Thursday 31 January 2008

This time around.

If you are correct (which of course you are good sir!)than you have lived similar versions of your life over and over several times. Let's just imagine this theory is correct:

1) What can we actualy do with this information knowing that we can only exist within the time frame of our mortal lives? (Others that are born after us may not exist in our worlds after a certain point but they will still go on to create different future events)

2) This life is one of many possibilities based on your decisions. Deja vu, premonitions and other Daemon provoked warnings can slightly alter the course of our lives correct? So do you see this panning out as a constant moving towards "Getting it right/being one with God (however you want to perceive it)? OR are we destined to fluctuate from one version to another? If your Daemon tries to alter something earlier on in your life next time around, will this COMPLETELY change your future, leaving you to never create this theory and do the things you have done (doomed back to the future type scenario) or can smaller details be ironed out leaving the grand framework in the individual quest for meaning uninteruppted?

I hope that makes sense, my sincere apologies if subtitles are needed.

Gravitational Lensing - Wheeler's "Participatory Universe"

In Karl's posting on Gravity the responses have been fascinating . In her comment Susan Marie asked about how Karl's question related to CTF. I thought that I would take the opportunity to explain how I feel that one particular implication of gravity being a warping of space-time can be shown as a potential proof of CTF. Indeed what I am about to discuss now is a section that was in the original, 'harder-science' version of ITLAD.

Particle physicist John Wheeler says that according to The Copenhagen Interpretation we can regard some restricted properties of distant galaxies, which we now see as they were billions of years ago, as brought into existence now. Perhaps all properties – and hence the entire universe is brought into existence by observations made at some point in time by conscious beings. The order of the universe is brought about in some way by the manner in which these observations are made self consistent. Wheeler calls this anthropic manner a “Participatory Universe”.

Wheeler uses the famous Two-Slit Experiment as the basis of his amazing, and very "itladian" suggestion that the act of observation creates not only everything that is, but also everything that was. For those of you who have the opportunity to attend my latest series of talks the description below will be presented in a graphical format that, I hope, will clarify exactly what Wheeler suggests. If you cannot get along I hope that this somewhat long posting may help clarify exactly why I am so fascinated by the implications of this experiment.
In the two-slit experiment, particles of light — photons — stream through a single vertical slit cut into a screen and fall onto a piece of photographic film placed some distance behind the screen. The image that develops on the film isn't surprising— simply a bright, uniform band. But if a second slit is cut into the screen, parallel to the first, the image on the film changes in an unexpected way: In place of a uniformly bright patch, the photons now form a pattern of alternating bright and dark parallel lines on the film. Dark lines appear in areas that were bright when just one slit was open. Somehow, cutting a second slit for the light to shine through prevents the photons from hitting areas on the screen they easily reached when only one slit was open.

Physicists usually explain the pattern by saying that light has a dual nature; it behaves like a wave, although it consists of individual photons. When light waves emerge from the two slits, overlapping wave crests meet at the film to create the bright lines; crests and troughs cancel out to produce the dark lines.

But there's a problem with this explanation: The same pattern of light and dark lines gradually builds up even when photons pass one at a time through the slits, as if each photon had somehow spread out like a wave and gone through both slits simultaneously. That clearly isn't the case, because the distance between the two slits can be hundreds, thousands, or in principle, any number of times greater than the size of a single photon. And if that isn't confusing enough, consider this: If detectors are placed at each slit, they register a photon traveling through only one of the slits, never through both at the same time.

Yet the photons behave as if they had traveled through both slits at once. The same baffling result holds not just for photons but also for particles of matter, such as electrons. Each seems able to exist in many different places at once — but only when no one is looking. As soon as a physicist tries to observe a particle — by placing a detector at each of the two slits, for example — the particle somehow settles down into a single position, as if it knew it was being detected.

This illustrates a key principle of quantum mechanics: Light has a dual nature. Sometimes light behaves like a compact particle, a photon; sometimes it seems to behave like a wave spread out in space, just like the ripples in a pond. In the experiment, light — a stream of photons — shines through two parallel slits and hits a strip of photographic film behind the slits. The experiment can be run two ways: with photon detectors right beside each slit that allow physicists to observe the photons as they pass, or with detectors removed, which allows the photons to travel unobserved. When physicists use the photon detectors, the result is unsurprising: Every photon is observed to pass through one slit or the other. The photons, in other words, act like particles.

But when the photon detectors are removed, something weird occurs. One would expect to see two distinct clusters of dots on the film, corresponding to where individual photons hit after randomly passing through one slit or the other. Instead, a pattern of alternating light and dark stripes appears. Such a pattern could be produced only if the photons are behaving like waves, with each individual photon spreading out and surging against both slits at once, like a breaker hitting a jetty. Alternating bright stripes in the pattern on the film show where crests from those waves overlap; dark stripes indicate that a crest and a trough have canceled each other.

The outcome of the experiment depends on what the physicists try to measure: If they set up detectors beside the slits, the photons act like ordinary particles, always traversing one route or the other, not both at the same time. In that case the striped pattern doesn't appear on the film. But if the physicists remove the detectors, each photon seems to travel both routes simultaneously like a tiny wave, producing the striped pattern.

Wheeler has come up with a cosmic-scale version of this experiment that has even weirder implications. Where the classic experiment demonstrates that physicists' observations determine the behavior of a photon in the present, Wheeler's version shows that our observations in the present can affect how a photon behaved in the past.

Imagine a quasar— a very luminous and very remote young galaxy. Now imagine that there are two other large galaxies between Earth and the quasar. As we now know from the programme Karl mentioned in his posting, the gravity from massive objects like galaxies can bend light, just as conventional glass lenses do. In Wheeler's experiment the two huge galaxies substitute for the pair of slits; the quasar is the light source. Just as in the two-slit experiment, light— photons— from the quasar can follow two different paths, past one galaxy or the other.

Suppose that on Earth, some astronomers decide to observe the quasars. In this case a telescope plays the role of the photon detector in the two-slit experiment. If the astronomers point a telescope in the direction of one of the two intervening galaxies, they will see photons from the quasar that were deflected by that galaxy; they would get the same result by looking at the other galaxy. But the astronomers could also mimic the second part of the two-slit experiment. By carefully arranging mirrors, they could make photons arriving from the routes around both galaxies strike a piece of photographic film simultaneously (see the diagram at the top of this posting). Alternating light and dark bands would appear on the film, identical to the pattern found when photons passed through the two slits.

Here's the odd part. The quasar could be very distant from Earth, with light so faint that its photons hit the piece of film only one at a time. But the results of the experiment wouldn't change. The striped pattern would still show up, meaning that a lone photon not observed by the telescope traveled both paths toward Earth, even if those paths were separated by many light-years. And that's not all.

By the time the astronomers decide which measurement to make— whether to pin down the photon to one definite route or to have it follow both paths simultaneously— the photon could have already journeyed for billions of years, long before life appeared on Earth. The measurements made now, says Wheeler, determine the photon's past. In one case the astronomers create a past in which a photon took both possible routes from the quasar to Earth. Alternatively, they retroactively force the photon onto one straight trail toward their detector, even though the photon began its jaunt long before any detectors existed.

Clearly this is exactly what I suggest in ITLAD. This universe is your universe - the being reading these words. It is one of trillions of personal Everett Universes rooted in David Bohm's 'Implicate Order'.
For a graphical example of the Two Slit Experiment please check out:

Wednesday 30 January 2008

What On Earth Is Wrong With Gravity?

Did anyone see BBC2's "Horizon" programme yesterday evening where particle physicist and ex D:Ream keyboard player *shrugs*, Dr Brian Cox narrated a documentary on the newly debated inaccuracies within Newtonian gravity and the latest experimentation into Quantum particle acceleration?

(It was better than it sounds, honestly!)

It was interesting to see that much time, money and effort is being spent presently trying to identify the "graviton" - the hypothetical particle that mediates the force of gravity (according to Einstein) - deep within the subatomic world.

Now, Gravity is one of the four fundamental forces within the Universe - the other three being Electromagnetism, and the Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces.

