Sunday 29 June 2008

Mobius Dick

Hi everybody. Great to be back. May I firstly thank Karl for keeping the blog as vibrant as ever during my "Sicilian Vespers". I have yet had the chance to catch up with the Sunday Itladic Digests but they seem really fantastic. The amount of work Karl puts into these posts staggers me. I would also like to thank him for placing the LBC interview on the blog. This was the second interview/phone-in I had been involved in with LBC and in my opinion it is probably the best I have done. I guess it is because of the time factor. Such a complex subject as itlad/CTF needs time to be explained. Secondly I would like to thank the regular bloggers for making such fantastic contributions. This blog really is becoming a phenomenon!

The reason for this posting is that Karl loaned me a copy of a book entitled Mobius Dick by Andrew Crumey three or four months ago. I decided that I would wait until I was on holiday to do the book justice.

I read this book in one sitting (well loafing really as I was lounging around a swimming pool at the time!). I found it a fantastic read. To say that it is itladic is an understatement. No wonder Karl was keen to have me read it.

The book deals with many of the subjects dear to the hearts of all involved in this blog - Everett's Many-Worlds (Many-Minds), Synchronicity, The Eternal Reccurence etc etc. Clearly Crumey is influenced by (although he does not state this in the book) Philip K Dick and Jorge Borges. Indeed the story has echoes of Dick's Man In The High Castle and Borges' Garden of the Forking Paths. (I wonder if the 'Dick' in Mobius Dick was as much a play on PKD's name as Moby Dick).

However whilst reading the book there was a series of synchronicities that were simply startling - absolutely significant to my circumstances at the time and in the past.

On arrival in Taormina I noticed a CD in the window of a record store. I was so taken by this that I took a photograph of the window front. At the time I was interested because in the window was a CD by the Welsh singer-songwriter Duffy. This album is entitled Rockferry. Now Rock Ferry is a place about three miles from where I now live on Wirral. At the time I was just simply interested in the geographical link.

On my return to the hotel I started reading the book. It was then that a coincidence became a series of synchronicities. I found the book so readable that I was swiftly getting through the pages. On page 241 Andrew writes about a letter sent to Nathanial Hawthorne by Herman Melville in 1856. Melville writes in the letter that "Liverpool, your home, was as welcome to me, as colourful, as strange, as an Arab bazaar." Now Nathaniel Hawthorne had worked in Liverpool at that time. However his house, where Melville would have stayed (Hawthorne's 'home') was, in fact across the river in a place called .... Rock Ferry! This made me sit up and take notice, particularly because the whole theme of Andrew's book is they way in which the world around us is created by our own mind and that every coincidence is significant. I read on, literally waiting for the next synchronicity - and it was not long in coming, and it was a cracker!!!

On page 243 Andrew has Melville write the following:

"The churchyard is romantic and overgrown, though the church is of but recent make, subscribing to a local Presbyterian sect more unfathomable than the Messina Straits."

I burst out laughing at the joke specifically made for me, created within my own phaneron and Bohmian Imax. Why? Because I raised up my eyes across the swimming pool and stared at the dark blue waters of ..... the Straits of Messina!!!!

The Week’s Most ITLADic Scientific News Volume 3 (Top 5) EXTRA

It’s Sunday again! And so, here beginneth the lesson!

This is my regular round-up of the week’s most ITLADic Scientific News for everyone to enjoy reading through and comment upon, with your thoughts, interpretations and questions.

The hardest part of compiling this week’s Top 5 was deciding what to leave out! I may link to some of the other stories that have not made it into the post in my comments during the day.

Please find below the links to a summary of this week’s Top 5 items.

1. Can A Robot, An Insect Or God Be Aware?

2. Targeting Epilepsy At Source

Why It's Hard To Say Goodbye

How Multi-Touch Screens Could Change The Way We Interact

Decision-Making, Risk-Taking Similar In Bees And Humans

And this would have been in the top 5 but given its theological aspect it isn’t specifically ITLADic but it would be interesting to get everyone’s thoughts on it:

> Sacred Science: Using Faith To Explain Anomalies In Physics <

It’s been SUCH a busy week for Science News that I also include the following from many aspects of research.

Some of these are fairly specialised but given the diversity of people here I’m sure there will be something of interest for everyone.

Evolutionary Psychology:
> The Importance Of Being Frightened <

> Fossil Fish Reveals Complex Evolution <

> Galaxy Map Hints At Fractal Universe <

> How Switching Language Can Change Your Personality <
> Are You A Different Person When You Speak A Different Language? <

Now, these next few articles are not easy reading but are very important to anyone interested in the deeper Philosophical and Quantum elements of ITLAD:

Quantum Physics and Cosmology:
> Stephen Hawking's Explosive New Theory <
> Hawking 'Close' To Explaining Universe's Inflation <

> Using Causality To Solve The Puzzle Of Quantum Spacetime <

> God Is A Corporation? <

And finally, one last optical illusion relating to left-right brain thinking.

Which way do the eyes look to you?

> Cool Visual Illusions: The 'Ghostly Gaze' Illusion <

(visit the link and try the different ways of viewing the face, see if it changes your initial observation)

I will be available most of Sunday to answer any questions you have on these articles and to discuss the implications within ITLADic Philosophy.

I will place my own interpretation of the articles throughout the day in the comments section.

I hope we can generate as interesting a discussion as we have on previous Sundays, and if you haven’t been involved before then you are more than welcome to add your thoughts.

If you missed the previous Top 5s then click here (for Week 1) and for last week’s click here
Happy Sunday Reading, and please place your opinions, questions and observations in the comments section for all to discuss.
A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Thursday 26 June 2008

Coincidence, Remedios Varo & ITLAD

I recently went to a flea/antique market to wander about, and picked up a book about the painter Remedios Varo. She was a surrealist painter influenced by de Chirico and was the lover of Victor Brauner. If you have read my post about premonitory paintings you will know that Victor Brauner painted strange paintings marked with eyeballs. After producing these paintings he in fact lost his eye in a bar room fight. Interestingly, I learned that Remedios was likely the point of argument. She was beautiful, and an extremely talented surreal painter with feminist and socialist leanings and led a fascinating and dangerous life. She also had a strong interest in the Gurdjieff, the occult, eastern philosophy, and Jungian analysis. One of her paintings she called "Coincidence" which strikes me as very ITLADian. According to her biographer, Janet A Kaplan in "Unexpected Journeys" The Art and Life of Remedios Varo", she worked with chance imagery in this painting. An image emerges in a wall that is an exact double of the person walking past. Does that not make you thing of Anthony's Eidolon and Daemon?
The painter also explored physics in her paintings. Two that stood out for me were "Revelation or The Clockmaker" which is dealing with time, history and the universe in response I believe to Einsteins's theory of relativity, and "Still Life Reviving: which deals with the cyclical rebirth of nature, and interestingly her last work before she died. I recommend people check her out.

Audio From Tony’s Interview On LBC Radio

Following on from the interest in my uploading of Tony's Interview on City Talk Radio, I have taken the time to convert to MP3 and upload what I consider to be one of Tony’s best interviews, with LBC Radio from 7th April 2007, for those of you who missed it or would like to hear it again.

This interview, with Adrian Allen, is especially worth listening to as Tony was allowed a full TWO HOURS to really discuss the intricacies of ITLAD, and it is interesting to listen to again now, over a year on, as many of the areas of 'greyness' within original CTF theory are now much clearer given the development of the theory on this blog.

Download Instructions: (125MB)
When you click on the link below, you will be taken to a new page, at the bottom of which is the audio file (LBC 7th April 2007.mp3), and when you click on that, you then have the option of simply opening the audio or saving it to your computer, so please click on Open or Save according to your wishes.

Hope you enjoy it.

