Tuesday 25 August 2009

This morning I received my copies of the Russian edition of ITLAD from my UK publisher, Arcturus.

It is entitled День сурка: хроника личного бессмертия which, if my translation is correct means "Groundhog Day: Chronicle of personal immortality". Yet again it seems that a foreign translator has hit the nail on the head (you will recall that the Dutch edition was called Leven Na Leven Na Leven - "Life After Life After Life". I find it interesting that neither decided a literal translation of "Is There Life After Death". Clearly both translators had really grasped the theme!

I have attempted to contact the Russian publisher because I am sure that Russia could prove to be a really good market place for ITLAD/CTF. The issue is getting it marketed well over there.
I am hoping that soon we will be joined by some Russian Itladians who may see the links between my writing and the work of Petyr Ouspensky.

The Spanish language edition should be out soon as well .... what we need is French and German editions to follow soon. Indeed when in New York I met a young lady who was very impressed with my lecture. She was from China and said that she would send a copies of my books to a publisher she knows in Shanghai. If I can break into the Chinese market as well I will feel that we are really starting to make inroads into real "World Exposure".

Monday 24 August 2009

New "angle" on Many-Worlds Interpretation

Whilst on holiday in Greece recently I read a fascinating book entitled Hidden Dimensions - The Unification of Physics and Consciousness written by Dr. B. Alan Wallace. I find this an absolutely fascinating book that is well worth checking out.However what really caught my eye in this book was a reference to the work of Michael Mensky. Philosopher Mensky has extended Everett's "Many World's Interpretation" (MWI) and in doing so, in my opinion, suggests a wonderfully itladian slant that gives yet another solution to the implied solipsism of ITLAD/CTF.

You will recall that according to Everett at any act of observation the wave function is not collapsed by that observation but the wave function continues with the the act of measurement (observation) dividing the quantum world into alternative classical worlds, all equally "real". The observer subjectively perceives only one classical world, namely that of everyday experience.

However all the other worlds also exist.

Now the issue here is that each alternate world must, by logic. also contain an "observer", many replicas of the person who existed prior to the act of observation.... and each one of these replicas believes that they are the continuity of subjective consciousness.Mensky asks the simple question: What happens to the observer's consciousness when such a measurement takes place? He states that every observer sees only one result ... meaning that a choice of one alternative reality out of all the possibilities must be made. Mensky suggests the following itladian solution:

"All alternatives are realised, and the observer's consciousness splits between these alternatives. At the same time, the individual consciousness of the observer subjectively perceives what is going on in such a way as if there exists only one alternative, the one she exists in. In other words, the consciousness as a whole splits between the alternatives but the individual consciousness subjectively chooses (selects) one alternative".

By this he is suggesting that the the observer's brain and the observed system are synchronistically entangled. Now what is exciting is how Dr. Wallace interprets Mensky’s idea. He writes:‘Unlike inanimate matter, every conscious living being perceives the quantum world, with its characteristic nonlocality, relative to its own cognitive frame of reference. Each of these individual classical projections is “locally predictable”, and in each case one, a conscious being realises a world of living experience. And each such classical world exists only relative to such a being or community of beings.” (page 82) And in this way Wallace and Mensky explain how all “observers” within the same cognitive framework perceive the same things and in doing so ensure that their observations are consistent. Indeed he goes on to suggest that the selection of reality is made taking into account the preferences or psychological state of that observer:‘So it is possible that by choosing a classical world according to our interests, we may affect the probability of which alternative we observe.” Wallace then presents the most amazing quote from Mensky:

‘If, for instance, a close relative dies in one of these realities and remains alive in another, the conscious subject is highly motivated to select the latter alternative. If he believes in this case that he is able to affect the selection, it is not inconceivable that he will actually increase the probability to some extent that he will witness precisely the latter alternative’.

Of course within ITLAD/CTF the choice is assisted by a “precognition” or “hunch” injected into Eidolonic awareness by the Daemon who is already aware, having followed through the alternative scenarios in previous runs of the Bohmian IMAX.Wallace makes an interesting observation that this may explain such mysteries as the “placebo effect”.I would add that this may also explain the “Law of Attraction” (Ed, is this how you always find a parking space?)Now for a true (and well documented) personal example.

