Monday 11 June 2007

News Update

It has been a very busy few weeks since my last posting. I have been asked to write a couple of magazine articles. These will be appearing in two magazines either side of the world. One will be found in 'The Researcher', the magazine of the Merseyside Anomalies Research association (MARA) and can be found in local newsagents and from their website ( The second article will be in the 'New Dawn' magazine published in Australia. This will be available in new Zealand and Australia or via their website

For those of you on the West Coast of the USA I will be interviewed by KUCI Radio station of Orange County, California. This will take place from Midnight on Friday 13th July into Saturday morning 14th July, finishing at 1 am. Note that this is UK (BST) time not Californian time. For those outside this area the interview can be heard on I am told that the programme will be available later on a podcast.


Dorian West said...

Hi, I read your book and found it a bit hard to understand. It was enjoyable though, reading about all the supposed brain disorders and their relationship to our ultimate destiny.

So, are you saying we are born, live our lives and at the end of our lives we enter a point of timelessness where we re-live our lives recurringly in a parallel universe scenario where everything that could have possibly happened to us does?

Does that mean I can never escape my current existence with respect to the decisions I made and opportunities offered to me?

IOW, I will be born in the same country, to the same parents in the same year and thereafter the decisions I make will make this recurrent existence different? That is, I can only relive a different life if I make different decisions in the next recurrence, which I am bound to make.

What about being born as above, but in a Europe where the Nazis have won the war and dictate politics or is being born in the year 1960 avoiding the Nazi-Europe parallel universe?

So I can never be born not a European? Will I look the same or will my parents genes play dice too, maybe for the better or the worse?

What about the vast majority of humanity that still mostly have lives that are nasty, brutal and short? Is that their eternal reward in the Bohmian IMAX?

I hope you can answer my questions as your book poses more questions daily.

Anthony Peake said...

Hi Dorian,

Sorry for the delay in commenting on your posting. I have been away in Greece for three weeks and only got back a few days ago.
I think your questions are very valid ones and I will attempt to explain how I interpret the information. Firstly though I would like to stress that my theory is exactly that - a theory. The data and information I have collected have lead me to these conclusions. As such the process I describe, if it is correct, is not of my making. If I may make parallel with Einstein and Relativity Einstein 'discovered' relativity he didn't invent it. It is the same with 'Cheating The Ferryman'. I didn't invent this theory all I did was put the information together and come to some personal conclusions.

Now, in terms of your questions. The reason I included the quantum physics sections is to explain two things. The first one is that the Copenhagen Interpretation implies that this universe is yours and yours alone. As such the people you observe and the lives they lead are part of this (your) universe. In there versions of the universe they may have lead a very different life. Does that make sense? The second point is that the Many-Worlds Interpretation allows all possible life-lines to be lived. As such the theory suggests that you will live this life again as yourself but your Daemon will guide you to make different decisions this time. These decisions will, in turn, bring about a series of cause and effect situations that will change your life (and those with whom you interact) totally. This is where the Bohmian Implicate Order comes in.
I fully accept that this is a very difficult conceopt to grasp. I understand what I mean but I sometimes feel that I lack the verbal ability to describe its subtleties.

Best Wishes