> Link to Tony's Interview On LBC Radio <

I hope many of you can join me, and the ever growing band of enthusiastic and inquisitive bloggers, for the next ITLADic Science News Review this Sunday from 11:30am (approx) UK Time, it's already been a very interesting week!!

Thank You

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Tuesday 24 June 2008

LIFE between LIFE...

Choosing our Life’s Circumstances
We choose the major circumstances of our lives before we are born. We do this in order to enable us to evolve more fully and help others to do the same.
In the vast state of consciousness we experience in the spiritual state between lifetimes, we have much greater access to knowledge and understanding than we may have during physical life. We are able to see very clearly what type of experiences and relationships we will need for our growth. Some very advanced souls may even choose very difficult lives of hardship or handicap in order to develop more quickly or even to help others develop more quickly.
Great growth can come from having a difficult lifetime and the trade-off between “hardship for a few years” may not seem that great a burden compared to the great growth and evolution of our consciousness we will experience as a result.
It is important to understand that we are never forced to have physical lives than we do not wish for. We choose everything for ourselves based on what we need to learn, and we always have access to advice from others who are more evolved than ourselves
The Purpose of Life
The purpose of life is to grow spiritually and help others to do the same.
Although we may choose these major things for ourselves before we are born, once we are actually here in this physical world, we have complete free well to do as we choose.

Monday 23 June 2008

A Postcard From Tony

EVERYONE: Today I received an email from Tony and I place an edited version of it here for all ITLADians, at his request.


I am sitting here on the veranda of our room in the Hotel xxxxxxxxx in Taormina. I feel rather like Lord Byron at the Italian lakes (replacing the club foot with a frozen shoulder). Penny sits opposite doing her best Lady Caroline Lamb!

The view across the Messina Straits in one directon and Mount Etna in the other is simply breathtaking. Indeed Etna is erupting at the moment. At night the larva flows can clearly be seen - glowing red fingers of fire.

I read Mobius Dick in one sitting. What can I say? Magnificently ITLADian! Thanks for this introduction.

I am picking up the blog comments on my phone every two days and I have just sat reading them. 198 downloaded today. I am not looking forward to my bill but it is well worth it. Really great stuff from all concerned.

I will be back in the UK in x days and I will spend some time responding.

Can you do me a favour? I am concerned that many bloggers may wonder why I am not responding to their magnificent contributions. It would be great if you could place this email on the blog as one of your comments - (any will do).

Cheers - and my special thanks to you as the "prima mobile" of the Blog.


And I would like to personally thank all of you for helping me to keep the blog moving in Tony's absence.

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Purpose of life

I concur with a recent posting on the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to develop an appetite for death. Those who live best die best too, by which I mean they are rarely desperate to cling to life after a life lived full.

We change our past from moment to moment but are unaware of it because our memories are always entirely consistent with our latest 'choice'. When we finally realise we've been going round and around in circles, we stop and accept the current situation with dignity.

Our bodies are but a decoy - any creator knows its creations will eventually try to reverse engineer themselves, so give them something to while away the hours on - hearts, lungs, kidneys - all there so we don't go 'Aha! The simulation stops here!'. Same goes for 'outer' space. Sorry, but yes, the brain is a mucous secreting organ after all!

When my Sims can tell me whether I am running XP or Vista, then I will believe we can really understand the environment in which we find ourselves. Until then, don't worry about it too much. Houdini escaped not by struggling against his bonds but by relaxing.

Eternal returnist or born again reincarnationalist?! I will probably put that decision off to the very end, being the eleventh hour decisionist I am.

Towards A Coherent Peakian Philosophy: some epistemic questions

Just a brief post in the way of something to facilitate discussion and debate in the coming weeks. I have long wanted to put together a cohesive and coherent philosophical review of the Peakian dyad, the CTF thesis, and the Daemonic concept. For me, at least, there is much fodder contained within which is pertinent to a philosophical analysis and critique. In my very first email communications with Tony, just after reading his book, I spoke with him of his parallel to Kierkegaardian existentialism; he delighted me by making reference to many philosophical works remembered from his undergraduate studies. It has been my intention for the longest time to put together an essay which would honor CTF and show in what sense it extends its implications broadly throughout the areas of metaphysics, epistemology, deontology, ethics, and axiology. For those who do not share my own philosophic bent, these are respectively : surmounting of physics toward a comprehensive theory of ultimate existence; ways and methods of acquiring knowledge; questions of rights and duties; essential questions of normative moral valuation and meta-analysis of the same; and areas of aesthetic valuation. Also: the domain of semantic analysis: bringing the ITLADian glossary into some proper form of philosophic discourse, which I do plan to do, aided by KLLM.

I am certain that the many intelligent bloggers of this forum might be able to reflect and relate some of the ways that CTF has informed these areas for them. Of course our own Dark Philosopher has extensive knowledge in these areas which he handles with deftness and dexterity unmatched; and his own formation and ideation of theory which has sprung from his understanding of CTF extends this area of exploration greatly for me. As I said, just something to ponder and perhaps add remarks to as they arise naturally and spontaneously, in the coming weeks. Best regards to all and thanks for considering.

RIP George Carlin

You will be missed.

Sunday 22 June 2008

The Week’s Most ITLADic Scientific News Volume 2 (Top 5) EXTRA

Following on from the interest generated by last Sunday’s Inaugural ITLADic Science Update, please find below links to a summary of this week’s Top 5 items.
I will place my own interpretation of the articles throughout the day in the comments section.
Weird Unexplained News
I give you this:
Wiltshire Crop Circle Identified As Symbolic Code For First Ten Places Of Pi

Finally, as a humorous aside, these news items help explain a LOT that I have experienced in life!!

Bad Guys Really Do Get The Most Girls

Symmetry Of Homosexual Brain Resembles That Of Opposite Sex

Scans Find Homosexual Feminine Side Is In The Brain

I will be available most of Sunday to answer any questions you have on these articles and to discuss the implications within ITLADic Philosophy.

I hope we can generate as interesting discussion as we did last Sunday.

If you missed last week’s Top 5 then click here

Happy Sunday Reading, and please place your opinions, questions and observations in the comments section.

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Saturday 21 June 2008

Anthony's Talk Liverpool June 10th

Sorry about the blank post. Blogger went faulty and I lost what I had written. I will write something again.

I found Anthony's talk fascinating. He covered a number of topics which I am sure are covered in his latest book. I have come across a fair amount of material covering esoteric matters and the nature of reality and I find that Anthony's work adds splendidly to this knowledge. His work is thought provoking and fascinating. The talk was concise and clear and provided many valuable insights. I think that Anthony's research will take him on an amazing journey of self discovery and make a valuable contribution to understandign the nature of our reality and existence. Thanks for your fascinating research and quest.

Anthony's Talk Liverpool June 10th

Friday 20 June 2008

The Bohmian IMAX as a Computer Game

Has anyone else considered how much the ideas around the Bohmian IMAX can be likened to playing a computer game?

When you first play the game you run through the first level as a completely new experience. You make decisions and attempt things with a degree of success but eventually (rapidly in my case usually) you see those immortal words "Game Over"

Then you start again from the beginning, trying to make adjustments to the first attempt, making choices and trying to improve your expertise. Each time you reach Game Over and try again. Sometimes you know what you should do differently but haven't the skill level to achieve it. (Deja vu?) Eventually you achieve success and move on to the next level where all is new and choices have to be explored. Sometimes you can only achieve things from the advantage of hindsight (eg. collecting items which only have a relevance at a higher level but are crucial to moving the game onward) I likened that to Tony's experience of knowing the song he would hear at his funeral which suddenly had a different significance later.

Eventually the game is completed - which supposes there is a "solution". This may be where the similarity ends. Unless, of course, you imagine the Bohmian IMAX as a game with infinite levels.

