Sunday 16 September 2007

Speaking "unkown" languages

Hi there.

Last night I was reading ITLAD, page 354, where one Dr. Freeborn, in 1902, wrote up the case of an elderly English woman who had pneumonia, and who started to talk in Hindustani when she was in a particularly critical state. It was later discovered that she had lived in India as a child, and that the topic of her conversation was very much the language that a very young child might speak - talking about buying sweets etc. Still critical, she then went on to speak a little German and French, which she had picked up in her teenage years. The gist of the story is that she went through these languages in the order in which she learnt them over her life, suggesting that in her critical state, she was playing back her life in her mind, and that in her delirium, she was expressing herself outwardly.

That interested me in and of itself, because it's so fascinating, and the reason that I am posting this is because I read today in a couple of newspaper websites about a Czech guy who had a motorbike accident and woke up speaking perfect English, even though he was an elementary learner of the language. I have no idea what this may mean in terms of the book's contents and theory, but maybe it indicates at some level deep down that either we all in fact have within us all of the world's languages, (see page 352, where Alan Pring said in 1979, describing a NDE, that he "felt in some magical way that I would know everything that there was to know") or at least that we can tap into them somehow. Or perhaps in some way, this man's "track" got "jumped over" into someone else's!

Anyway, the links are below:

One of the links mentions that the ability to speak languages one has never learnt is called "xenoglossy". And here, for what it's worth, is a link to Wikipedia's offering on the "condition".

Anyone heard of any other stories like the biker one?

Sunday 9 September 2007

Deja Vu receeding


You asked me to put comments on the Blog so here we go. I found your book very intriguing and it explains some of the feelings I've had in my life. Apart from the deja-vu feelings, which have now stopped since I had my car crash earlier this year, I used to make decisions that I would regret - yet know that I should not have made - as if I had made those same choices time and time again. It lead to me feeling quite depressed for some of my life - a feeling that one was stuck on the wheel of life again and again. I have had a strong belief in reincarnation but after reading your book I'm trying to reassess that belief and look at the 'chapters' of my life. I had felt that through many lives (different and successive ones) I was making the same mistakes over and over again.

I mentioned on my mail to you that I tried to avoid the events that led to my car crash. I had to attend a business meeting that I felt was unnecessary and could be carried out via teleconferencing (I work for a big IT company). I had a strong sense of premonition that I didn't want to go on the car journey. I never knew why I had those feelings - only that I should try and avoid attending the meeting. I tried to have the meeting changed or to have my attendance cancelled but to no effect. My colleagues felt that I had to attend the meeting in person. I resigned myself to my fate in the end and lo and behold I had a car crash just before I was due to attend the meeting. The only ill effect of the crash was that I had to attend a driving survival course, to order a new company car and my tax was messed up by a series of hire cars and relief cars until my new company car arrived so I can't see why I had such a strong premonition. I walked away from the car crash without a scratch and no body else was hurt - not a single other car was hit yet the reasons for why my car lost control are still uncertain (though there is a strong suspicion that I had a tyre blow out on a bend while breaking). I didn't have an NDE either - only a strong feeling that I should do my best to control the car so I missed the other cars - which I did. At one point in the accident I remember feeling a sense of surprise and thinking - 'ok I'm in an accident, I'll just sit tight and wait till this ends now.' The car eventually came to rest and I phoned the leasing company to tell them of the crash then my loved ones. Why did I have such a strong sense of premonition if my life wasn't curtailed and no other ill effects occurred. Unless my life has now branched and is now on a new path never before travelled before? As I've said, I've not noticed any Deja-Vu sensations of late - as if I'm starting afresh. I have a sense of renewed optimism. I'm attending a creative writing course to try and kick start a long lost dream to write. My wife and I had our first child and I feel that things are at last going well at work. I do remember that before the crash I had to stop off at motorway services for an urgent call of nature. I'm wondering if this very minor thing saved my life - that a worse accident may have occurred. Or - as suggested in your book - I am actually in a new universe - that I did die in the crash (rather sad for my wife and child especially as my wife was to lose her mother as well later this year) to all other observers except myself. It's a startling thought and one I try not to dwell on for long as it makes me feel very sad.

Saturday 8 September 2007

Second Life

Hi All

How many of you have joined 2nd Life since the post earlier this year? I've just joined and I'm trying to fathom out how to put clothes on my avatar then I'll zip over to Liverpool from the Azure Islands.

Friday 7 September 2007

Dr Michael Newton's work on experience between lives

Tony, I enjoyed reading your book and wondered if you have ever read the material by Dr Michael Newton. Though this isn't in support of your hypothesis it's interesting to see. His books are here on Amazon and reviews can be found on the net elsewhere:

Newton performed hypnotic regression on a very large number of patients to discover the life of the 'spirit' in-between lives. Unfortunately nobody interviewed ever mentions about the repetition of the current life which is intriguing. I am often suspicious of past life regression because of the depth and breadth of the subconscious (and thus the Daemon) providing information that the hypnotist wants to hear. Still - his two books are an interesting read even though I may not believe what he's 'found'. He explains Deja Vu as remembering a pre-life review that a souls has before entering the life it's about to embark upon. Key milestones are seen and the soul is 'primed', so to speak, so it recognises them.

Anyway - I'll post again soon.


Sunday 2 September 2007

A Request - Amazon Website Reviews

Many of you have told me that you have enjoyed reading Is There Life After Death (ITLAD). You could really help me out if you could place a review of the book on your country's Amazon website. All you need to do is search out my book - simply search on 'Anthony Peake' - and then click on 'add a review'. In order to be allowed to do this you need to have purchased a product from that particular Amazon site. If you have done so you will have to enter your email address (the one you used to purchase the goods) and your Amazon password. You will then be in to give the book a star rating and make some comments. You can be as truthful as you like. Indeed you can give yourself an Amazon identity name that will ensure you cannot be identified.

This will really help me because people do read these comments and make a decision to purchase or not. Indeed the more comments reflects the books popularity. Indeed for those of you in Germany, Netherlands,USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia as well as the UK, it will help get my theory known in those countries.