Scientists pretty much uniformally agree that the strongest of these forces is the Strong Nuclear Force BUT that its range of effect is miniscule thereby only having its full force at the subatomic level, binding Protons together in the atomic nucleus.

So much work is going on trying to identify what effect Gravity has on the atomic world when it is already established that the Strong Nuclear Force has no effect in the Macro-materialistic-world we all inhabit, so why can the inverse not also be true.

Gravity depends on mass. F=mg (or Force = Mass x Gravity (9.81 m/s constant)). So whereas the Sun may very well be warping Space-Time and creating this effect we call gravity, this is obviously due to the sheer massiveness of the Sun. At the subatomic level the Gravitational effect will become as insignificant as the Strong Nuclear Force is on material objects.

Now am I being brilliant or idiotic? This is one of those moments where I don't know, so I thought I'd put these thoughts here for my fellow Peakeians (and of course, Tony himself), to add their comments to help me decide.

What do you think?

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Sunday 27 January 2008

Jung's Daemon

When searching through his own consciousness the great Austrian psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung claimed that he had encountered another personality. This being, another older man, was called Philemon. This being seemed to have an independent existence. Jung wrote:

“Philemon and other figures of my fantasies brought home to me the crucial insight that there are things in the psyche which I do not produce, but which produce themselves and have their own life. Philemon represented a force which was not myself. In my fantasies I held conversations with him, and he said things which I had not consciously thought. For I observed clearly that it was he who spoke, not I. He said I treated thoughts as if I generated them myself, but in his view thoughts were like animals in a forest, or people in a room, or birds in the air…It was he who taught me psychic objectivity, the reality of the psychi.”

This inner voice seems to be psychic in that it warns Jung about future events. It seems that Jung had a vision of Europe covered with blood. After this vision an inner voice (not directly identified as Philemon) says “Look at it well: it is wholly real and will be so. You cannot doubt it”. And in August 1914 it was to become real.

I suspect that Jung’s ‘Philemon’ is a manifestation of his Daemon. He finds this being deep within his own psychi and then discovers that not only does it have independent motivations but also an ability to know what is about to happen.

I would be interested in comments with regard to this observation.

The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Yesterday I did my second lecture of my short tour of Wirral Libraries. This was at Hoylake. Many of you may recognise the name as this was the place that the Open Golf Championship of 2006 took place. With a slightly smaller audience I presented my talk on the background to CTF.

The question and answer session at the end was, as usual, very stimulating with me learning as much as the audience. I always find it so heartening how people swiftly take on board the concept of CTF and become as enthusiastic as me about it. What was particularly interesting this time was that one member of the audience was, I recall, a lecturer in English literature. In the presentation I discuss in very general terms the poetry of Alfred Lord Tennyson and how his writing acts as a clue to his temporal lobe epilepsy - particularly his preoccupation with deja vu. Now although I know the poem from a wonderful sung version by the Canadian singer Loreena McKennett, I had made now particular links between Tennyson's poem The Lady of Shalott and CTF. Imagine my surprise when I was informed that the central theme of the poem is that the 'Lady' perceives the world through a mirror and when the mirror cracks she knows she has to die. I was then myself recalled of the philosophical concept of Plato's Cave. Could it be that Tennyson was tring to explain in poetic form the illusion-like nature of perception? As a TLE person he would have been all too aware of such an idea as his every-day experience presented such a possibility to him. Another member of the audience then mentioned David Bohm and his theories with regard to the holographic (and therefore reflective) nature of 'reality'. All fascinating stuff.

As a synchronicity you may be interested to to know that the painting above is called The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse. This can be seen at The Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight. This is no more than a ten minute walk from where I am typing these words.

And this is how Tennyson poetically describes The Bohmian IMAX:

And moving through a mirror clear
That hangs before her all the year,
Shadows of the world appear.

Saturday 26 January 2008

Thoughts on materialism

Here's something I worked out while at school. Why I wasn't drinking under age instead I haven't quite worked out yet :(

I will take for a moment the materialist view that our conscious existence is a fortuitous side effect of the material in our brain/bodies, and that our identity is merely the selection and order of the elements that comprise them. It follows then that death is unconsciousness, a state that will prevail until the material that forms us 'accidentally' reassembles itself (presumably using the same atoms in the same structure). A bleak outlook.

Or is it? The one thing about total unconsciousness is that any finite time passes instantly. Only infinite time will appear as finite time in this state. Two points: 1. It doesn't matter how long it takes for chance to put us back together again - for us it will be the next experience after death. 2. If that doesn't happen, our next experience will be after eternity (as this appears finite under conditions of zero time perception).

We should find that encouraging! If time is circular (as most dimensions appear to be) then your next perception after death is that as your foetus. If time is flat and infinite, then you will resurrect when your material re-assembles by accident. The probability of that happening is finite (it happened at least one to your knowledge). Anything with a finite probability will happen roughly periodically over a large enough time period. This time period may be truly enormous (perhaps 10 to then 10 to the 10 to the 1000 years).

But who cares, we won't be aware of this time passage!

So you see I am fairly confident that we are immortal. What I'm not confident of is our ability to carry over our understanding of this to the next incarnation. Its like death is a Control-Alt-Delete on your operating system. 'Any data in running programs will be lost if you proceed'.

a note on 19th century poets, the daemon, and the bohmian imax

Just was thinking back over some of my favorite poets of the 19th century, and their poems: Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, Nietzsche (the philosopher/poet). I am struck by how, when writing of their sensibilities, they all made references to not only the classical sense of the daemon, but to things which seem to anticipate that this daemon might be linked, in the future, to the realms of science (and Anthony has created- and is, in a sense - this link). Examples: when Nietzsche speaks "from high mountains", of the peak of the future (as Karl says, the "Peake"), and of "one becoming two" in the great future (eidolon/daemon dyad); when Poe speaks of his reveries about a future knowledge, sent by "a daemon in my view", and that "all we see or seem is but a dream within a dream" (Bohmian IMAX); when Dickinson speaks of the human brain as containing the wider skies, as well as ourselves and all the images therein, and that the brain is "the weight of God" and differs only from Him "as syllable to sound":-- all of these ideas seem to resonate with Bohm's implicate order, the eidolon/daemon dyad, the recurrence and consciousness thereof. . . In short, all that Anthony has crafted together. . . I had even thought of presenting this idea before the philosophical society in the future. Perhaps one has to be steeped in the poems as I am before they resonate and reverberate so stunningly. . .

Time-lapse-prediction-deja vu-kinda-thing

Ok, my apologies in advance if this post doesn't make too much sense but i've considered sharing this small amount of potentialy relevant information since the many Deja Vu posts and that last Groundhog Christmas one has made up my mind for me!

Sometimes whilst sitting around all walking about you simply just come out with stuff; adverts, songs, catchphrases ect. There have been probably at least two occasions, and one in particular where something rather strange happened to me. I was walking along with a friend and my mind was a bit distracted, i was thinking about something else and had kind of zoned out while my friend was talking, wasn't listening what-so-ever. He began to ask me several questions to which, i promise you, i didn't consciously hear a single one. Despite not even listening at all, i started blurted out random words and i wasn't sure why, these were of course, accurate answers to what my friend was asking me.

Now my issue with this isn't so much that, obviously on some level i must have somehow heard him, my issue is with the level of distraction i was in experiencing and is it possible that my Daemon had for some reason prompted some answers from me. From what i understand, the Daemon is receptive but not resposive right? This strange compulsion to say certain words when we're not sure why, very weird indeed.

I guess it's sort of like when you glance at a newspaper/magazine/book and despite looking in one direction you notice something else out of your focus, the things we pick up on that we technically shouldn't (well at least according to some) are quite remarkable.

I hope somebody understands where i'm coming from and can make some helpful comments, If not, i'll just pretend i'm drunk, so there. Having experienced both Deja vu and time lapse before, i can only comment by saying this felt very similar in afterward sensation.

Self Fulfilling Prophesies

Susan Marie has requested my opinion with regard to the above concept. I thank Susan for this and I feel that this is such an important topic that it should have a thread all to itself. It refers to the comments made with regard to the posting Groundhog Christmas with particular reference to Johar's comment about her husband and father.

