Thursday 19 April 2007

New Book Deal

My publisher has just been in touch to say that they wish to publish my second book Daemon Of Creativity and want to discuss with me options for the third book. This is good news. I will be going down to London to see them in May to finalise the deal. They are involved at present on foreign language rights for ITLAD. So for they have secured a Dutch language deal and they are hoping for a few more.

I have just returned from a short lecture tour of Devon. We had an excellent response with over 100 people hearing me talk over the three venues. I have been invited back later in the Summer to do some more. The Wigan Festival talk on Tuesday was also very well attended and the audience response was simply fantastic.

BBC Southern Counties Radio have also been in touch about me doing an interview. Again good news as I used to live in that area (Horsham) and still have many friends in the South East.

Next week I am talking at the Paranormal Week '07 Festival at Halton Lea in Cheshire. This could be a very interesting event because unlike the library talks the audience will be aware of many of the ideas and theories that I discuss.

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