A Short Explanation of A Clinical Syndrome; Its Link to the Peakian Dyad, and to the blog

I decided to set down this brief post after speaking with my son, Andrew, who is a new blogger. He has a syndrome which both blesses and curses him, but in the end is an integral part of all he is. As he had spoken with me about wanting others to understand his "difference" - the notice of which has plagued him since childhood - I thought it would be appropriate, not only to ease his feeling of "subterfuge" on this blog, but also as a tie-in to the clinical syndromes which lend themselves to "daemonic proclivity" as it pertains to the Peakian dyad.

In his case, Andrew was diagnosed at age six with a sub-clinical seizure disorder complicated by features of autism. He was classified by the state of New Jersey and attended special education schools. He failed to learn to read or write, so at age 12 my husband and I took him from school and he was taught at home, where he did make rapid progress in reading and writing. A renowned pediatric psychiatrist made the formal diagnosis of Aspberger Syndrome, which is a high-functioning state derivative of autism. He is highly intelligent - his IQ borders the genius range - yet frustrated because at age 20 he lacks many of the skills which one associates with that age. He is handsome, well-built, and polite, but the "quirkiness" which marks his syndrome has led to some cruelty from strangers throughout his life, including an arrest by police in February who misunderstood his "manner".

What is interesting about his syndrome is its odd elegance, and the quasi-mystical depth which I believe Tony would attribute to "daemonic leakage" into the sphere of the eidolon. Clinically, the syndrome is predominate in males. It is marked by an "inwardness", extreme social "un-ease", and extremely high IQ: indeed, Asperger, the physican for whom the syndrome was named, called the young boys of his clinical studies "little geniuses". Other prominent and clinically-researched traits of the syndrome are formal and elegant speech; idiosyncratic use of syntax and grammar; excessive rigidity in thinking; extremely narrow focus ; right-brained mathematical obsessing, and a skewed or absent theory of mind. This last is the essential trait, and means simply that there is confusion as to what other minds may know or anticipate. All of the aforementioned traits are present in Andrew, and aid and glorify him even as they hinder and constrain.

What is most rewarding in terms of Andrew and I having found Peakian theory, is that the "epistemic privilege" ( a philosophical term denoting the intellectual advantage of the disenfranchised) which we always knew counter-balanced and compensated , has been given a far clearer and more robust contextual framework by the dyad theory (Tony's eidolon/daemon binary mind). There is indeed a propensity and predilection for "daemonic" cross-reference in the thinking of those with this syndrome. This I believe enriches thinking and feeling, and combines with the specific individual suffer in ways that make for an enchanting wealth and array of different types of intelligent and innovative communication. Andrew is quite proud to be a member of this blog, and has appreciated the kindness of all, especially from Karl, Martin, and Tony.

Wednesday 18 June 2008


I have been experimenting with lucid dreams probably one third of my Life,with some spectacular successes really, but lately I am encountering demons (of the Darke kind!!) and darkness and disappointments etc. Could this just be a Mindset problem and can it be rectified??? Any advice appreciated!!


Tuesday 17 June 2008

How Many Times....?

Have any of you ever sat and thought about the thing you are doing at this very moment and wondered…. How many times have I done this before?

How many times have I said these words, made this mistake or achieved this goal?

And when you think of this, do you wonder…. Shall I now do something completely spontaneous or radically different? Will that alter the path I’ve trodden maybe a thousand times before or am I, in fact, simply repeating the same pre- recorded experience yet again?

How does the ITLADic Theory and subsequent awareness express itself in your lives?

Have any of you had signs or inklings that things ‘feel’ different this time, especially within the heightened awareness of our ITLADic knowledge?

Monday 16 June 2008

Thoughts on being a part of this blog

March was a very good month. A very good month for postings anyway.

One step leads to the next and I’m suddenly part of the flow of consciousness that was then or is it now?

I’m floating along my own stream, gathering flotsam along the way, caught in the occasional eddy that holds me circling until it eventually allows me to move forward after considerable exertion on my part. But always there is the possibility to go back to the beginning or even to venture to beginnings before I became a part of this egregore that is the blog.

I have always loved Lewis Carroll’s world and now I live in it.


Interesting Article

I read this article How To... Solve The meaning of Life in the Mail on Sunday supplement yesterday and thought my fellow ITLADians might find it interesting It's about the Hadron Collider and the plans to switch it on next month. There is an interview with Professor Brian Cox. One comment he made really stood out:

" The particles of your body have been around for the entire life of the universe. They are spending the blink of an eye in the pattern known as 'you'"

Now whose theory does that remind you of - Karl, do you know?! *smile*

The link is below. You'll have to copy and paste it, I'm afraid as I can't work out how to apply a direct link! Sorry.

Déjà vu

Five years ago, I climbed the beautiful Kanchenjunga Mountain, situated in south central Asia, in the Himalaya, on the frontier between Nepal and Sikkim, India.
I lived with a Tibetan family (who catered to the tourists) and became very close to them. It was here that I experienced the sense of de ja vu. This place has a magnetic pull where one involuntarily becomes alert and full of awareness. My hosts were deeply religious, they performed rituals everyday, burnt incense sticks and their home had a mystic resonance which I have never been able to explain nor understand completely. It was here that I learnt about the variations in Buddhism.I was a eager student.
(The head of the family was an elderly woman, and she had prophesized that I would meet the Dalai Lama. At that time, I thought, there was no way that I would meet the great leader who lived in exile, at Dharmashala India. But you can imagine my astonishment, when, after exactly 2 years, I was invited for a conference of inter-faith dialogue at the cultural center of the college where I work. And I was able to meet with the Dalai Lama, who was one of the speakers and had come to inaugurate the centre for Buddhist studies. This incident has strengthened my belief in consciousness and the power of the self……)
Tibet is traditionally the stronghold of Lamaism, a unique and highly developed form of esoteric Buddhism, not very different from Tantric Buddhism.
Tantra (Sanskrit, “web” or “warp”), is a body of esoteric Hindu and Buddhist religious texts and rituals. The Hindu Tantra were written after the Puranas, in the medieval period, and are usually set in the form of a dialogue between the god Shiva and his consort Parvati, in which he explains to her the philosophy and myths underlying the Tantric ritual. This ritual involves reversals of normal Hindu social practices (for instance, incestuous sexual acts) and reversals of normal physiological processes (for instance, the drawing up of the semen out of the woman and into the body of the man). It also reverses the orthodox Hindu “five products of the cow”, or panchagavya (milk, butter, curds, urine, and faeces) used for purification; in Tantra, these become the “five m's”: maithuna (“intercourse”), matsya (“fish”), mansa (“flesh”), mudra (“parched grain”), and mada (“wine”). Tantric adepts learn, from a guru, how to raise their psychosexual energy—the curled serpent power (Kundalini) that lies at the base of the spine—through successive focal points (chakras), until it reaches the highest chakra, at the top of the skull, and the adept experiences, within, the union of the god and the goddess. This process (sadhana) begins with a systematic visualization of the deity, limb by limb, who materializes through the use of visual diagrams (yantras) and through the use of magic incantations (mantras).

Buddhist Tantra is an aspect of the third stage of Buddhism, the Thunderbolt Vehicle or Diamond Vehicle (Vajrayana) that developed out of Mahayana Buddhism; it was perfected in Tibet. Vijnanavada (Consciousness Vehicle), school of Mahayana Buddhism, is sometimes known as Yogacara, or Faxiang in China and Hosso in Japan. It developed in India, in the 4th century. Its doctrines were derived from the Lankavatara Sutra and related works, holding that only consciousness (vijnana) is real; the outside world is an illusion. Experience of an external world is the consequence of seeds stored in a store-consciousness and engendered by karma. As part of the karmic process, a false split develops between the mind and the objects which its imagination creates. By purging karmic residues through meditation, the devotee can return to the state of pure consciousness which is Buddha hood.
The threefold structure of reality as imaginary fictions, provisionally true things and perfect consciousness were held to correspond to Mahayana doctrine regarding the transformation-body, enjoyment-body, and essence-body of the Buddha.
Its most influential formulation, however, was that there is an eternal, mutually sustaining dialectic though things are false and void in absolute terms; they are true and real in relative terms. “Form is emptiness; emptiness is form”.