If CTF is correct then many of us - particularly those of us who experience psychic phenomenon such as deja vu, precognition etc - are living our lives again. We do this in an internally generated holographic projection similar to that proposed in the movie The Matrix. This illusion (known as Maya by the Hindus) I call The Bohmian IMAX and I am of the opinion that there is strong evidence to relate this 'illusion' to David Bohm's Implicate Order and Holomovement , Hugh Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation, and Niels Bohr's Copenhagen Interpretation - the implications of the last two so wonderfully described by Jim Al Khalili in the recent BBC TV series Atom.

Depending upon our position in a new concept that I will describe in some detail in my next book - I call this The Scale of Transcendence - will facilitate foreknowledge of the present life based upon the subliminal (Daemon-accessed) memories of the previous life-run. These can be interpreted as a type 1 deja vu (short-term knowledge similar to the Precogs as described in various stories by Philip K Dick) or longer-term and more detailed such as type 2 deja vu or precognition.

Now I am of the opinion that sometimes we have subliminal memories of future events that may be years in the future. These manifest as 'hunches' or simply vague ideas. As such I would suggest that for Johar in her Virgin Life, (as A Dark Philosopher terms it), both events regarding her father and her husband happened as tragic and sad coincidences but mere coincidences nevertheless. However as Johar lives her life again with the subliminal knowledge of this impending coincidence, the coincidence, when it again takes place, is imbued with precognitive significance because the two events are linked by Johar's prior knowledge of the later one. As such the first event did not 'bring about' the second one as such because the only real link is Johar as the 'observer' as per the Copenhagen Interpretation.

Does this make sense?

Friday 25 January 2008

Groundhog Christmas.

Ive had Deja Vue all my life,but a strong one happened on boxing day just gone.I was sat at the table with my family eating,then the usual strange feeling came over me,its a feeling in the pit of the stomache abit like the butterfly feeling people describe.It was like i was watching a repeat of a movie i suppose it lasted 3 maybe 4 seconds but it felt like alot longer.I knew what they were going to say next because i had seen it before.It was as if time slowed and allowed me to view the scene again.I mentioned this to my Father and he told me he had a similar experience when he was younger in the army.He was in Egypt and as he was leaving to return home, he had a very strong feeling come over him that lasted for what seemed like several minutes although he said it was only seconds.He was convinced he'd been to this place before and done the same things,seen the same people had the same conversations ect.This was the only time in his life he has ever had Deja Vue.Im convinced we have been here before and we will again ie;Groundhoglife.

The Wirral Globe

Unfortunately I am aware that most individuals who read and contribute to this Blog live in many locations across the globe. However I know of a few of you that live here on "God's Holy Acre Twixt Mersey and Dee" (a quotation by the famous Cheshire prophet Robert Nixon. It is a response he made to the question "Where will the safest place to be when the End of The World takes place?") otherwise known as Wirral. Why The Wirral Peninsula (beautiful though it may be) should not be involved in the cataclysm is not made clear by Nixon but I, for one, am happy to believe him!

The local newspaper, The Wirral Globe have been following my exploits with some interest and in this week's edition there is an article on me. It can be found tucked away on page 24. As well as discussing the book's recent performance on Amazon it also gives a list of my forthcoming talks.

Article Published in "The Canadian"

For those interested I have had an article published in the newspaper The Canadian. This can be read on-line at:


The Greek Philosopher Plotinus spoke of guardian daemons and of the idea that each individual is a microcosm of the ordered universe; this bears a strong resemblence to the holographic theory (i.e., the universe as hologram). And Democritus viewed the image-making abilities of God as at the heart of the concept of the guardians, the realm of the daemons. I am always amazed at the way in which Anthony's text, ITLAD? and CTF theory has truly closed the circle of the pathway from ancient Greek philosophy to quantum physics and post-modern science.

A second thought: Jesamyn had asked me regarding practical ideas of how to reach one's daemon. I do not know how others feel or think on this issue; for myself, I take the decidedly Kierkegaardain view that there is no trick one can employ. One does not make the choice, but is called, as it were, by the daemon. The unity must be forged hour by hour, through our thinking, living, relating, dreaming. . .

Thursday 24 January 2008

One of those moments

A paradox came to me last night: The only thing we have any certainty about (our own consciousness) we tend to doubt (suspecting it is a side effect of matter) while the only thing we cannot ever be certain about (the physical universe) we find irresistably certain. How did that silly situation come about? :)

Tuesday 22 January 2008


I have been checking todays posts via my WIFI Archos so it is difficult to post anything complex. Suffice to say I would like to thank everybody for what has been a fantastic day of postings and comments. You will be pleased to know that on my travels I have come across yet more people fascinated in what we are creating here .. a virtual community of like-minded individuals spread right across the Globe. This is our site now ... it is much bigger than just me and my book. All I can again say is thank you. I will be back in front of my PC on Friday but I will be keeping up to date on what is being posted.


If we apply the Copenhagen Principle, then the very nature of atoms make consciousness possible. The fact that they are 'unknowable' is natures way of creating consciousness through the 'unobserved' element of atoms.
We have 2 consciousnesses. The 'observed' one is the Eidolon and therefore matter, the 'unobserved' is the daemon and therefore waveform. In this way the Daemon has direct access to the universe and we are all connected at this higher level (Implicate Order). When we experience deja-vu or precognition it is the Daemon atoms sending info to the Eidolon, therefore collapsing the waveform and making it matter, hence thoughts and feelings.
At the point of death, the Daemon is released from the body and becomes part of the universe. Not only this it takes the Eidolon with it. This is explainable through the hologram principle that the whole is contained in all parts. The Eidolon is imprinted within each waveform of the Daemon. This also explains the reports that people are aware of themselves when they have NDE and know they have no body. It also explains how they perceive the Daemon as with them at this time. The past life review runs like the IMAX as it is imprinted holographically in each waveform.
At this point the Eidolon either gets reborn, moves on or using Everett's MWT carries on a different time line as if nothing has happened. The nature of the Daemon allows it to remain separate from the Eidolon and therefore retain the memories that the Eidolon doesn't have direct access to.
I wonder what would happen if scientists worked out a way to build machines that could observe consciousness. Surely in observing it, the waveform would collapse and become matter? What implications does this have for consciousness and death?
Maybe the very reason the atom is so unexplainable is to protect consciousness and allow the cycles to continue?

Monday 21 January 2008

at the point of death

Hi, just wanted peoples' feedback from those that have been present when someone, especially a loved one dies.

I have had many friends say that they have watched a loved one pass away and just before they stop breathing they open their eyes, often look at them and in some cases try to say something or do say something.

I was just wondering what you guys thought might be happening? There seems to be a moment of clarity when the person knows they are about to die and attempt and sometimes succeed in saying goodbye to their relatives.

It happened to me when my husband died, all the more strange that he seemed to time it so his son wasn't present when he finally passed away. This could be a coincidence but I strongly felt that he didn't want his son to watch him die. He opened his eyes very wide and tried to say something then relaxed and stopped breathing. He hadn't done anything like this during the 2 weeks he was in hospital and had been in a deep coma the entire time. I got such a strong impression that he was saying goodbye and that it was a very lucid moment for him. Obviously this is all subjective but I would be interested in your experiences and thoughts.


time perception

On a light hearted note I totally agree that when the basal body temperature goes up time slows down.

I just think of all those workouts when I've got really hot - the damn things seem to last forever!!!

The First and Second Bardo

The Tibetan Book of the Dead, or Bardo Thodol (literal translation "liberation through hearing in the intermediary stage") was, according to legend, written by the 8th century Buddhist sage Padma Sambhava.

This book is a guide for the 'dead' during the intermediate stages between death and rebirth. The Tibetan Buddhists believe that as soon as physical death takes place the spirit goes into a 'trance state' during which time it is disorientated and the person is not aware that they have died. This period is called 'The First Bardo'. Toward the end of this period the person sees a bright light and if they can embrace this light without fear, they will be freed from the cycle of rebirth. Most people fear this light and in doing so enter a state called the Second Bardo. in this state they experience a past-life review whereby they are shown the things that they may have done wrong giving them an opportunity to put this things right in their next incarnation.