For the last eight years I have never had a plane seat that has not been over the wing! This has become far more than a joke with my wife, family and close friends. I have flown approximately 50 individual sectors in that period and every flight is the same …. I get a window seat and look out on the wing….with one exception, and only one. Four years ago I flew to Greece with my mother and wife-to-be to make arrangements for our forthcoming marriage on the island of Halki. I gave my mother the window seat. And guess what ….. you guessed it. We were off the wing!I have calculated that on any one flight there is a rough average of 70 window seats on an average size plane.(737-800). 16 of these will be on the wing. So I have a 1 in 4.375 of being allocated a window seat on a wing. So on average I should be off the wing 3 flights in every 4. But I have been on the wing 50 times out of 50 !Is this evidence of my negativity (I now expect to be on the wing?) that places me always in the universe where I am on the wing?Will my universe now change because I have recognised why this is happening? I am flying from London to Denver in a few weeks time. Let’s see what happens!!!

References:Wallace, B Alan – Hidden Dimensions – The Unification of Physics And Consciousness (Columbia University Press) – isbn: 9780231141505.

Mensky, Michael B – Concept of Consciousness in the Context of Quantum Mechanics (Physics-Usekki 48, no. 4 (2005): 389-409

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Last night I was delighted to receive a copy of the Society of Psychical Research (SPR) review of The Daemon. I received it "out of the blue" from one of their Officers. I had long known that the SPR had reviewed ITLAD and, for some reason, I was worried about what they may say. I guess that my logic was that the SPR is an organisation that I have always held in awe ever since I was a child and I first began reading about unusual phenomenon. Back in 1969 I used to receive a weekly copy of a part-work called Man, Myth & Magic and in the early 1980's I collected a similar series (although slighly less intellectually challenging) called The Unexplained. Both these works were full of learned articles written by members of the SPR. I read more about this organisation and found that they had been founded in 1882 by Henry Sidgwick, Professor of Moral Philosophy at Cambridge University, and had, over the years, some great thinkers, scientists and philosophers within its ranks. A few years later (1886) a book that was to have a huge influence on my own philosophy was published by the SPR. This book was entitled Phantasms of the Living and was written mainly by Edmund Gurney, together with Frederic Myers and Frank Podmore. I re-read this book whilst researching material for The Daemon and I was stunned with how my Daemon Hypothesis can be applied to many of the cases reported by Gurney et al. A few years later one of my all-time intellectual heroes, William James, was to join the ranks of the SPR.

Over the years this organisation has attracted some of the best brains of each generation, radical thinkers who were willing to risk carefully built academic reputations to pusue understanding of areas of experience that did not fit into the scientific paradigm of the time.

As such the opinion of the SPR was of great importance to me. For them not to like my book was a possibility, and something that I would prefer to be in ignorance of. However yesterday I was sent a pdf of their review of The Daemon...and on reading it I found that the reviewer gave it a reasonable review. Indeed in my opinion the reviewer, Robert Charman, writes an excellent précis of the whole ITLAD/CTF hypothesis and in doing so he has given the members of the SPR an excellent understanding of what I am trying to explain.

It is of no surprise to me that the SPR focuses on the one element of ITLAD/CTF that does not fit in with their research findings …. That consciousness is simply an epiphenomenon of the brain and as such cannot exist outside of the brain. However on careful reading of my work it will be seen that I leave this question open. I can see evidence that the brain may also be a receiver of some description in which case consciousness may exist in another “place”. My problem with this was that such a concept falls into the classic Dualism trap and despite much research no hard evidence has been found for such a conclusion.

But there is considerable subjective and experiential evidence for this conclusion. Distance viewing, telepathy, out-of-body experiences, Astral Travel and many other well documented phenomena suggest that consciousness is more than just a “brain-state”.

As such my involvement with the SPR is, yet again, phenomenally synchrondipitous. Last night I was also sent a pdf copy of their review of ITLAD (Robert Charman again). This is another very fair and well thought-through review. Robert is obviously a very careful reader and does an excellent job. This stimulated me to do something I had long planned to do …. Join the SPR. I emailed my contact (Tom Ruffles) to let him know that I was doing so. Tom replied asking if I had considered doing a lecture for the SPR! Wow! What an honour that would be. But of course the timing is exactly right because Karl and I will be presenting BIGTOE to the world via our Edge Media TV interview which will be recorded on Friday 21st. Bringing together my ITLAD/CTF with Karl’s CtCw will, in one perfect synthesis, explain all the phenomenon discussed above whilst still remaining true to the concept of the Bohmian IMAX.