My question to fellow bloggers;
I’ve never felt the sense of de ja vu ever again. I have often wondered if the reason for feeling like that on the Kanchenjunga Mountain was because of the strong ritualistic, compelling, mystic atmosphere. What do you think?

Sunday 15 June 2008

The Week’s Most ITLADic Scientific News (Top 5)

There have been five scientific articles and papers published over the last day or so which I hope many of you will find interesting in light of the continued development of ITLAD/CTF and recent blog discussions into animal consciousness, holographic representations of reality and also the element within my theory, and Tony and I’s ‘Uber Theory’, on the quantum entanglement of consciousness.

I have placed links to a summary of each article below:

1. Memory In Honeybees: What The Right And Left Antenna Tell The Right And Left Brain

2. Physicists Produce Quantum-Entangled Images

3. Pigeons Show Superior Self-Recognition Abilities To Three Year Old Humans

4. Using Brainwaves To Chat And Stroll Through Second Life: World's First

5. How The Brain Separates Audio Signals From Noise

I have been asked by a few bloggers now, and in conversations with Tony, if I can produce a weekly update of the latest scientific research within ITLADic philosophy.

I was wondering if this would be useful to everyone in the continued, collective education and development of ITLAD.

Let me know what you think: Thank you.

[Addendum: It seems the general consensus is that this would be a good idea as a regular weekly update, so thank you to everyone that commented and emailed me today. I intend therefore to compile a 'Top 5 ITLADic Scientific NewsRound' each week, which I aim to post between 12:00 and 1:00pm UK Time, every Sunday]

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Friday 13 June 2008

Yannik Noah's Precognition

Today I received an Email from the Swiss NDE researcher Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino. I owe Evelyn a great deal - she has been a great supporter of my work for the last few years. Indeed Evelyn is an extremely talented writer. One of the most touching books I have ever read is her novel Talking With Angel. This is moving story of a young girl battling leukaemia who eventually realises she is going to die. However as death approaches her "Daemon" manifests itself within her favourite doll, Angel. The book then has another child describe in vivid detail his NDE experience. This book will have you in tears but it is ultimately very uplifting and totally itladian in its themes and subject matter.

Evelyn watched a TV programme and thought that I may find what was said of great interest. She is quite right - and I am sure the members of this blog may find this interesting as well. Evelyn wrote:

Yannik Noah told an interesting story yesterday on TV: the night before playing his first finals in Wimbledon, he made a dream: he dreamt the forthcoming match in detail, he saw every point, the mistakes he made, the points he won, everything in great detail. He won the first set, lost the second, won the 3rd, lost the 4th and lost the 5th. When we woke up in the morning, he was disappointed and unmotivated to get up and get ready to play the finals. Then, all of a sudden, he became aware that he had a second chance, that the finals were not over and lost yet. He became very excited. During the match in real life, he could avoid all the mistakes he had made during his dream and win the finals.Extremely interesting, isn't it? It's like if he had lost the match in one world during the night and won it in parallel world the following day. A good example of the parallel world theory!

It most certainly is .... and yet more experiential evidence for the Bohmian IMAX!


I believe The Oz factor, mentioned by Jenny Randles in connection with UFO's, is actually a withdrawal symptom from Eidolon. Science used to be guided by religious belief but has become atheistic as it has hit denial, which is another symptom of addiction (Denial holds the addiction in place - affirmation (acceptance of the condition) allows it to move on. We are in a very materialistic age - this is because fear of the unknown (letting go of the addictive phase)is trying to put the brake on the return to the Daemonic realm of dreaming or death. To do this it must deny the existence of what it is most afraid of - cessation of the addiction and a return to a more pristine state of childhood (innocence). As the joke goes "If I can't take it with me, I am not going!". This is silly because life is a conveyor belt of change and nothing you can do will stop it, only slow down the inevitable (The thrill ride is over, now get off and let someone else on).

Addiction goes through several stages, no matter what it is that you're in pursuit of: Fear that you are not going to get what you want (desire), followed by being stunned that you have got it (calm). Then excitement and looking forward to it (Hooked stage), followed by demanding it as a right (I want my addiction fed!). What follows next is being drunk on power and the carelessness that leads to accidents (bored stage). This is followed by the hangover stage (regret). Lastly comes anger and cold turkey (Never again!) - backing out of the situation. This is then followed by Lethe (forgetting)and restart of the cycle because you can't remember doing it in the first place (Painful memories act as a barrier, keeping us conscious, awake, aware and away from involvement as neutrality leaves us free to pick and choose whether to get involved again or not (The pursuit we call 'pleasure').

Helping the Dead

I want to share with you all an experience I had when my father died 2 years ago. I had just returned to America after spending two weeks at my father's bedside and the following day had a phone call that he had passed away. The day after the phone call I was sitting at my desk at work when I had this experience:
At the outset I must clarify that I ( the Eidolon) had no consious part in what happened and felt that I was just an observer.
Suddenly I became aware of my father , at some distance above my and to the right. An energy started to build up in my lower stomach ( 2nd chakra ). It then came out through the top of my head and started to push my father , help him to move away, move on. I cannot describe the intensity of emotion that I was feeling as time after time for an hour, this energy built up inside me then shot out from the top of my head and moved my father onward.
I was so overcome with emotion as I witnessed this event that I could not stay in the office any longer - also I was worried someone might see- so I walked out and found a quiet, empty coffee-shop . This experience continued for about another hour, until finally it was over, and my father had " moved on". I felt totally drained, both physically and emotionally and walked outside for some fresh air. As I stood in the sunlight a beautiful thing happened. Ammachi's face appeared over my head and she smiled at me. Her smile filled me with love and replaced all the energy that had been consumed in helping my father. The she disappeared.
Was the Daemon using me to help my father? I certianly felt that I had no part in the experience, and was just an observer. Where was my father moving to? Who decided to help him move on , and use me to facilitate it? Was it Ammachi's Daemon who helped me?

Thursday 12 June 2008

Some "esoteric" experiences

I was born in and I live in Liverpool, UK. I first came across Tony Peake's extraordinary work when he was recently interviewed on City Talk radio. I found the interview absolutely fascinating, having read works from different authors speaking about similar principles. I will comment on Tony's talk in Liverpool at a later date, suffice to say I found it very interesting and thought provoking. I want to relate three experiences of my own which I hope will make a meaningful contribution to others on this blog.

In 1986 I was driving on a motorway to Yorkshire. I fell asleep at the wheel. Then I was immediately woken up by music inside my right ear. This music felt unearthly and perhaps the most enchanting music I've ever heard in my entire life. The music only played for about a quarter to half a second and it surely woke me up and otherwise I certainly would have remained asleep and crashed the car.