Now this is is very interesting when viewed in the light of CTF. CTF suggests that there is a period between apparent death and real death. According to CTF this period is filled with a virtual-reality re-run of the person's life, something that I term The Bohmian IMAX. This is identical to that described in the Second Bardo. Now here is where CTF and The Thodol are amazingly similar; I suggest that the first and second Bardos happen consecutively in that the First Bardo (being in a state of trance and unknowing) is experienced by the Eidolon and the simultaneous Second Bardo is experienced by the Daemon (the aware part of consciousness that takes on board the events being experienced by the blissfully unaware Eidolon)

At the end of the past-life review, according to the Thodol, the Daemon is given the choice of entering the light and dying a second time (and in doing so move on into the Spirit World) or to again turn away from the light and return to another re-run of the Bohmian IMAX. Now an interesting question. Clearly this decision is made by the 'aware' part of consciousness (The Daemon) not the unaware part (the Eidolon). The Daemon will carry the memories of all the past re-runs and will know if it is ready to move on or not. This decision may be made many times, and many times the Daemon may consider that it's Eidolon is not yet ready and has more learning experiences needed.

Could this be the answer to the previous posting? If the realm of Spirit is timeless then those who have passed on through the Light may communicate through mediums given the right circumstances. In their universe, and timelessness, they may have lived a thousand lives in the twinkling of an eye. As such, and in our time perception, they may have only recently died.

Sunday 20 January 2008

dual beliefs?

Hi, I have just finished reading ITLAD and need some advice, guidance , thoughts from your good selves. I have always believed that consciousness continues after death. Personal experiences have supported this. This has always been held as the idea that our deceased loved ones continue to be around us, let us know they are there in various ways and so forth.

However this seems at odds with Tony's hypothesis that we start over again at the end of each life cycle and do a 'groundhog day'. I can completely relate to this idea as well as many of my own and families experiences support the suggestion of repeating lives.

So am I missing something fundamental? Have I interpreted the book incorrectly? If we keep repeating lives, how can our loved ones stay around us after death? Is there away to amalgamate the 2 concepts?

I hate having 2 ideas that make sense to me but don't make sense to each other so any explanation would be welcome.

Thanks guys

Saturday 19 January 2008

Moreton Library Talk

I started my New Year series of talks with a lecture at Moreton Library here on the Wirral. It was a really good with lots of really interesting questions from the audience. The venue was also very good and the library staff were very helpful.

Interest in this blogsite was very high. Some of the experiences described by the audience were very interesting and I suggested that they place them on this site for comments.

So I look forward to saying hello to some new members in the next few days.

Friday 18 January 2008

Seeing what's 'not there'

This is probably completely irrelevent! As a small child I had an imaginary friend called 'Dingle'. I wonder now if he or she was imaginary at all!

I'm also fascinated by reports of artistic abilities in children who are blind from birth, specifically, those who incoprate perspective in their art. The effect of distant objects appearing smaller is a consequence of optical geometry in the eye. So how do they know about this if they haven't experienced it? Sure, it can be explained to them, and blind adults artists become masters of perspective. But I struggle to see how small children acquire this knowledge.

Wednesday 16 January 2008

Hypnogogic & Hypnopompic Images - 02

I am so pleased that the topic of Hypnopompia/Hypnogogia has come up.

This curious psychological phenomenon is something that I have experienced ever since I was a child. However it was a series of particularly vivid experiences that took place about twenty years ago that made me look into the subject more deeply.

I was in my office at work and then suddenly I was aware of the sensation of 'double consciousness'. I knew I was in an office in Colchester, England, but I was also somewhere else. It was as if something was taking place in my periphery vision. I focused in on this alternate 'reality' and realised that I was in a tree looking down at a man sitting on a bench reading a newspaper. The language in which the newspaper was written seemed to be Spanish. 'I' (or whatever the creature whose eyes and ears I had hijacked - I suspect it was a bird) looked up and saw a large, very grand grand, urban square. I sensed it was Latin America somewhere - maybe Beunas Aires - when I heard the sound of a siren and I saw an ambulance weave its way through the traffic on the far side of the square. I then realised what was taking place and it all dissolved around me. I have no idea how long the hypnogogic lasted but I would say about thirty seconds. It was so vivid that I can still see it now as clear as day.

A second event happened about three weeks later. I was at home watching TV and suddenly I was looking up through what seemed to be a glass-topped table at a lady who was in the process of putting a cup and saucer down on the surface above me. Again I lost the image as soon as I realised what I was seeing. Again it is still vivid in my mind.

Although not immediately linked to CTF I think that this phenomenon may be related in some way to David Bohm's Implicate Order - the idea that at a very deep level of reality everything is everything else for examples the two particles in the 1980 Aspect Experiment are, in fact, the same particle. Could it be that I had, for a few swconds, linked consciousness with a South American bird and, possibly, a cat?

As I have mentioned in one of my 'comments' the book that may answer these questions is Andreas Mavromatis' Hypnogogia, The Unique State Between Wakefulness And Dreams. This can be read on-line at Google Books:,M1

What I find particularly interesting in all this is two individuals whose life experiences I believe are central to CTF - Philip K Dick and Georgio Di Chirico - both used hypnogogic images as a source of their respective inspirations.

Tuesday 15 January 2008

Hypnopompic & Hypnogogic Images - From SusanMarie

SusanMarie has had problems placing this post so I have placed it on here for her:

In looking at some of the older posts which I had until now not had the time to read, I was struck by one regarding hypnagogic and hpnapomic images. I have had these since my 20s, and some rather prophetic ones in my 30s and 40s. They have been few and far between, however; perhaps occuring once in every 5 years.

They tend to be more hypnagogic than hypnapomic (i.e., occur most often while drifting off to sleep at night, rather than upon awakening in the morning) . They are always brief (lasting several seconds), with vivd, "technicolor" images, which arise suddenly, and seem to loom up, completely unbidden. Sometimes they are accompanied by a voice, which says a word or short sentence pertaining to the picture. ( An example: In Septemeber of 2004, while drifting off to sleep at night, thinking on some daily, mundane matter pertaining to my daily life, a sudden image loomed of President Bush seated at a table in a dreary but official looking room. As a black prisioner is being led to perform some unclear task, Bush's face takes on a childlike and bewildered expression, as a voice says, "It won't be clear". At the time I could make no sense of it. Over 2 months later, however, as there was increasing talk of election fraud with particular emphatic reference to the African American vote in the state of Ohio, I began to see it had been anticipating this: perhaps not the actual event, but the reporting and debating of it in the media. . ,.)

In any case, these experiences certainly seem to indicate Anthony's daemon concept. They issue forth from some unseen guest which is part of, but transcending, the daily self. They seem to occur at times of personal and collective stress, and tend to deal with matters of conscience, in my own experience at least. They seem clearly numinous. The question remains as to whether or not these can be harnessed in the sense that one can really become attune to them, understand them, and use them, rather being merely puzzled or caught by surprise at the phenomenom.

I am curious regarding the experience of others.

Monday 14 January 2008

Synchronicity - a personal experience

Finally!!! I have managed to access this Blog from China.

