Thursday, 2 August 2007

The Schizophrenic Influencing Machine & The Bohmian IMAX

I am very excited by Karl's linking of my theories to his. Clearly there are many similarities but I also feel that Karl's idea may explain why schizophrenics feel so lost in this world. I am very keen to have some feedback from other bloggers on Karl's ideas.


Anonymous said...

It's definitely about being out of synch. Speaking from experience I think that most of my life I've been outside this world, looking in. It's given me a unique perspective but it's also come at the cost of not being understood when I do communicate or simply not being able to communicate at all: Like those ads where everything and everyone else is moving at a different speed to you or the accounts of people in Near Death Experiences, where nobody acknowledges your existence (Think also of seances and the difficulty/ nonsense that comes out of communications from the other side - connect that to the effects of alcohol and similar situations like waking up and still being semi-conscious etc. or ill and in delirium).

The way I put it on my website is that it's a two worlds problem or as Carlos Castenada had it, Tonal and Nagual (The world we hold onto for dear life or let go of and float into for a 'pieceful' death).

Karl Le Marcs said...

Excellent feedback Tony, thank you. I'm glad you can relate to some of my theories and the way they tie in with the ideas of Anthony Peake.
Thank you for your post.
Karl L Le Marcs