This next experience I will relate very briefly.
In Feb 1992 (about 4 months after my father died the day after a car accident he was in) I had an out of body experience. It was morning and I had woken up earlier in the morning and done a little meditaion and then gone back to sleep. At some point I found myself floating inches from the ceiling of my bedroom. I thought it was odd that I was so close to the artex of the ceiling and that it was crystal clear and vivid as in waking consciousness. I then realised I was out of my body. I was too scared to look down at my body on the bed as I lived alone in the house and the experience of my father dying only recently had shaken me up and challenged my beliefs. I then heard my father speaking clearly from what appeared to be the direction of the upstairs lobby outside my bedroom. At the time, my belief system stated that if my father's spirit was earthbound then he was not being taken care of by the Gurus we followed. This scared me and I consciously said to myself that if he is just roaming about on this earth plane then I don't want to know (I was too afraid to confront such a reality if it was true). I tried to move my body, to no avail. Then later I awoke from my sleep after having had a beautiful enchanting dream in colour. At a later date I was convinced that my father had wanted to communicate with me from what I would have termed the astral plane.
It is interesting that the next day (a Sunday) after spending the day with friends etc I came home late and went to bed at approx 12.30am. As soon as my head was on the pillow, my attention was rivetted in my forehead around the point said to be the third eye. Never in my life had I experienced my attention so rivetted and focused. I knew I was about to leave this plane of existence or that a window of opportunity had opened for me to perceive other dimensions. Again I was too afraid to follow through and I moved myself in order to break my concentration. So many times in my life had I tried and longed for such an experinece in meditation and when I got the chance I was too afraid to follow through.

Late 1991 (when I was thirty years of age) about 2 months after my father died, I was in bed alone in my girl friend's home one Saturday morning. She had already awoken and gone downstairs. I was in emotional turmoil because I knew the relationship was coming to an end and she was putting pressure on me to end it as she felt the relationship was going nowhere. As I was feeling this intense pain with my stomach knotted up, in my minds eye while fully awake I saw an open doorway. On the outside of the doorway a big ball of light about 3 feet in diameter went past slowly. As I saw it I was communicated to telepathically (meaning there were no words used by the light but that I had to put into words the message that was conveyed) by the ball of light and it said "Pain is transitory". At that instant my knotted stomach relaxed perfectly and a real deep calm overcame me and I felt a great relief. I felt LOVE and COMFORT come from that ball of light. My ntellect was perplexed that love and comfort could come from this ball of light (likening it sort of to a light bulb). I grew up with an esoteric meditation path and I had read various esoteric literature over the years and had read Dr Raymond Moody's book "Life After Life" etc; but actually experiencing this it still took me by surprise and my intellect could not quite grasp it. The communication from the ball of light immediately penetrated me to a depth that normally only experiences penetrate us. The words "pain is transitiory" just penetrated me as though I had just learned it through experience. The idea that "pain is transitory" stayed with me in relation to other life problems and challenges, but after time it faded and once again the challenges of life purturbed me as they had previous to the experience of the ball of light.

Life Pupose: Die Right

This is from a longer post at my own blog, Vagabond Blues, about "How I Survived the Mountains of Navarra."

It seems to me, after much contemplation, that the most succinct description of the meaning or purpose of life is this: to prepare for death. Preparing for death can mean only one thing: to learn what it is like to die. This can be done through various techniques, most commonly sex, drugs, trance dreaming, and extreme fright or danger (also of course illness, despair, crisis, and so forth). Note that we have already covered most of the major preoccupations (positive and negative) of the average person during his or her eighty odd years of existence. The problem is that none of these things, taken by themselves as ends in and of themselves, have any meaning or purpose. Hence they become either distractions to be indulged in, or afflictions to be endured. As preparations for the ultimate act of dying, however, they are equally valid, and positive or negative only so far as we use them, or not, to break down our resistance to the inevitable, and come to embrace it. For only by embracing death can we endeavor to dance past it.

ITLAD Predictions

A good theory is best measured by its ability to make successful predictions. With this in mind, I wonder what kind of predictions ITLAD might present. Anyone have a good thought experiment for us to consider?

A Brief First Post: Thank You to Mr. Peake for Changes Wrought By His Theories

Since this is my first post and an introduction , I wanted to say that I am thankful to have had the opportunity to read Mr. Peak's book, to understand his theories, and to experience change due to them. This change wasn't surface but rather has had effects throughout my entire person.

I was 18 years old when my father died after a short and sudden illness, and I was unable to begin college when I was supposed to due to this grief. My mother found Anthony Peake's "Cheating the Ferryman " essay and bought his book, and she had been very disappointed in books on grieving that people would give her. But with this book she told me there was philosophy in it and she trusted its author. So I would take the book at night, and I got so absorbed by the material that I stayed up 2 nights until I had finished it. Peakes' Daemonic realm became a haven for me and an inspiration.

I am a student of US Political Science and theory, and I do most of my reading in this area. But I do not see things as being disconnected at a deeper level. I have been campaigning for Barack Obama and because of the eidolon/daemon dyad theory, I view him from a larger perspective, and have seen the response which Senator Obama generates from the crowds as being taken from the daemon realm and delivered back to American voters in a way which is somehow so important, but I don't have the words to fully explain the process. I think maybe he reveals his daemon in his speeches, and the daemons of others respond. This I am sure is not only symbolic but is factually real. The idea that reading Mr. Peake's book from an original cause of unbearable grief at 18 would lead to my viewing an election process in an entirely new and unusual way is something I must thank him for. This change will stay with me for life. Some of my friends have been fascinated by my description of this new viewpoint and from what source it came. My mother believes more should be written about how Mr. Peake and also Mr. Lemarcs reach into very many spheres of culture and she is planning to write on this important process. A ripple effect, I think they call it in cultural studies. I am positive I want to read his second book and I will be glad to be changed by it as I was by ITLAD. I am sure the other bloggers have their own stories to tell. Mine is not the best but it is honestly important to me and will I guess do for an introduction.

Wednesday 11 June 2008

Thoughts on Connecting to the Daemon

Has anyone here read the Alice Bailey books? Unfortunately I dont have them here with me, but it occured to me that there might be a correspondence between some of her work and the Daemon/Eidolon.
In brief, she states that a human being is more than just the physical body. In fact there are several bodies, each more subtle than the other; viz. physical/etherical body, emotional body, mental body, Buddhic body, Atmic body, and Monadic body. Now, each of these bodies has seven sub-planes.
Here's the possible connection. She wrote that between the 3rd and 4th sub-plane of the mental body there is abridge called the Antahkarana. This bridge is however, incomplete or absent in us. If the bridge is built it connects the ordinary mind to the Higher self -the Daemon? Could her writings contain clues on how to connect with our Daemon? This bridge is sometimes referred to as the Rainbow Bridge.
Other sources of literature describe man's spritual evolution, through this conection to the higher-self ( Daemon) : There exists in all of us two threads; the Sutratma( from the Monad) and the Antahkarana(This thread in anchored in the centre of the head, and through these two threads the threefold expression -- Monad, soul and physical-plane man or woman -- live their lives.). A third thread is built by the man or woman him/herself through the interaction of soul energy, and eventually, monadic energy, through the physical apparatus: the thread of creativity. These three threads wind together to eventually produce the bridge between the three levels of existence,Monad ( source) , soul , and man.
I was involved with a group of people in California for several years who practiced Energywork for Accelerated Spiritual growth( connection to the Higher-self). The Founder of the group is a remarkable man - in fact he has just come out of a 3 year retreat and I received an e-mail from him this week. His knowledge of such things is profound.

Exploring the Paradox of Partial Reality Models

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Tony wrote: "This is generated by the manipulation of hologram-like images and using the processing power of the greatest computer in the universe – your brain. . . . You are not here at all, you are being fooled into thinking you are. You are somewhere else entirely."

Am I the only one to notice the contradiction here? If we are in a bardo state and don't know it, then our brains belong to the distant past. Whatever is generating our consciousness here, it isn't a bunch of neurons.

In the end, Tony's CTF model of existence is no less arbitrary a model than my own MW one - the point being, they are just models, built to represent a truth that we cannot yet even begin to grasp, in any but metaphorical terms. The moment we begin to talk as if we are literally in a computer-generated Matrix, or literally living out replays of a once-real life in some bardo state, then we are effectively fixing the program, admittedly into an evolved function, but one that only traps us once again. It is just as if the matrix created a second "Zion" matrix, and tricked the warriors into thinking they had unplugged. The Tao that can be talked about is not the true Tao.

