Tuesday 15 December 2009

I am delighted to announce that I will be doing a regular, fortnightly, slot on the Radio Show of fellow ANTHONY PEAKE FORUM member, ABRAXAS.
We have agreed that we will record a half hour or so interview in which I will pick up on on one theme of ITLAD/CTF and then we will discuss the implications of this theme. Clearly Abraxas's interests are to do with Gnosticism but as virtually every itladic theme has Gnostic connotations this will be a real positive stimulus for discussion.The interview will then be posted on Abraxas's site the following weekend and will remain in the "Anthony Peake" section for as long as people wish it there.
We have provisionally planned two interviews for January 2010. These will appear on Saturday 9th and Saturday 23rd.The plan is then to have a recording available each fortnight from then on. Abraxas and I have agreed that we will invite others to join us in these discussions. Initially these will involve active members of my FORUM. I envisage that each month there will be a guest who will join us and maybe that three-way discussion will extend for a longer period. I can think of many members of this FORUM who will make superb guests.Both Abraxas and I are really excited about this development. To understand his world-view please check out his site. It is full of fascinating material, most of it profoundly itladic.

Friday 11 December 2009

Rumanian Language Edition Of My First Book Published

I am delighted to announce that the long awaited Rumanian language edition of my first book has now been published. I have already received a handful of emails from my Rumanian readers and some have ordered the English language edition of my second book.

I was surprised on doing a Google of the title (Exista viata dupa moarte?") how many references to this book are already posted. Indeed I have found three Rumanian Forums actively discussing the implications of my ideas.

May I again thank my publisher, Arcturus, for adding yet another market for Cheating The Ferryman.

Tuesday 8 December 2009

The National Theatre website has now re-posted the short film they comissioned as a lead-in to my Platform Event in July 2009. The link below will take any interested parties straight to this movie. I appear after about a minute or so.