1995 , living and working in San Francisco. I had been intensely delving into Energywork as a possible means to accelerate spiritual growth ( I met the people in that very small group purely by chance, but that is another synchronistic experience to relate perhaps at another time).
Anyway,I had an urge to go to Austin Texas, so I went to Borders Bookstore where I knew they sold newspapers from different States. Looking through the job Ads in an Austin Texas newspaper, I was astonished to find a job that EXACTLY matched my credentials and job experience - and I mean EXACTLY!
So I sent my Resume with a cover letter. They immediately replied and said that they were shocked and SO surprised that I seem to be EXACTLY who they were looking for. I had 3 telephone interviews and then a final interview in Austin. I accepted the job and moved there.
I needed a car and not being mechanically-minded I scanned the local newspaper for second-hand cars looking for something that might "jump out" at me- I had asked my higher-self to help out and give me a hint, a sign, to help me choose the right car. I called the number given in an Ad that caught my eye.
An answering machine told me to leave a message and the owner's name was PRASAD !! Prasad is Sanscrit and loosely means "a gift from God". Well that was all the hint I needed! So , I met with Prasad and was SO surprised to find that she she had EXACTLY the same interests in higher-self/Philosophy/Meditation/Energywork/Vedanta. We became immediate friends and I was introduced to a small group of people with the same interests. A whole new set of friends welcomed me with open arms! Prasad went on to tell me that she had refused several people who wanted to buy her car as she had always played her Guru's music in it and felt it was "special" and should only be owned by someone on the same path as her! It was with these new friends that I had my first hmmmm, "visual experience" related to Christianity - in which I was not in the least attracted !! and still aren't haha- during an energywork session. It happened on Palm Sunday, and I was to have 2 more experiences, the second again on Palm Sunday the next year, and the third on the following Christmas Day.

Charles Bonnet Syndrome

A few months back I received a phone call from my mother. She was very concerned and thought she was going mad.

A little background. Around 20 years ago my mother lost her left eye. A doctor had noticed something strange at the back of that eye. He was so concerned he had the local hospital do an urgent biopsy that very day. The next day it was confirmed that my mother had a malignant melanoma on the back of her eye. So potentially lethal was this small patch that the next day they took her eye out in order to save her life. Fortunately the operation was a great success and she has now liveed to the ripe old age of 83. She has this amazing glass eye that looks so real that people have no idea that she is totally blind on one side. And that is why she became worried.

She started to 'see' things on her left side that were not there. One day a little boy ran past her and for hours she 'saw' the same boy run past her, again and again in a kind of time-loop. Things then became stranger. She would see things 'moving' across the field of vision of her non-existent left eye. She saw trees, flowers, plants, even her own fingers. She knew that this was not possible so only one conclusion was possible. She was getting Altzheimers or something similar.

When she told me of this I was fascinated because ITLAD discusses in some detail the relationship between consciousness and reality and the way the mind processes visual stimulation. I was particularly interested in the 'Julian Barbour -like' repetition of images ( Julian Barbour has written a fascinating book called The End of Time).

Two days ago she was diagnosed with a psychological 'state' called Bonnet's Syndrome. It seems that far from going mad she is experiencing something that is recognised by orthodox medicine and yet remains completely inexplicable.

A recent paper on the syndrome opens with this:

"Neighbours brought an 87 year old white widower—who lived alone in a flat—to the medical assessment unit of a district general hospital. They were concerned that he was becoming demented. Apparently he had reported seeing people and animals in his house—including bears and Highland cattle. He verified these statements and said he had been seeing them for the previous six weeks. He had also often seen swarms of flies and blue fish darting across the room."

I am not exactly sure what my mother's hallucinations and the case described above mean in relation to CTF but one thing is for sure - what we 'perceive' and what is really 'out there' are two different things. Could it be that what 'sufferers' of Bonnet Syndrome really perceive is the Bohmian IMAX?

New Book Review

The writer and poet Dr. G Michael Vasey has a fascinating website called Asteroth's Apprentice. Dr Vasey's book Inner Journeys, Explorations of the Soul is an interesting work that describes his life-time study of the 'Mysteries' and the Occult Sciences.

Dr. Vasey requested a copy of ITLAD a few weeks ago and a review copy was sent to him by my publisher. Dr. Vasey lives in Brno in the Czech Republic and they had no end of problems having a copy sent. However it was received and Dr. Vasey has read it.

I am pleased to say that he seems to have found it a worthwhile read. Take a look at his review on:

Dr. Vasey's comments add yet another angle on the power of the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad as a potential paradigm-changer. Indeed as a member of the Occult Organisation the Servants of the Light Dr. Vasey is well qualified to comment on the esoteric implications of ITLAD.
I am hoping that Dr. Vasey may be joining us under a Blogger Identity soon. I am sure that his contribution will add even more to the free wheeling intellectual eclecticism that makes this site stand out.

A Stunning New Look At Deja Vu ?

A blind man suffering déjà vu? - It sounds like a contradiction in terms, but the first case study of its kind has turned the whole theory of déjà vu on its head – and has the wide-reaching potential for Anthony Peake’s theories to reach new academic circles.

Traditionally it was thought that images from one eye were delayed, arriving in the brain microseconds after images from the other eye -- causing a sensation that something was being seen for the second time. Indeed further research within Consciouness Studies regarding a “Consciousness Buffer” are continuing with pace.

However, University of Leeds researchers report for the first time the case of a blind person experiencing déjà vu not through visual empiricalism but through smell, hearing and touch.

The University is a world-leader in déjà vu research. The ground-breaking work of the University's Institute of Psychological Sciences has been widely published in both the scientific and the news media. Their work is particularly aimed at understanding chronic déjà vu, where patients are constantly plagued by the feeling of having "been here before" – or déjà vecu as it should more accurately be named; “already lived”.

In a paper published in the journal Brain and Cognition, Leeds University researchers Akira O'Connor and Chris Moulin relate how mundane experiences -- undoing a jacket zip while hearing a particular piece of music; hearing a snatch of conversation while holding a plate in the school dining hall -- were examples of how déjà vu experiences were triggered in the blind subject.

"It is the first time this has been reported in scientific literature," said O'Connor. "It's useful because it provides a concrete case study which contradicts the theory of optical pathway delay. Eventually we would like to talk to more blind people, though there's no reason to believe this man's experiences are abnormal or different to those of others.

"Optical pathway delay is a quite antiquated theory, but still widely believed -- and was the basis for the déjà vu sequences in Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22. But this provides strong evidence that optical pathway delay is not the explanation for déjà vu. The findings are so obvious, so intuitive, that it's remarkable this research has never been done before."

O'Connor admits that to the person experiencing déjà vu, it feels almost inexplicable. "And because it feels so subjective, psychology, in striving for objectivity, has tended to shy away from it. But psychologists have gone some way to illuminating things like the 'tip of my tongue' sensation when you can't think of a particular word. We just wanted to get to the same sort of understanding for déjà vu."

O'Connor's thesis, due to be completed next year, examines the experimental induction of déjà vu through hypnosis. "We now believe that deja experiences are caused when an area of the brain that deals with familiarity gets disrupted," he said.

In one experiment, students are asked to remember words, then hypnotised to make them forget -- and then shown the same word again to induce a feeling that they have seen it before. Around half said this brought on a sensation similar to déjà vu -- half of whom said it was definitely déjà vu.

O'Connor would like to take the research further.......................

........................Enter Anthony Peake ?????

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Adapted from materials provided by University of Leeds.


Hi everyone,
I am a new poster. I have one daemonic experience to recount.
It was back in the 70's,I was 27 and had been married for 3 years.I had a 3 year old daughter(one still did the so called right thing back then where I came from).I had fallen in love with another woman and left my wife and daughter. I was living in a flat on my own and consumed with guilt.I had been well trained in guilt through the last vestiges of the old Roman Catholicism.
I felt so bad I was actually impotent with the woman I had pursued. Every day week after week I suffered with this guilt and anger.My whole world was focused on this terrible guilt.
One day at lunchtime,walking back to work feeling really bad, a voice of absolute authority spoke to me.It said: 'Stop this right now! Stop! Enough is enough. Stop doing this to yourself.You have suffered enough.There is nothing to be gained for anyone from this!' I new the voice was me but not any me that I new. I was amazed and a feeling of tolal relief washed over me; I beleived the voice implicitely, it broke me free from this terrible mental restriction. This experience has never left me. With this voice I new I am more than I appear to be.
Regards Horus

Saturday 12 January 2008


I was sitting reading in preparation for the Glastonbury Radio interview and I decided to put on a CD. While in London a few days back I acquired a heavily discounted copy of Jamiroquai's 'High Times' album. Now this is an unusual purchase for me. I am very much an indie rock and alt country fan (Fountains of Wayne, Built To Spill, Wilco, Son Volt etc) - blue-eyed soul is not really my taste. But I just had an urge to buy this (maybe because it was only a fiver). It had played through to track 6 when the phone call came through from Ross. The track playing on the CD player was 'Virtual Insanity'. I had my computer on so I turned off the CD. As I did so the computer speaker continued playing 'Virtual Insanity'. I went back into the living room thinking that the CD had switched itself back on. No, it was playing through the computer speakers. Ross had chosen the identical record to play as an intro to my interview!

