Sunday 20 September 2009

Reading The Daemon is as interesting as the ITLAD but when I was reading the part about the Hawaiian Kahuna my wife asked me what was the name / make of the watch our daughter had been wearing as she wanted to buy one similar.
My reply was without thinking, it was a Kahuna. Kahuna? How odd that the same name cropped up in two different places around the same time. Coincidence has a strange way of popping up when you least expect it.
Until I had seen my daughter's wrist watch and shortly after when reading The Daemon I had never heard of the word, Kahuna in my life.
Something very odd is going on in our perceived reality
that stops and make you think it is some kind of dream.
Many years ago I worked briefly with a chap named John Bennett now deceased. We talked about many things. His father had a hard working life up there in the NE of England. He asked his father when he was dying what he thought of life after his experiences? His father replied, "It's just a bad dream son". Methinks he was probably right, it is just a dream and bad for some.

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Karl Le Marcs said...

Rod: You may, or may not, be aware of my Kangaroo Paradox of Coincidence, of which this is an absolute classic example.

You may wish to place this on the FORUM as that is the place for posts such as this and where the Kangaroo Paradox is explained.


It would make a useful addition to the Synchrondipity section.