Wednesday 18 March 2009

"Author of the Month" Award on the Graham Hancock Website

I am delighted to announced that I have been awarded the accolade of "Author of the Month" on the hugely popular Graham Hancock website.
This award came "out of the blue" as far as I am concerned. I received an email from Graham's associate (and fellow author) Glen Kreisberg, informing me that Graham was very interested in my theory and writing. (Glenn's site is
To have somebody like Graham Hancock interested in my work is an honour indeed. Graham and Glenn requested that I write an article to go with the award and this I have done.
This article can be found at:
I will be so pleased if readers of this BLOG join in in on the "Message Board" on this site. I am informed that each "AoM" has a section on the Message Board where members of Graham's FORUM ask questions, make comments, and generally contribute to the debate generated by the author's book. I am informed that Graham's site gets thousands of visits each day so anything you place on there will be seen by many people.
You have to join in order to place comments. This can be done by logging on to:
and clicking on the "Register" button This will take you to:
I have already joined and I am looking forward to some interesting discussions with Graham's many readers. It will be great if we could let them know that although we are small in number we spread across the globe and really have some interesting things to contribute.


String said...

Good news! I'll check it out, I am there every so often anyway!

Anthony Peake said...


Thank you so much for your kind comments. I look forward to your comments on the AoM section. I have now registered and I am ready to go.