Thursday 14 January 2010

Richard Boote Exhibition - Chasewater Visitor Centre Gallery, near Cannock

Richard Boote, whose work I have mentioned before on this Blog has a new exhibition of his work planned. This will take place at The Chasewater Visitor Centre Gallery, near Cannock near in Staffordshire 09th March to 11th April 2010.

Richard is one of a growing group of artists, poets, musicians and even clothes designers, whose work has been profoundly influenced by my Cheating The Ferryman and Daemon-Eidolon Dyad theories. The picture above will be the centrepiece of Richard's exhibition and is also his largest work to date. It is called The Daemon and it is Richard's attempt to depict the contents of a vision that he had many years ago .... a vision that he now considers to be an encounter with his Daemon.

Richard's new website can be viewed at .


richard boote said...

Hi Tony,
Many thanks for posting the picture on your Forum and blog. As you say this particular piece will be the centrepiece at my forthcoming exhibition, my first show for 12 months. Much of my work is influenced by scientific and esoteric literature. I can remember being so blown away by your first book, that I sat down and summerised it in note form on two giant pieces of paper with little arrows and cross referenced notes and sketches of my own! I haven't done that since I discovered and read the Time theories of the late J.W.Dunne during my late teens. From those notes and sketches came this particular piece which has occupied my time on and off for the last 12 months. I was a Special Needs Art Tutor for several years, so the sections of your books on TLE was particularly interesting as some of my students suffered from 'the falling sickness'. Keep up the good work Tony, I can't wait for the next book!
kind regards,

Anthony Peake said...


I am delighted and honoured that in some small way my writing has contributed to your art. I am hoping to get to the exhibition during its run.

Best Wishes