perfection could just be captured that way) but I used my clumsy knowledge of Photoshop software for some reason to play with this so I include the original and the "Daemonic" version. Thanks Anthony...

Thursday 2 October 2008

The image to the left is called a "Thetan Cross". I came across this whilst doing some research on Scientology. Now I am sure that many of you itladians are aware that Scientology has some very itladian aspects ... the must intriguing being their concept known as the "Operating Thetan".

How a thetan is defined as the being that exists within the "meat body" as Scientologists term it. This is consciousness, the being that calls itself "I" or "Me". This is amazingly similar to the being I term the "Eidolon". Scientology teaches that by training and willpower a Thetan can evolve into an "Operating Thetan". This is, in effect, the Higher Self" or what we would term "The Daemon". But the Operating Thetan does not really have the full power of "The Daemon". However an OT can become "Clear" and when it does so it can manipulate the illusory universe its Thetan inhabits. This is, in my opinion, a fully aware "Daemon" to use itladian terminology.

Now what is weird is that the "Thetan Cross" looks disturbingly like the cross symbols that haunted my life a few months ago. I will be interested in your opinions on this. Check out the following earlier posts:

Most odd eh ... or is this simply another case of Karl's "Kangaroo Effect"?

Wednesday 1 October 2008

A Warning!

The ex-British heavyweight wrestling champion Alex Shane is probably the biggest Itladian at present. To appreciate just how powerful Alex is check out his latest entry on YouTube:

So don't upset me or I will send Alex round!!!

In all seriousness guys, it looks like Alex will be fighting for the last time late in October. He and I met up in London last month and we discussed where his life will now take him after this event. Alex is simply amazing company and his ideas and theories are absolutely mind-blowing .... and they add yet another viewpoint on the Bohmian IMAX and the nature of reality.

Evidence for this can be seen in the articles that Alex writes for wrestling magazines. However his world-view is considerably more esoteric than one would normally expect for such magazines. Check out:

I will be meeting with Alex next Thursday (9th of October) and we will be joined by fellow itladians, and members of this blog, Hurly Burly, Jake Horsley and possibly A Dark Philosopher. I will, of course, update you with any advances in this interesting collaboration.

The Daemon is Launched!

Last week, amidst great celebration (and a get together in the Three Stags afterwards), Tony's long awaited book "The Daemon" was launched. I managed to capture the event in photos, including the elusive Dark Philosopher.