I have informed both Tom and Robert about this TV programme and I am hopeful that they will inform the members of the SPR about it.

All very exciting ………. And, as I stated above, a classic case of synchrondipity!!!

Sunday 16 August 2009

Quantum Duo: Anthony Peake & Karl L LeMarcs to be broadcast on Edge Television

Quantum Duo: Anthony Peake & Karl L LeMarcs to be broadcast on Edge Television

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WORLD PREMIERE of BIGTOE: Peake-Le Marcs Television Interview

Anthony Peake and Karl L Le Marcs will be interviewed by Edge Media Television on Friday 21st August for a television programme named ESOTERIA hosted by Nick Margerrison and broadcast in the UK on Sky Channel 200, Controversial TV.

Tony and I are very proud and excited by this invitation to our very first joint interview where we can introduce BIGTOE (Bohmian IMAX Grand Theory of Everything), the uber-theory combining Tony's ITLAD (Is There Life After Death) with my CtCw (Collapsing the Consciousness wave), to the world.

We are being interviewed for two hours which is to be recorded for broadcast at a later date. When we have confirmation of the broadcast time and date we will, of course, announce it here and on FORUM.

I have begun a thread on this interview, with more information and links, over on the FORUM - CONSCIOUSNESS section, where Tony and I hope all those who have an interest in the future of ITLAD/CtCw and the implications of BIGTOE to all Consciousness and Life will contribute with questions, opinion, discussion and debate.

So, if you have any questions on how ITLAD and CtCw work together then please ask us on the thread linked below:

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Saturday 15 August 2009

Angels In My Hair

Has anyone read the book 'Angels In My Hair' by Lorna Byrne. I have and to be honest I'm torn I don't know what to think. Part of me believes her because I have had plenty of very unexplainable experiences throughout my life and I can relate to her in some way's. However, the rational side of me is saying no way! she's a millionaire now, paid a 6 figure sum by the publishes of international bestseller The Da Vinci Code for her book in the U.S. Come on! it's a put up job!....or is it... I have experienced at least two miracle's that could have been from the pages of this book and have absolutely no explanation except divine intervention but something is playing on my mind... In her book her husband is near death and she beg's God to allow him to live longer. God's tell's her 'ok Lorna I will allow this just this once'. She said God's tone was such that she knew she could never ask out again to God to spare her husband life. This made me think 'sod off' I would still ask and go on asking or begging 'whatever'.... In fact I would ask so many questions and not simply accept as she does the words of these being's/angels that have been in her life since birth my questions and questioning would be endless. Maybe that is why I don't see angel's and maybe that's why God doesn't talk to me in the same way because I ask too many questions....

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Sovereign Radio Interview - 12th August 2009

My sincere apologies to Sonia Barrett of Sovereign Radio and to all those planning to listen in this evening. Unfortunately I made a total miscalculation in terms of the time of broadcast. I had checked the time difference between the UK and California a few months ago (when the first interview with Sonia had been scheduled). Clearly I jotted down the wrong time and worsened the error by not checking it again.

Unfortunately the interview was unusual in that usually the radio station rings me. This time I needed to ring them. As I was at home at the correct time of 1600 (UK time) I would have been available to take the call. As it was I waited until the time I thought it was (1800) before attempting to SKYPE the station.

I have done many, many, US and Canadian interviews and this is the first time that this has happened. Hopefully it will be the last time.

My apologies also to Susan-Marie who I know placed this on many wires in the USA.

Tuesday 11 August 2009

PK Dick , Anarch Peake , and Anthony Peake | The News is NowPublic.com

PK Dick , Anarch Peake , and Anthony Peake | The News is NowPublic.com

Interesting website?

You and the dark philosopher may be interested in this site as it covers much the same ground but its by an experiencer that has had a lot of experience I can tell you!

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Thank You to Anthony Peake

I just want to say thank you to Anthony Peake,  for gracing New York City with a superb lecture on August 3 in the Grand Ballroom of the Roosevelt Hotel:  One  which was invigorating,  electric,  and seamless from start to finish.  I am humbled by the rush of congratulatory calls and emails I have received post event;  and the compliments on Anthony Peake,  and many are requesting a part 2.  Thank you again,  Tony,  and thanks also to Martin Huxter for his excellent speech and his company;   and to John Broughton of New York Philosophy for his;   and to Ruth Ahlgren and her sister,  for their wonderful participation and presence.