Monday 8 February 2010

BBC Radio Merseyside - Monday 8th Feb 2010

Just a quick note to remind any interested parties that I will be doing my fortnightly slot on BBC Merseyside's Billy Butler Show this afternoon at 1500 UK time. This one promises to be a good one as I will be talking about Near-Death Experience.

Full contact details for this slot are:

Telephone number to comment on air is 0151 709 9333.

Outside the UK this will be ++ 44 151 343 1902.

Text number is 07786 209 333 (within the UK) and ++ 44 7786 209 333 for outside the UK.

Email: - or

To listen to the show log on at:


Dan Thompson said...

Blimey Tony. Well done for keeping your cool regarding the 'woo' lady.

It is a shame that people are so ready to attack things that they don't understand.

I am confident that if she understood your work properly she wouldn't have reacted that way.

I personally believe it is best to approach everything with an open mind.

Do not let these stubborn people stand in the way of your work.


Anthony Peake said...

Hi Dan, Thanks very much for your supportive comment. I was given the opportunity to decline speaking to the lady on air but I decided that is is important to engage with all opinions even the ones that don't agree with your own. I agree with you that if the lady was willing to spend some time reading my books she may discover that I am not as "woo" as she thinks. Anyway at least it made "good" radio!