The problem (for me) with Tony's thesis is similar to the problem I had trying to apply the premise of The Matrix to reality (by which I mean, what I already think I know about it): I keep coming up against areas of experience that don't fit into the model.

Here's a big one: many NDE report a reliving of the events of their previous life, not merely as they happened, but as they affected other people, i.e., through the eyes of others. Both Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe and Whitley Strieber's The Key refer to this process of facing up to the full truth (consequences) of our thoughts, words, and actions after we die. Buddhism refers to a similar, purgatory-like process, in which a Soul must gaze into a mirror and see the truth of its former life, and allow the fire of shame to burn away all attachments to that life.

Personally, whether Quantum Mechanics can back this up or not, I believe this pertains to a greater Truth - and would indeed be how that life would look through the eyes of the Daimon, since the Daimon is connected to existence in a way we cannot imagine.

So are we then to think that, after this "cleansing" process, we still go back into the simulator, as if to make amends (yet with no memory of what we have seen)? Or is it that this more holisitic life review only occurs at the end of countless replay lives, when the Eidolon has finally surrendered to the Daimonic awareness? Neither seems a very satisfactory explanation to me. As always, there is something we are not seeing.

Here's another example: Just as with the reincarnation model, we need to question where all the new "souls" are coming from with the population explosion. If six billion plus people on the planet are reincarnations of previous humans, where were all these souls 2000 years ago, when there were only a few million people on the planet? Logically, most people now alive are not reincarnations, but "first-borns." This is born out by the average level of spiritual awareness on the planet, and indeed by the current global situation. If there was a majority of evolved souls, would we really be in the mess we are in now?

Likewise, in Tony's model, the likelihood is that most people alive now are on their first time out, which means that, for most people on the planet, this is literal reality and not a simulation. But for the more "evolved" among us (those of you at this blog ; )), it's a simulation! So what are we doing in the same reality???? (And how come 70% of people still experience deja vu?!)

You see what I am getting at? Apply questioning logic to Tony's model and it falls down very quickly, just as does my own MW model. That doesn't mean these models aren't valid, only that they are extremely partial.

They are tools for describing states of being that otherwise we have no language for. They are transitional models between Eidolon and Daimonic reality. In other words, none of this is literally true, because until we attain the Daimonic perspective, nothing is literally true.

Liverpool Holistic Circle

Just a quick note to thank Denise and Penny of the Liverpool Holistic Circle for facilitating a wonderful evening last night in Aigburth. We had a wonderful turn-out and some fascinating issues were debated. To any members of the Circle who are venturing on this site for the first time ... welcome to the wonderful world of Itladian philosophy!

For any itladians interested in checking out the Holistic Circle take a look at their website at

I will be doing two more talks for them later this Summer - 29th July and 16th September (which may be the first public meeting that I will be discussing and signing copies of my next book).

Indeed on the 17th June our very own Aloha Gary will be introducing this group to the wonders of Huna (and may be making one or two itladian references!)

Pendulum effect (II)

Life moves in Dyads. (in)sight and optimism - that is the challenge of little hope, that draws us into the world (connection/ re-membering) as sound and pessimism (giant despair) release us out of it (disconnection/relaxing/forgetting (Lethe)): Not so much fits as shaking lose the hold we have on this life. This is the mechanism that moves us between the two worlds of Daemon and Eidolon or what I call the Accumulation/ Discharge Cycle. This is seen in Art as that which draws your attention down and into studying the present (intellect) as Music is that which releases our attention from a particular point in time and place, creating e-motion and motion (dance). This makes sense of the senses as either drawing you into or out of your 'self'/ world (Smell and taste as passive parts of the same whole as touch and feel are, look and see, speak and hear). Manic-depression or bi-polar disease shows this off best of all as you can see the addictive quality of it all and the explanation for the negativity (disconnection low - connection high). In fact death is going cold turkey on life (cessation of all movement between the two planes of existence as life is going freely and rapidly from one to the other: Thought and action (every period of unconsciousness is a trip back to Daemonland (sleep, thinking, injury, illness, death) as every period of consciousness is a trip out and forward into Eidolon territory - the artist effect of stepping back to observe and forward to act or the temptation to get involved versus resistance to this urge).

By the way life is gradual change as death is instantaneous transformation (part or whole). Think of a building - demolished in a day but built up over a long period as with a life form. This is why life is hard but death is easy (The easy way out but the hard way in or creativity and preservation versus destruction). This is the moral issue with children now going about in knife and gun wielding gangs.

Laying Down the Bohmian IMAX

I was very interested in the question asked by Woodsprite in terms of itlad/ctf and life assurance. We have discussed the nature of the how the recordings are made and KLLM has wonderfully expanded this concept into his "Virgin Life" VL theory. In order to possibly clarify my position on this I would just like to refer to the following section from ITLAD:

This book, its words and ideas and everything around you is an internally generated version of reality, a copy projected in front of you like an unbelievably complex sensurround, virtual reality computer game. This is generated by the manipulation of hologram-like images and using the processing power of the greatest computer in the universe – your brain.

Here you are reading this book, or should I say perceiving an image that contains this book. Look up and take in what is around you. Its all an illusion, a series of inwardly generated holographic images. You are not here at all, you are being fooled into thinking you are. You are somewhere else entirely. From this place you are generating the world around you, re-creating it piece by piece and second by second. We already know this from the evidence of quantum physics. As Hugh Everett proposed, there are literally trillions of universes, you exist in just one, a version of John Wheeler’s ‘participatory universe’ creating it as you go along, each micro-decision that you make causing ever-increasing new timelines, like the branches of some magical tree.

But there is one huge problem with this personal universe. If you have always only existed within your own self-created version of reality, how have you created such a rich and varied environment? If this universe is all you have known how have you created giraffes, quasars and rap music? In order to create such concepts you must, at some time or other, known of these things and projected them into your version of reality. How can it be otherwise? You are like a baby who is abandoned on a desert island. As the baby grows up he has no knowledge of anything external to the island. How could that baby mentally visualize anything outside of his direct experience, a glacier for example. So it is for you. It is likely that within your universe exists the Eiffel Tower. You may even visit Paris and take in the view from the top. Now here is the weird thing; I am writing these words at my home in Harrogate, England, on a beautiful June morning. This is my version of Harrogate and my idea of what a beautiful June morning should look like. I have chosen the Eiffel Tower as an example of a well-known man-made feature. You now read these words in your version of the universe, surrounded by objects and weather conditions of your own creation. But strangely you immediately visualize Paris with the Tower dominating all around it. How can we both have a similar vision in our heads? How can we both have inwardly created an object that we both can agree on in terms of size, shape and location when we have never met and exist in totally different versions of reality? Sometime in both our pasts there must have been a real world populated by real objects, animals and buildings. Indeed this original ‘objective’ universe may be analogous to the biblical Garden of Eden, a place were we all perceived the original blueprint of objective reality, a place were the original Eiffel Tower stood in all its glory. This internally generated world is a facsimile, a copy, but as with all facsimiles and copies there must be an original – a first edition if you like.

And so there is. There was a time in both our distant pasts where we first perceived not only the Eiffel Tower but also all the wonderful objects, concepts and structures that we now populate our illusory world with. This very fact is one of the major clues as to what is really going on.

My position in this has never really changed. For me there has to have been some form of initial 'reality' state' by which the Bohmian IMAX was recorded. Indeed I suggest that each human being 'records' their life in a unique and personal phaneron that in some way 'overlaps' with other individual phanerons. How this mechanism works is the next big challenge and I know that there are some simply fantastic suggestions being made.

