Monday 9 April 2007

Fascinating book equalled by blog contributors

Although I have read many, this is the first time I have ever posted anything on a blog so ask in advance for forbearance with regard to content, protocol and length.

The subject matter of Anthony Peake's book resonated with me in many, many ways, hence my deciding to 'come out of the closet' and contribute to this blog, although it doesn't contain chapter and verse, hope it is of interest.

It may, or may not be, of relevance but I was born with a full facial caul, which I still have to this day and as far back as I remember I have always had spontaneous precognitive ability. If it can be believed and if it is actually of any consequence whatsoever (I don't know), my credentials aren't too shabby. My Scottish Grandfather was the seventh son of the seventh son & my English Grandmother had truly exceptional gifts of precognition which were evidently delivered daily on a parochial basis and were always accurate.

Anthony's book is surprising on so many levels as it deals with a multitude of facets concerning our existence but it also explains the hypothesis of second sight in a plausible manner which cannot be ignored. This has certainly made me stop, think, and revisit my belief system which I've built up around my experiences of witnessing events which have been predominantly of global interest. I have always thought I was witnessing the future, four to six months before it happened, when in fact, I now have to seriously consider that it is equally as plausible that what I'm witnessing is a memory of events that have transpired in my recent manifestation of a what is, in effect, a perpetual ground hog day.

As some of the other bloggers indicate in their postings, I cannot claim to have ever been aware of, seen or spoken with spirit or a spirit guide, a guardian angel, or any other kind of apparition or entity - but I would welcome such an experience and have tried unsuccessfully to communicate with my higher self.

I'm extremely private, lacking in imagination and too much of a pragmatist, so perhaps the involuntary and spontaneous 'happenings' to which I am privileged suit me. They are completely random and dependent on the frequency of events transpiring which are, by their very nature, globally newsworthy and significant. I don't get to see everything major that is going to happen and the periods between can be erratic, ranging in frequency at the shorter end from being one or two years apart but, thankfully, usually they are more likely to be between four and six years - so I can manage to get over one before another comes.

They have a certain stamp of authenticity and apart from one recent instance, are unmistakable and can't be confused with normal dreams or, if I'm awake when it comes, aberrations of the mind. The recent experience I mentioned was difficult because it was incrementally imparted to me and the whole 'picture' developed in my head as layers with the moving image getting stronger over a couple of months. Also, a couple of months before this event came to be, I was getting out of bed and saw a few seconds of a single 'video clip' of what transpired to be related to the incremental picture I was receiving and was, in fact, a concurrent/simultaneous incident. This was a first and created a dilemma, although I knew exactly where this was going to take place, at the time, I didn't know if it was to be two single instances or one event. Regardless, my pragmatic side fully kicked in and I couldn't allow myself to conceive of anything happening on the scale of what was about to take place be it singly or one at a time.

As is usual with all these happenings there is always something of a spiritual element. I'm usually watching me watching whatever it is happening - Out of Body Experience (OBE). When the event has taken place, I turn in the direction of (whatever) and feel the faintest puff of air. In a nano second I feel the molecules of everything that has been destroyed either going round me or through me (have never been able to decide which). In those atoms/molecules or whatever they are, somehow, I can discern that which is the building, the craft (aircraft, boat etc), the ground and the people. Physically, I feel very sick and in pain. No matter in which language they speak, although I don't see them, neither could I identify them, I 'hear' and understand the voices of children, men and women, distressed, crying out in disbelief and grief asking each other what has happened and enquiring of each other where they are.

In the process of going through me or round me, when they get behind me, there is always the same response, that is, someone will shout gleefully to those behind that they know where they are and as they follow they too are immediately aware of their surroundings and they encourage the rest to follow. I'm left devastated and alone feeling a great sense of loss as if I'd lost every friend I ever knew - and they go on without me.

I became aware that of those who had lost friends and relatives at the times I have witnessed these events, I was conceivably the last person to have contact with their loved ones somewhere between this life and whatever is next. It is for this reason, out of respect for those gone and those left, with genuine respect to any reader, I'm not out to titillate nor will I sensationalise the events by naming them.

There are many other incredible things which are manifested when I see/hear/or know, things. Quite recently, a time frame was given to me in the form of a large bushy tree to the right of a building where an event that was thought by many to be almost an inconceivable, took place. The exceptionally bushy tree was higher than the building and was in an advanced state of maturity with very distinctive, plumish coloured leaves, I know nothing of trees or their development but, to me, it indicated it was in the middle of summer.

This is how the above was manifested, it was about 4am, I was sleeping and had an OBE. I saw the event as a Super 8 film, while I was witnessing it, I was 'in' a house opposite the building and tall tree previously mentioned, all the windows in that house blew in just as if it was an actual event in real time. On the first anniversary following the disaster, I travelled abroad to the place where it had happened and saw that there was indeed a tall bushy tree. I was surprised to find that it was, in fact, three fir trees in extremely close proximity to each other. Being fir trees they have no leaves, being deciduous they are the same all year round. The 'tree' I 'saw' in my OBE was in fact a 'clock' which not only gave the season but indicated the time in that season. At the actual site of this event, the house I was 'in' during my OBE didn't exist. It has become my experience that sometimes I am placed in somewhere where I am less likely to be uncomfortable and therefore less likely to wake up or let my pragmatic mind interfere with the proceedings.

In the previous example, for the first time in my life, in an experiment to see if loss of life could be minimised, I faxed an authority that would directly be affected and who also definitely had a vested interest in knowing what was about to happen. I asked them not to reply to me as it was for their information only. This fax was sent four them months beforehand....and again on the morning of the event, where I asked them to inform any business partners to tell them of what I believed was truly imminent (although I felt the time was near I was, however, unable to give the specific date).

It made no difference. It would have made no difference even if I'd pleaded with the individuals concerned not to undertake what they were going to do that day, they would have done it anyway. I wouldn't blame them, I'd find it hard to believe such a proposition when I'd been planning and looking forward to doing something for a year or two and there was no evidence whatsoever to support such a hypothesis.

Regrettable though the above was in every way, another disaster followed which, owing to its scale, completely eclipsed it. As in the simultaneous event mentioned earlier, in much the same way as the one above, people have to do what they have to do and there is no precedent for putting your life on hold on the whim of a complete stranger who claims to know differently.

I've now tried giving a warning, didn't like it, don't see the value, and have reverted to my previous stance i.e. keeping things to myself entirely, or, if I thought fit, to tell my immediate family who are well used to my wishes of them not publicising anything.

I'm somewhat advancing in years and if I'd wanted to publicise myself I'd have done so long before as I've never sought fame or enrichment from my gift. The world has its own order and, even were it possible, no matter the circumstances, it is not for me to be judgemental in any way and interfere with the balance.

Regardless, it must be said the rationale is that, when I see things, they have already happened and it's just a question of time before it becomes everyone else's reality, there's isn't anything that can be done to change it, whatever eventually transpires simply enters the public domain at a slightly later time i.e. the two realities are unified.

I'm sure there are those with parallel experiences but for those who do not have these experiences I trust this small snippet has been informative and of interest.

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paigetheoracle said...

Yeh, it's funny but I have the same thing only whereas some people seem to have it on a personal level (individuals), I see into the far future and also the mechanics of what is happening, so I'm able to give it a more scientific bent. It's like being on a mountaintop and shouting down to those at the foot of it, not to give up because they've only got a little way to go to reach their goal.