Synchronicity rules OK!!!

Friday 11 January 2008


One of the less discussed aspects of CTF is the idea that we all live our life over and over again in the final second of our first life - what Karl terms The Vigin Life. Although it has not been discussed a great deal on this blog it is still of profound importance if CTF is to work as a philosophical construct. This idea is far from new. The Stoics, for example, called this endless repetition palingenesia. The word has its roots in Greek - 'palin-', again, '+ genesis', becoming, or rebirth. What I find particularly frustrating is how many dictionaries and web references state that this is another word for reincarnation. It clearly is not. The Stoics did not in any way believe in reincarnation as it is understood by most people - i.e. that after death a person is re-born as somebody else, or even a different life-form. No, they understood palingenesia to be exactly how I describe it in ITLAD - that we are all re-born as ourselves living our own lives again.

For example it is commonly stated to me that deja vu is proof of reincarnation. How can this be? When I experience a deja vu I sense that I have been in this place, having this experience before. However the experience is unique to me and is related to this moment and this time. If it was a memory of a past life as somebody else in a different time then surely it would feel 'different' not 'Familiar'. For example if I am a reincarnation of an person who stood in this location during the Civil War the first thing I would notice is that my clothes would be unfamiliar, as would the look of the people around me, the furniture I see etc. This would not be a deja vu experience but a 'flashback' - a totally different phenomenon.

For me deja vu is implies one thing, and one thing only. it is what it seems to be - a reliving of the same moment as the same person in the same circumstances. And the only logical conclusion that can be drawn from this is that the experiencer has lived this moment before. it is a 'memory'.

Wednesday 9 January 2008

A Super Position To Drive Through ...... *shakes head at own dreadful pun*

How would certain Quantum Physicists deal with this road-sign ???

Niels Bohr would observe one lane and drive through to Copenhagen.
Werner Heisenberg would be uncertain (on principle). *chortle*
Erwin Schrodinger
would just collapse and wave. *groan*
Thomas Young would have his headlights going through both lanes!
Albert Einstein would let his relative decide. *bangs head*
Hugh Everett III would adopt his Many Roads Interpretation.
Max Planck
would drive though at a CONSTANT speed *hee hee*
David Bohm would wait for the correct order to be implicated!

And our Master, Anthony Peake ?

Well, he'd surely jump on a boat instead..........................

and Cheat The Ferryman by not paying him.

(Oh how we all laughed!!!)

Bloggers: please add some others to the comments box; let's see how many of these we can accumulate !!!

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs

Monday 7 January 2008

Virgin Life ???

The synchrondipitous ((c) Anthony Peake) events leading to my introduction to ITLAD and to Tony himself have been debated often between the Author and myself, as have many of my own "theories" that have been instigated and/or affected by his CTF thesis. But I wanted to put something to the blog specifically to get all your input.

As enthusiastic a proponent of Tony's theories as I am, it has always puzzled me that I have NEVER personally had any Deja Vu experiences, which led me to ask Tony at the Scientific and Medical Network about my Virgin Life theory.

Simply, it is this: Those who do experience Deja Vu, precognition or any similar such Minkowskian timeline distortions, according to CTF, are experiencing their Nietzschean panoramic life review replayed to them from their own Virgin Life memories via their consciousness subjectively slowing down time owing to the glutamate flood within their brain - whereas, objectively they die in the usual linear timeline experienced by everyone else.

Now, if I do NOT have any Deja Vu or precognitive experiences is it possible that in fact, this is due to a realisation that this is NOT a replayed life review for me; that this is, in actuality, my first run-through; my Virgin Life?

We must, after all, at some point have lived our own Virgin Life for it to be able to be replayed to us via our time dilated consciousness at the point of death. What could be enlightening is for one to become aware not only of the existence of ones Daemon but also of the non-existence of such. Whereas Tony has superbly postulated the theory of the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad, could it be that I have also become aware of the truth within consciousness, but importantly, during my Virgin Life? Surely, the implications of such could be massive.

I have a very dear friend, Sandra, who is an author and long standing proponent on Guardian Angels. I went to speak to her as, again, I have never had cognisance of any such guidance within my own personal phaneron. After doing all the required "asking" for guidance that Sandra showed me to do, I returned to her a few weeks later with an ever increasing air of solipsism as it appeared that either my Guardian Angel was busy, or that they simply were not there. She told me she had been talking to her own Guardian Angel and had asked them to speak to my guide and to introduce themselves. Her guide told her that they could not communicate with my Angel. According to Sandra, this is rare but that in some instances it has been noted that an individual's Guardian Angel is either a) non-responsive or b) simply absent.

Charming eh?

Now, my Guardian Angel should(!) be.....Uriel, apparently, so if anyone sees him can you tell him to come talk to me!

As this depressing research continued into my own futility and the overwhelming loneliness of existence I thought I might be in need of a giggle so I readily accepted when another friend of mine, Amy, asked me if I would go with her to see a regression hypnotist.

You probably know what's coming.............

After quite a lengthy session and not some considerable difficulty in hypnotising me the therapist, who had earlier taken Amy through TWO past life regressions, simply told me that I had NO such recordings and that was that! Zero, nothing. No memories, no past-lives.

So, there you go, so far I have no Deja Vu, no precognition, no Daemonic communication, no Guardian Angel and no past life memories. Which means one of two things -
1) None of those exist - or - 2) This is my Virgin Life.

Could it be that through Tony's book and his theories that synchrondipity ((c) Anthony Peake) brought me to ITLAD and then to Tony himself; that my own realisation of my Virgin Life could mean if I can remember all this when my life review actually begins at the point of death and communicate such to my Daemon, then next time we blog within some alternate Everettian Bohmian IMAX we could have empirical proof?

Or, as the late great Bill Hicks said, is it just that "all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration; we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves."

Fun ain't it?

"Of the Earth's many millions, none like me,
Hath the blind Ate marked for sorrow-none;
Each, each his share of grief and gloom may see,
Yet have their Guardian Angels every one.
I have no guardian angel - left alone
By heaven and by the world; and misery
E'en in my bone-pith - helpless, woe-begone;
No balsam - nought but tears, shed ceaselessly."

from the poem "To My Joy-Giver" : Francis Kazinczi (Magyar poet)

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs (Virgin Life?)

Aleister Crowley

One of the most frustrating things that has occured subsequent to the publication of ITLAD has been how it has been pointedly and deliberately ignored by the UK magazine Fortean Times. I have read this magazine religiously since the late 1970's. I can reasonably argue that I am one of its longest and most faithful readers. Indeed having read Charles Fort's The Book of the Damned in 1969 I am a long-time Fortean.

When ITLAD was published in July 2006 I was sure that if no other magazine reviewed it at least my favourite one would - after all my book contains cover to cover Fortean material, all of which have been regularly featered in FT over the years. A copy was sent and my publishers heard nothing. I phoned the Review Editor and spoke to her personally. In no uncertain terms she told me that they were not interested and that they had "done Near-Death Experience to death". I tried to explain that my book was much more than a re-hash of NDE material. She again reitterated that she was not interested. My publicity guy has spoken to them recently and sent another copy. Still no interest. All very sad. And like a faithful puppy-dog I still buy the magazine every month and still enjoy it!