There have been few criticisms of CTF and ITLAD but the major one, which I have a good deal of sympathy with, is that I mix together the Copenhagen Interpretation, Everett's Many Worlds (Minds) and Bohm's Implicate/Explicate Order - all of which are, on the face of it, mutually exclusive. MWI was postulated as an alternative to Copenhagen and the Implicate Order was a post-Einsteinian attempt to explain quantum behaviour in slightly more classical terms. However I genuinely believe that within each one is part of the answer ... for me they are not mutually exclusive but, in some bizzare way, complementary. Indeed had I left well alone and gone with either of these three as the bedrock of scientific support for CTF I would not have been criticised. Each one supports my theory - but all three together make the theory really work.

But remember, as I bang on and one about, this is only a theory. it may be right and it may be wrong ... but I have placed it in the public domain for one reason and one reason only ... to generate debate!

Tuesday 10 June 2008

Life Insurance

Bear with me if this is yet another of my obvious and repetitive questions - I am only a very new ITLADian(e) !

Convinced as I am that I am experiencing the Bohmian Imax, so all is an illusion, is there any practical purpose to obtaining life insurance which will benefit the loved ones I leave behind (or rather do not leave behind because they only exist in my illusion) after my death?

Collective Conscience, dreams, knowledge, instincts and Waking life!

I've been watching a few films from my listed 20 recently and one of them is the dreamy classic Waking Life. Now my apologies for covering old ground (not that questions are ever repeated around here... ;0)), but when i originally posted the following dialogue from the Julie Delpy/Ethan Hawke scene in Waking Life even Anthony was surprised at the minimal response it seemed to provoke from the board.
I strongly urge you to go through and read the dialogue in the following post. The part about instincts stemming from a collective conscience especially is extremely interesting. My apologies for covering old ground but there really is a world of information in this one scene alone let alone the whole film. Please continue, as you were! If you're more impatient that i am feel free to simply watch the scene here, it kicks in one minute after the clip starts so please, be patient!

Good luck, bad luck

There is no such thing as luck, there is only presence and absence. Withdraw from Eidolon and it will collapse - approach it and build, and your life will grow/ be successful. People are not cursed by anything but there failure to be here, now. If things go wrong in your life it is because you let them. There are no victims, just failures to be here to sense and control your destiny.

This isn't about betting on the horses or having a materially rich lifestyle. It's about being alive and well, and living the simple lifestyle, that keeps you firmly anchored to the ground - not off on some fantasy of wealth, power, fame. It is keeping your eye on the ball and staying ahead of the game, rather than falling victim to the ever present death (As in the Don Juan books of Carlos Castenada, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of life or death will sneak up on you, in the form of the open manhole cover on the pavement, the car as you cross the road, the assailant in the shadows - all will get you because you are not here to sense the dangers around you in everyday life: Illness is like bodily neglect - it comes from letting go of the reins of existence).

Monday 9 June 2008

Thou Art That

Are the Repeat Matrix-Eidolon Lives Really Parallel Selves?

Last night's dream
(quoting from my bedside tape recorder):

“I don’t what this is. If this is the 2nd attention it’s even crazier than I thought. Maybe I am getting a taste of the really distant parallel selves, not simply the left side of this life but a whole other Universe? I don’t know. This was not an ordinary dream. It wasn't even an ordinary second attention experience. Christ. I don’t know what the fuck it was. God almighty. Who am I?”

I will spare you all the full content of the Dream, but here are few fragments:

There is this big roomful of people. A girl I used to know comes up and lays into me with a vicious verbal attack. This witch is full of hatred and I have to try and stop her. I wave my left hand at her and I say “You’ve got death in your pussy,” and tell her she is going to die because of a disease inside her. It’s not a curse. I am telling her what I see. She looks frightened and ceases her attack, starts asking me if it’s true. I walk away and go to this woman who is my ex-wife, only she seems to also be a light-skinned negro. Yet it is definitely her. She is wearing a turquoise dress. I say to her (this is intensely real now): “I don’t want to spend too much time over this because I am starting to remember what I worked so hard to forget.”

This guy shows up. His name is “Bling.” He reminds me of a guy I know, in fact he’s a different version of him. He is with two other guys whom I also recognize as alternate versions of people I know—they are parallel universe beings. I say to one of them, “You’re like—— I ask him how two versions of the same person can be so different, and yet be aware of each other (or is it that I wonder how one can be aware of the other, but not vice versa?). None of them has an answer. We all have the same thought at the same time: if Castaneda couldn’t describe this in a way that was comprehensible in six books (actually ten), then we sure as hell can’t do it in half an hour! I joke, “I guess that’s why those books are such a relief to read—they confirm what we already know!” Then we all say simultaneously, “I knew I was mad!”

It’s a joke, but it’s a damn serious one.

I woke up sweating right after that.

The 2nd attention is about as weird as it gets, but at least people are recognizable there. In this case, the people I knew were not their first attention selves at all (yet they were still recognizable).

This dream followed a conversation I had the night before about Tony's thesis, in which myself and a friend attempted to reconcile AP's idea with that of reincarnation. We reached the same conclusion in different ways. My friend's idea was that BEFORE a Daimon can reincarnate (i.e., create a new Eidolon), it must first perfect the life of its current Eidolon, in other words, spend however many aeons needed in the "simulator-Matrix," until that User-ID is fully completed. At this point (or so I argued) it fuses all the different Eidolon-lives into a single "memory-strand" (aspect of the Daimon), and returns to the timestream for a new incarnation.

My idea was similar but not the same: I imagined the Daimon, rather than simply staying close to the IMAX-simulation zone until the Eidolon is perfected, leaving a part of itself in the Matrix-IMAX and then reincarnating in Real Time, missing that fragment of its Totality. This is then really a question whether the many similar-but-not-identical lives exist in time or in space, so since we live in a spacetime continuum, it is really six of one half a dozen of the other.

But here I posit the idea of the IMAX/Matrix multiple life-runs being synonymous with parallel selves exisiting simultaenously - right now - with our current selves, only in other Universes. You may ask, what's the difference. I'd say the answer is this: the Daimonic objective would then be less to "perfect a life" through repeat simulations, amd rather to bring together all the parallel selves that are living now, into a single fused consciousness, that of the Daimon.

This wouldn't be the ultimate goal, however, only the ultimate goal of that particular incarnation. Subsequent incarnations would increase the capacity of each new Eidolon to encompass a larger portion of the total awareness of the Daimon, until the final incarnation, which would fuse together, not only all the multiple parallel selves of that life, but those of ALL LIVES, through Space and Time.

And thou Art that.

And we wonder why we have trouble remembering our dreams?!

Lucid Be.

Death as cold turkey on life

Any new experience means opening up and this includes to death. Life is an addiction to safety and certainty, the way I see it and anything that threatens that is denied. In dreams nightmares wake us up to this fear of extinction of the loved one (Eidolon). This can even be seen in sleep paralysis, where we panic when we realize we can't move and therefore 'our bodies' are at the mercy of those that can.

By addiction I mean reductionism of everything down into the known and known in detail to boot! We hide in this castle of doubt, fearing to go outside of until death in its many forms claim us and we have to go, if only temporarily (The unconsciousness of sleep, thought, illness or injury).

Slow moving idea?

What if the reason we can't act on a particular impulse is that the idea hasn't reached us yet? By this I mean that like the track of a record, we know it's there as potential in Daemonic reality but it hasn't reached us yet, Eidolon wise (in actuality)? (See prediction test post too in this respect). It could explain anticipation, boredom and purgatory as waiting for the number 37 bus to arrive (The lightning has flashed, the thunder will follow - the subjective idea has flashed into your mind but the corporeal reality hasn't yet materialized).

This I call also The Thrill Ride Phenomena because you want to go round and round again, until bored (Know the experience or music track, in intimate detail, so you don't want to get reincarnated into it ever again). It's also the detective story, where you pick up the clues, until you solve the mystery that has held you enthralled until now (Who did what to whom, where, when and why).

