Friday 7 September 2007

Dr Michael Newton's work on experience between lives

Tony, I enjoyed reading your book and wondered if you have ever read the material by Dr Michael Newton. Though this isn't in support of your hypothesis it's interesting to see. His books are here on Amazon and reviews can be found on the net elsewhere:

Newton performed hypnotic regression on a very large number of patients to discover the life of the 'spirit' in-between lives. Unfortunately nobody interviewed ever mentions about the repetition of the current life which is intriguing. I am often suspicious of past life regression because of the depth and breadth of the subconscious (and thus the Daemon) providing information that the hypnotist wants to hear. Still - his two books are an interesting read even though I may not believe what he's 'found'. He explains Deja Vu as remembering a pre-life review that a souls has before entering the life it's about to embark upon. Key milestones are seen and the soul is 'primed', so to speak, so it recognises them.

Anyway - I'll post again soon.


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