Apologies for the above tirade - needed to get it off my chest - but there is a link with Fortean Times with regard to this posting. In this month's edition they have a series of articles 'celebrating' the 60th anniversary of the death of the notorious Aleister Crowley. I have not fully read the articles but this stimulated me to look him up in my copy of Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained. I have been aware of Crowley and his work for around forty years but I have never gone into any detail. Imagine my surprise therefore to discover that he would have been in total agreement with regard to my Daemon-Eidolon Dyad. In 1904 his mistress, Rose Kelly, claimed to have received astral communications from the Egyptian god Horus. Crowley subsequently performed a magical ceremony and 'the god' spoke to him. This voice identified itself as a being called Aiwass. Aiwass spoke for three consecutive days and dictated Crowley's The Book of the Law. As things developed Crowley became convinced that this being was no other than his own 'higher self' communicating with him - in our terminology his Daemon.

In my next book - due out in June '08 I will be discussing the evidence for the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad. I am frustrated in some ways that I was unaware of this Crowley link. However this allows me to look into this event in more detail and maybe write an article about it.

Sunday 6 January 2008

More about why this book clicked with me so strong

I have had more déjà vu in this life then I care to remember. Ever since I can remember.
I remember seeing all my life before I choose it before I was born. I have no idea how or why but it’s true, I remember being born. I also saw my own death in this life before I was born. I always had a feeling that someone else was with me in this life so I have never had a feeling of being alone hard to explain because they are part of me. my reason for never reading books or learning at school was I did not need education in this life, again I don't no where I got this from , I just new from an early age I was going to grow up and be rich and I new that education was not part of it. I had no idea how I was going to be rich especially as my family was very poor. My teachers use to say, your end up stacking shelves in a supermarket, they use to say I was a very naughty child always in trouble, when the teachers use to say what is your problem why don’t you like school , I would always answer it’s a waste of time for me I could be doing better things. Now it’s very important I add that now I am older I no school is very important for others so it’s not that I am against school. Anyway how wrong they where, I grew up just as I had always said. The sad thing was I really should have used school for reading and writing. But even that does not really bother me much as the right people at the right time just seem to come into my life.
I am sure I have lived a million times the same life, not one in the 1800s or 1600s and I have never been a queen or anyone else in my past life, iv always been me. This is why my friend had said you must see this film called ground hog day. I also new from my dreams that I would find the answers I was looking for about life and the universe in a book , I thought it was the bible and god was trying to make me read the dame thing, but that was never going to happen. I know the theory in this book is true, I would love to live my life another million times over, even all the bad bits. The only difference is I would not change a day.
The strange thing is in all the déjà vu experiences I have had, I never had one when I first came into contact with this book. But I did have one when I saw hurly burly added a comment to my other posting. Very strange maybe something has changed.

Another Glastonbury Radio Interview

I have been invited back to do a two hour interview and phone-in on Glastonbury Radio. I will be interviewed by Ross Hemsworth on his Now That's Weird show. Some of you may remember Ross from the TV Programme The Ghost Detective. Ross has also done TV programmes with the ex-Doctor Who actor Tom Baker.

The show will start at 2300 (UK time) on this coming Friday, 11th January. It can be listened to live at:

If you wish to phone up and join in you can do so on 0871 871 3666. For those of you in the UK the cost of the call is at national rate. For those outside the UK the number will be ++44 871 871 3666.

Quantum Evolution

Quantum Evolution (Not to be confused with Quantum Evolution as attributed to George Gaylord Simpson).

A million trials to yield one enlightened soul.
A million sperm to yield one person.
A million species to yield one human.
A million chemical reactions to yield one primitive cell.
A million collisions to yield one organic molecule.
A million suns to yield one earth.
A million galaxies to yield one sun.
And a million universes to yield one galaxy.

Everything in existence is a development process. Does this need stop at the level of the universe?

A moment ago you might have been an ape-like carnivore about to tear a limb off a rodent. But you thought better of it, allowed the creature to go free and looked to the sky in hope of a better way. In that moment the whole of creation was redesigned for you. Electron mass increased imperceptibly and seven more elements appeared in the periodic table. The course of natural history changed to the extent that you are now sitting at a desk typing at a PC. Dare you look to the sky again? I recommend it.

'Nonesense!' I hear the shout go up. 'I was making this cup of coffee a minute ago'. But that is the memory your Eidelon possesses and it will be entirely consistent with the course of events appropriate to the universe you currently occupy. But it is a universe of your own choosing.

I once thought these migrations through the space we might call 'Everett Space' - the coordinate set which maps out all the alternative histories of existence - happened only at death. But I suspect it happens on a continuous basis. I concur with CTF insofar as I believe birth and death are the same point in time on an essentially cyclic life. This, I believe follows from my belief that time is circular.

'Alas no' say the 'big rip' cosmologists! 'The universe will expand forever' they say. But haven't we heard that before? We once stood on the earth and wondered if it was bounded, or whether it went on forever, or even whether there was some barrier beyond which we were prohibited to travel. Cosmologists asked similar questions before arriving at the same conclusion as the ancients - the universe is circular, much like the earth. So, whatever space the universe is expanding into, do we not suspect that to be circular too? Yeah, its big. But our imaginations have already been overwhelmed and stretched beyond their limits by the earth and the cosmos. It is really only a small stretch to suspect that the hyperspace the universe occupies is circular too.

If we imagine the 'big bang' happening at the North Pole of the 'ominverse', our universe is then a tsunami descending down the lattitudes. It may have only reached Finland before it is spread so thin that it is little more than a cold, gaseous soup. But that doesn't mean it cannot collapse back to the North Pole or, if it has sufficient momentum, pass beyond the ominversal equator and collapse at the ominversal South Pole. The result in either case will be another big bang.

And I'm not impressed by arguments that put time on a time axis! That is Modus Fallacis gone to extremes!

What does this mean to us? Well, it means that less than a millimetre away on some 'Everett Axis' is a universe and life where we are creatures much closer to perfection - perhaps angels in some religious traditions. In this alternative world many of the pathologies we suffer are gone or greatly abated. That is the nature of evolution - an evolution that is going on in many more dimensions than just time. There is evidence of this - the Anthropological Principle which points out how uniquely suited conditions are in the cosmos for our living existence. Either this is an amazing coincidence, or it is because we have engineered these conditions ourselves.

That is not really proof I know. It MAY just be coincidence, in the same way that it is merely coincidence that the universal clock finger is pointing at that near-singularity of time that is my lifetime in the history of the universe. If you find a resonance with these ideas, then welcome! If not, then you should be considering yourself incredibly lucky to ever have existed at all.

I call this 'Quantum Evolution' because I see the multiverse (all alternative universes) as a set of
probabilities. As individuals we 'collapse the wavefunction' in our individual ways and crystallise these probabilities into our personal existences. It doesn't necessarily mean there are many worlds or many 'copies' of us. Just that there are as many personal universes as people (or at least conscious entities - I haven't ruled out animals participating in this - they may be in this development process too but some way behind us - or possibly ahead of us, depending on your point of view).

I wrote this in a rather strange state of mind following a spell of panic attacks. It is far from
scientifically rigourous. In fact, I'm quite expecting it to be used as evidence that I have a psychosis of sorts. I hope none of this cuts across anyone's religious beliefs. In fact, I'm rather hoping it validates all of them. I have a view that the ancients were basically right in their conclusions and that we need to find expression of their ideas in modern (i.e. scientific) language.

Saturday 5 January 2008

How Anthony's book found me.

I would like to share my story with you. I was doing a radio show in London as I work as a psychic here in the UK, I like to call myself a remote viewer. I was sitting at the railway station and this woman fell over her bag and everything fell out, including Tonys book , I helped her up and picked up her stuff that fell out of her bag, I was left holding this book. She said "you can have that if you like, I've just finished it". So I said "oh, no thanks, I don't find time to read books or really like reading them, its not a hobby of mine"(I might add that I have never read a book from start to finish except the 5 page books we get at school when we are aged 5 )
She said, "no I insist it's meant for you", so I said thanks. I thought to myself what a nutcase, and off she went never to be seen again by me. The train was late and I got bored so started to read the book. The night before I had watched the film Groundhog Day so you can imagine what I was thinking as I started to read your book. I was hooked. I cancelled my work that day - 2 radio shows - and sat and read the whole book. It was fantastic! To be honestI am a very psychic person but I do not believe that my messages come from spirit but I have to say this to my clients otherwise people don't believe, and the fun goes out of it. So your book helped me understand a bit more about myself and what happens when I close the fridge door at night! lol.