What if 'taste' is proof of this? (What we like now and don't like, even without investigation, indicates former love that we've moved on from, last time we were in this particular time loop and therefore don't need to hear/ experience ever again because we know what would be coming).

Prediction post earlier

Could the impression of movement (roundabout effect/ dizziness) be proof outside the laboratory of the prediction test, mentioned some time back i.e. something like 15 second jump in awareness of what was coming next, in laboratory experiment?

I noticed this when I had to stop as I was walking along the other day, to check whether a chain hanging from a crane was really swinging in the wind as it appeared or if it was me (A Zen saying is that it is not anything moving but the mind). As it turned out it was me and it made me realize that only by being stationary, could I be sure what if anything was in motion apart from me: Star movement, drunkeness and ambulatory motion all come under this illusion I believe, either because we have no stable motionless object to compare the thing we're viewing with what we 'believe' to be moving or we lose it.

It reminds me of Laurie Andersons song, 'Walking and falling' because it made me aware that we could actually be teleporting ourselves forward as we walk and forming ourselves into matter, when we settle. It is not the same point as above but equally fascinating in my opinion.

Dr Who - recent episode

In the second part of The Library Planet episode, one of the characters said that in order to understand ultimate truth, you need to be brilliant and unloved. To me this explains the daemon outright. If you know what gears reality, like the school swot, you will be shunned for being too clever (a know-all). The daemon interferes but isn't liked for it because it dis-illusions us and spoils the fun of discovery and learning, by giving you the answers. Sadly I think this is my role in society and why I am for the most part shunned too (Looked at as a weirdo as are similar Geeks like me - Asperger Syndrome sufferers and computer nerds etc.).


Johnjoe McFadden
School of Biomedical and Life Sciences,
University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 5XH, UK.

The human brain consists of approximately 100 billion electrically active neurones that generate an endogenous electromagnetic (em) field, whose role in neuronal computing has not been fully examined. The source, magnitude and likely influence of the brain´s endogenous em field are here considered. An estimate of the strength and magnitude of the brain´s em field is gained from theoretical considerations, brain scanning and microelectrode data. An estimate of the likely influence of the brain´s em field is gained from theoretical principles and considerations of the experimental effects of external em fields on neurone firing both in vitro and in vivo. I point out that synchronous firing of distributed neurones phase-locks induced em field fluctuations to increase their magnitude and influence. Synchronous firing has previously been demonstrated to correlate with awareness and perception, indicating that perturbations to the brain´s em field also correlate with awareness. I point out that the brain´s em field represents an integrated electromagnetic field representation of distributed neuronal information and has dynamics that closely map to those expected for a correlate of consciousness. I propose that the brain´s em information field is the physical substrate of conscious awareness – the cemi field - and make a number of predictions that follow from this proposal. Experimental evidence pertinent to these predictions is examined and shown to be entirely consistent with the cemi field theory. The cemi field theory provides solutions to many of the intractable problems of consciousness – such as the binding problem – and provides new insights into the role of consciousness, the meaning of free will and the nature of qualia. It thus places consciousness within a secure physical framework and provides a route towards constructing an artificial consciousness.


Does the cemi (conscious electromagnetic field) field survive after death?
"mmm an interesting question. My hypothesis is that conciousness is the experience of information, from the inside. There is a postulate in physics that information is neither created or destroyed - the conservation of information 'law'. It is however just a postulate, nobody has ever proved it. But, if true, it would suggest that awareness (associated with that information) - in some form - might survive death." Johnjoe McFadden

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Sunday 8 June 2008

A dream lesson from my Daemon??

It was a few years ago. I fell asleep while reading Jane Robert's Seth book on Dreams and had six consecutive repeats of the same lucid dream until I "got it right". After each dream I briefly woke up.
The dream:
I am upstairs in a strange house and trying to find my way outside.
I walk past an open door, where there is a soft red light and looking in I see several beautiful women. Their sexual energy is SO strong that I cannot resist and so I enter the room. The dream then stops and I wake up.
The same thing happens for the next four repeats of the dream until at the sixth try I manage to overcome the temptation and walk past the open door. I walk downstairs and find the front door.
Standing in front of it I recall what I had read in Robert Monroe's book " Journeys out of the body" and say to myself " well according to Monroe I should be able to just walk throught this "dream" door.
My attempt failed as I banged face-first into the solid door! So I opened the door and went outside. The scenery was amazing ; larger than life colours and textures ( under my bare feet).
I decided I wanted to fly and immediatley was up in the air and flying just over the top of peoples' heads. Passing over a man walking with a young girl I noticed that although the adults around were totally unaware of me, the little girl could see me, and she reached up and touched me as a flew overhead.
I felt a very sharp pain at her touch and again I recalled Monroe's book and thought " well he was wrong about not feeling pain too!"
I saw a temple on a hilltop in the distance and decided to fly to it. Landing there I felt the grass under my feet with such clarity and everything I looked at was like looking "properly" for the very first time; seeing and feeling with utmost clarity.
Then a thought suddenly occured to me that I could choose one thing that I always wanted to do but was never able. A backflip, of all things! came to mind, and suddenly I was doing a perfect flip. I recall seeing the grass and then the sky as I turned.
Then I woke up. It was somehow clear to me that the house was my body-my attachment to illusion- and that it was possible to "let go" of that illusion.
I had the strongest impression that I had just been given a lesson by a very very patient teacher - my Daemon?

Re. thoughts on the creation of the eidolon

In support of my earlier Post Re. thoughts on the creation of the eidolon
Finite collections of objects (e.g., points in space) are considered 0-dimensional. Objects that are "dragged" versions of zero-dimensional objects are then called one-dimensional ( a line) . Similarly, objects which are dragged one-dimensional objects are two-dimensional, and so on. Dimension is formalized in mathematics as the intrinsic dimension of a topological space. This dimension is called the Lebesgue covering dimension
-- from Wikipedia---------
Classical physics theories describe three physical dimensions: from a particular point in space, the basic directions in which we can move are up/down, left/right, and forward/backward. Movement in any other direction can be expressed in terms of just these three. Moving down is the same as moving up a negative amount. Moving diagonally upward and forward is just as the name of the direction implies; i.e., moving in a linear combination of up and forward. In its simplest form a line describes one dimension, a plane describes two dimensions, and a cube describes three dimensions. See Space and Cartesian coordinate system.)

virgin life

I've been trying to get my head round this concept and I think I'm beginning to grasp it.

1. It seems highly likely that I am experiencing the Bohmian IMAX. I have always had lots of deja vu experiences as well as the odd precognition.

2. That being the case, how can virgin lifers exist in my phaneron? Wouldn't everything in the universe I brought into being by observation have to have been around before?

3. My thoughts on this ...

Maybe in this Groundhog Day I encounter people who were indeed around last time but their experience of virgin life is an attribute, like eye colour, that is part of their identity. In that person's Bohmian IMAX they are experiencing whereas in mine I am merely observing them - so that observation can be experienced over and over again.

Saturday 7 June 2008

Blind Sense ?

The act of perception by a conscious entity beings matter into physical existence! If this is the case how does a blind person bring things into existence without first observing them. Could they see in their past life , is it based on instinct and memories?What if it is their first life and they are blind from birth ?

Vital Signs Magazine

This morning I received the latest copy of Vital Signs - the magazine of the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS). Although USA based this organisation has members across the world. It is the major organisation that researches into the nature and psychology of the NDE phenomenon.

I am honoured that my book is the major feature of this edition. The editor (Joan Donovan) has taken the NDE chapter from ITLAD and with slight editing turned into the first part of a two-part article. The next episode will be in the next edition. The Editor's Note mentions this particular blog and suggests that IANDS members should check out "his lively blog" (thats you guys!!!)

May I thank Joan for facilitating this and may I take the opportunity of greeting any members of IANDS who venture onto this site. You are most welcome. Please feel free to join in with our debates and discussions.