Friday 4 September 2009

After some difficult technical problems my interview with Sonia Barrett of Sovereign Mind Radio was broadcast live two days ago. In my opinion this is one of my most interesting in that it turned out to be more of a dialogue than an interview. In my opinion it is well worth listening to as much for the observations of Sonia as my own contribution. Due to the delay of the broadcast it is possible that many who are interested may have missed it.

However I am delighted to say that it has now been posted. It can be listened to at:

Indeed Sonia was so interested in matters itladian that she has invited me back for another interview, this time a three hour special that will have both myself and Karl (A Dark Philosopher) L LeMarcs. In this we plan to discuss in some detail the latest developments including an introduction to Karl's Collapsing The Consciousness Wave that first appeared on this BLOGSITE with his postings "Where Is The Internet" and "The Sensation of Being Stared At".

This will be a very important show for the development of both itlad/ctf and the uber-concept of

BIGTOE .... "The Bohmian IMAX Grand Theory of Everything"!

The broadcast time and date will be 0800 (Pacific Time) on Wednesday 14th October 2010. Don't miss this one!

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Karl Le Marcs said...

FORUM: Sovereign Mind Radio I nterview - Rescheduled [by Tony]

Tony and I will be interviewed together by Sonia Barrett on Sovereign Mind Radio for three hours (yes, three!), on Wednesday October 14th.

This follows the excellent hour and a half interview between Sonia and Tony that is still available to listen to on FORUM.

The three hours will enable Tony and I to really answer many questions on the combined Uber-Theory of BIGTOE (Bohmian IMAX Grand Theory of Everything), the combination of Tony's ITLAD/CTF thesis and my own CtCw (Collapsing the Consciousness wave) postulate on Consciousness.

Full details of the interview with air times etc will be published on FORUM in the next couple of weeks.

This interview will compliment another joint interview that Tony and I are doing for KUCI Radio on October 8th and the broadcast of our joint Television interview for Edge Media Television in the next couple of weeks.