BBC Radio Manchester

I have just returned from my 'appearance' (can you use the word 'appearance' in relation to a radio show?) on the Alan Beswick Show on BBC Radio Manchester. This was very enjoyable and we had a wide-ranging discussion that covered such issues as ticket touts, Liverpool 2008 and the role of free newspapers. Sharing the 'spotlight' was Ben East, Deputy Regional Editor of the newspaper Metrolife (the arts section of Metro). We also touched upon ITLAD (with regard to time perception). Afterwards I had a coffee with Ben and, surprise suprise, he very recently interviewed Mark Oliver Everett. Mark Everett is famous as the leader of the indie band The Eels (remember the song Going Down to Susan's House?) but also happens to be the son of Hugh Everett III, the brains behind a crucial element of CTF/ITLAD - the Many-Worlds Interpretation. Had Ben met me before his meeting with Mark Everett it is possible that ITLAD would have been discussed with the son of The Great Man. Oh well, maybe in my next life-run my Daemon will assist in having the timings changed!

Friday 4 January 2008

Premonitory Paintings & the Daemon voice

I came to Anthony's book after a tragic and unexpected loss of a loved one and some subsequent strange experiences. Several days after my loved one's death, I made a plea to god or the source for some sort of sign to help me deal with this loss and to my surprise a clear calm voice responded with "You painted this". It was at that moment a memory came to me that indeed I had done an impromptu painting that depicted the death as it occurred. This painting was done fourteen years prior to the actual death. The painting was a 20 minute sketch completed under some pressure in an art class I had attended. I had no time to think or dwell on what the subject would be. There was no time for left brain analysis - just do it! I remember having shocked the instructor as well as myself with the result, but I rationalized the content as having been inspired by the film, Jacob's Ladder which I had recently seen. That evening the painting went into my bedroom closet and was not shown to anyone, and it was put out of my mind until fourteen years later when the memory came to me with the prodding of the voice.

This experience left me wondering how could it be possible to paint the future event and what was that voice? I have never been one for premonitions-no epiliepsy, no schizophrenia, no migraines, no psychic ability. Now I was being forced to rethink this. I haven't been able to shrug it off merely as coincidence especially since there was also this strange voice! I needed to research premonitions by painting, the meaning of Jacob's Ladder and voices. This ultimately brought to me Anthony's ideas which seem to provide a viable theory of how this could come about.

My own research on prophetic paintings has uncovered three other examples:

The first was at where a fellow named Aster presents his and other works. Anthony I'm sure would argue that this site could be called daemon-drawing.

The second example I uncovered came from a New York Times article on surrealist painter, Victor Brauner link to article. The writer notes that "The odd thing is that for many years Brauner had a fixation on mutilated eyes, which revealed itself early in a 1931 self-portrait showing him with his eye put out. The portrait and many other traumatic eye images predate a singular accident. Trying to break up a fight between the Spanish-born Surrealist Oscar Dominguez and another painter in Dominguez's studio, Brauner was hit by a glass thrown by Dominguez. It literally ripped out his left eye. "

The third example I found was a painting that Georgio de Chirico did of the poet Apollinare. The writer in this article points out that "It was a prophetic vision. In 1914, de Chirico painted Apollinaire in silhouette with what looks like a target drawn on his cranium. Apollinaire enlisted in the French army in the first world war and in 1917 was severely wounded - in the head. He underwent a brain operation in the difficult period before his death. You add it up." link to source.

I also learned that Georgio had migraines and possibly epilepsy which ties very much to Anthony's work. I found this website that discusses Georgio's migraines and the influence on his work. link to

There have been some very strange coincidences/synchronicity in my exploration of these ideas. Sometimes I feel like the character in Paycheck puzzling over some clue that has been left for me as when I stumbled upon this quote of de Chirico and other references to him in unlikely places, "Everything has two aspects: the current aspect, which we see nearly always and which ordinary men see, and the ghostly aspect which only rare individuals see in moments of clairvoyance and metaphsysical abstraction". I was not that familiar with dc Chirico, but somehow knew it was relevant to my experience.

Thanks again to Anthony for the ideas he has brought to me.

Changed Time - Manchester interview

Please note that the revised time for my interview with BBC Radio Manchester is at 0900 am British time not 1000 as originally posted

Seizure... a malfunction? or a deliberate reboot?

Mark is my 23 year old son. He has a seizure problem. Let's call it epilepsy - his neurologist does. He is medicated for this.

But Mark is particularly special. He also has a significant autistic condition and in addition, since about a year ago, he is being treated for a severe psychosis - you would perhaps call it schizophrenia. The latter manifests as episodes where he appears to be 'taken over' by a dominant and verbally aggressive personality.

As you can imagine, living with Mark, who is truly a 'gift', is a roller coaster ride.

There is a lot to say on this blog about things that Mark says and does in general, but I want to use this entry to question traditional thinking that seizures are 'a problem' arising from an abnormality and needing to be suppressed with drugs.

My belief is that, in some people at least, a seizure is a self-repair mechanism, resetting an overloaded or 'hung' process or processes. (This is designed into many computer systems where a a self-repair function ensures 'stopped' processes are restarted automatically.) we all know what to do with a PC that seems to grind to a halt or gets itself stuck in a 'loop'... we reboot it. the effect is that everything is switched off for a while, but followed by a great improvement in performance!

I asked a brain specialist if this notion was physiologically possible... he said 'Oh.. no..." I asked, does he know for a fact that there is no such mechanism? He replied, rather less sure of himself, that there is little known about the brain structure to this degree. So I asked again, how he could be so sure that I am wrong? He was still sure.

What was remarkable about this conversation was that the specialist's dogmatic belief that what was not known does not exist! How often do we find this from so-called scientists?

Before I stretch this hypothesis into the relevance to this blog site, let me close on the 'science' by posing this thought.... "if some seizures are a self-repair mechanism, then the use of drugs to suppress them could be preventing the body from doing what it knows best."

Now... Mark.

The Autistic symptoms have been from birth (and we have much of it documented), but it was when he was 18 that he had his first noticeable seizure... noticeable because we saw him fall down. He could have been having other types of seizure for years... e.g. when he stands facing a wall and goes into what we called 'stand-by' mode. We had always put this down to his brain 'colling off' from too many inputs. It was a true 'stand-by'.

Until his seizure he had never shown signs of obvious psychotic behaviour. But it was just 3 or 4 months after he was started on medication (it was epilem in the first instance) when he started to become really disturbed, with anger outbursts and a lot of very strange talking and staring. This last 12 months was the most extreme in this sense.. he has 'voices' and loud angry conversations with these 'imaginary' people. Taking aside any possibility that this behaviour could be explained with traditional scientific 'rules', there was growing evidence that Mark was very much in touch with his 'inner self'. At one point, he asked , "How does the world work, dad?" But that is the subject of a separate blog entry later.

Cutting a very long story short, the point is this.

Before the anti-seizure medication, Mark got by with his autistic symptoms. Immediately afterwards, he appeared to expose another personality. I believe that there is an unusual structure (a flaw or perhaps a missing blockage?) in Mark's brain that permits or even forces the Daemon to step in and perform day-to-day human functions that the Eidolon is not doing properly. If this is so, then the 'reboot' could be an action of the Daemon to get the Eidolon back on track. But if the reboot can no longer work, them the Daemon has to find another way to get Mark functioning... and to do this would mean exposing itself to the world - and so it may be we are now sometimes seeing the rather unsubtle daemon at work when Mark has his psychotic episodes.

Even more curiously, Mark is not succumbing to the psychosis medication as expected.

Tell any of this to a traditional psychiatrist or a neurologist and they show impatience (and are occasionally patronising, in a polite way) and I feel it could soon be me who will be on the Quetiapine!

Am I talking rubbish, or is there a decent debate in there somewhere? Either way, we have been blessed to have Mark live with us. He has taught us so much and our minds have been opened. He may find it hard to communicate in our way about what is happening to him, but we are learning that his way may be far closer to reality.

Ed G