Saturday 5 March 2011

dreaming of you all !

Last night , I had a strange dream....I dreamt of a man without a head, and that his body was lying on a floor that resembled a chess board.
I tried really hard to understand this strange dream, ( esp because, I stopped dreaming since last 3 years)
Our brain works with associations and counter associations..... I suddenly saw a picture in my mind. The picture was about a man`s face on a table without a body .The table that looked like a chess board.
And the man`s face was none other than Martin`s (Hurly Burly) ( I think he had such a picture on his profile some years ago when I was active on the blog and forum! btw, I cant view the forum, it shows a broken link)
And today when I came to Facebook ( again I am not very active on facebook, I just came coz all my friends wanted me to change my old profile pic!)
I met, Martin online!!!!!!
What is this but, the serendipity that we talk about all the time? or is it synchronism ?
But I spoke/chatted with Martin and then later( within a gap of few mins) with Susan and I felt I was with friends.. even after such a long gap.. Almost 3 years!!!!!

Tony I am very very happy for you and today I feel proud to be on your blog and that I am your friend!
Thank you and May the blessings of all the thousands of Gods in the Universe be over you!


SM Kovalinsky said...

Wow, Roshni, you should repost that under Daemon or General of Forum---I DO indeed recall Hurlyburly's head on a chess board pic, and I am so happy to reconnect with you myself. Synchronicity, yes indeed! Please repost, love you xx

Rosh said...

Thanks a lot Susan!