Tuesday 28 August 2007

BBC Radio Interview - Wednesday 29th August @ 2200

I was recently interviewed by John Govier of BBC Radio Devon, Cornwall, Guernsey & Jersey. This will be broadcast on Wednesday 29th August at 2200 (British Summer Time). This can be listened to online at the following websites:

This is quite a different interview than the ones I have done so far.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,

Intersting interview. Thanks!

Two questions about your interview tonight.

One, that you said that this interview was quite different from previous interviews (which I have listened to) makes me want to ask you what you felt was different about it.

Two, in previous interviews when you have been asked if you believe in life after death, you have said that you don't know. However, this time, your last words of the interview, after being asked if you believed that there was life after death, you said that you would like to think so. Why the change?


Dave C.

Anthony Peake said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks for your (very reasonable) comments/questions. With regards to my comment that my interview would be very different I guess that I meant that it focused on slightly different elements than my usual interviews. However on now having the opportunity to listen to it I agree that the interview did follow the same structure as my usual talks/intervies. My apologies for this.
With regard to your second question I was very careful in my wording. I would argue that the words 'I hope so how' and 'I don't know' to basically say the same thing. For example I don't know whether Tranmere Rovers will win promotion this season but a certainly hope so. Does that make sense?