Thursday 30 July 2009

Grimwood post

I couldn't leave a comment for some reason, so here goes this post instead. I've been out with two women diagnosed with schizophrenia, plus another in which spontaneous psychic events unfolded. In my opinion this is all ITLADIAN and the condition needs to be reclassified. When I was in Scientology they were against the barbaric treatment of such patients but they never saw or were interested in the psychic power or 'witch' angle, that I saw: I'm now 57 so those heady, daemonic days are over, in the same way as flowers burst into bloom, seed and then die off as their purpose for being wanes.

Tuesday 28 July 2009

I have just been informed that Radio City, the major radio station for the Merseyside area, has requested that I be involved in tonight's "Pete Price Show". I will be "on-air" for approx 20 minutes from 2220 (BST). The theme of the programme will be "the meaning of life". Also being interviewed will be a theologian and a philosopher. As we understand it the three guests will be interviewed separately and then the telephone lines will be opened for a debate and discussion. The guests will not be involved in this but Pete will.

Radio City broadcasts on FM across Merseyside and to a much wider area on digital. For those of you interested in this show it can be listened to on-line at:


Clearly if anybody wishes to phone in and add their itladian comments that will be great.

Wednesday 8 July 2009

Heat induced time slip.

During the recent heatwave my wife and I have decided to use different bedrooms. I preferred the back cooler bedroom she put up with the west facing warmer bedroom.
One evening we retired to bed about the same time, she may have been a little after me as she sets out the kitchen for breakfast. Her normal time of rising is about 4.30am anyhow as she has back problems and twisting and turning in bed she gets up early does some housework and then goes to sleep on the sofa until I get up at for work. I was reading the book The Daemon in bed when she turned in. Eventually I turned off my back bedroom light.
Around 3.24am [AS PER MY CLOCK] I heard her get up as she went via the bathroom etc I checked the time again to be sure and as she is an early riser anyway and it was still warm I took little notice. I fell back to sleep and re-awoke and checked my digital LCD clock it was only 1.15am, again double checking by putting on the light. Huh? How could that be? Puzzled I fell back into a sleep awaking for work at 6.00am. I went via the bathroom and down for breakfast and asked my wife what time she got up, about 3.30am she said she couldn't rest it was too warm upstairs. I muttered I had a backward night then but never bothered to explain it, not worth the hassle. Did my Daemon try to prove something to me or was it just heat induced madness. I still can't accept it as real but who can tell?

Friday 3 July 2009

Now Television beckons?

I am delighted to announce that I will be appearing live on UK television on the Thursday 23rd July at 2000 (British Summer Time). I have been invited to be the sole guest on a two hour programme on Edge Media TV.

I will be appearing on their "Flagship" programme On The Edge. I will be interviewed by Theo Chalmers. I spent a fascinating 45 minutes chatting with Leo yesterday. He has a great sense of humour and I am sure that this could be a very interesting show. indeed I am informed that there will be a facility whereby listeners can "text in". How this facility works I am not sure but I watched part of Theo's programme last night and the listener involvement was very active.

Edge Media programming is broadcast in the UK on the Sky platform, Channel 200 "Controversial TV" from 6am until 10pm. It can also be received across Europe on Eurobird 28.3E (11.222Ghz H, symbol rate 27.5, FEC 2/3).

However what is even better news for those of you outside of the UK (and those of you, me included, who do not have SKY TV) is that this programme will also be available for viewing live via a webcast. This can be viewed at:

Their general website can be found at .

Thursday 2 July 2009

Cheater of the Ferryman: His Name in the U.S. Media

I hope that Tony will forgive me a bit of boasting,  but it is simply thrilling to see all my hours of work,  reaching out to press,  writing OpEd pieces, etc.  paying off in such a big way.  Articles about Tony's theories,  his work with the National Theatre of London,  and his upcoming New York event on August 3 in Midtown Manhattan,  have now been spread through the US media ,  in Metro New York, and are showing up on the pages of such media giants as USA Today,  CBS and NBC in New York, World News , the Thriller List put out by famous American mystery author Leighton Gage, Mayor Bloomberg's Office's Cultural Affairs list,  and major authors and events listings.  An article about Cheating the Ferryman coming to New York ranked as one of the top "Science and Life"  section stories,  even posted above pieces on Michael Jackson.  My editor and colleague,  Eric Bryant, and I are so happy to be helping in the ITLADian adventure.  Bravo to the founder of the feast,  Mr. Anthony Peake.