Wednesday 28 April 2010

Example of a migraine-induced deja precognition on live radio!

my spot on BBC Merseyside was, as I expected, one of the most interesting I have done. Although I felt that Billy had not quite grasped the link between ITLAD/CTF and migraine the last caller most certainly showed just why migraine intrigues me so much. I suspect that Billy's confusion is simply because he has yet to read ITLAD. If he does eventually get round to doing so he will fully understand why. The caller described how he started experiencing classic aura sensations and then he slipped into an ongoing deja vecu state in whic he knew, in advance, what he was about to experience, both aurally and visually.

Now remember that this person was simply a member of the public phoning into a popular afternoon radio show. I regularly state in my talks and lectures that such experiences are far more common than ordinarily thought. I am convinced that a majority of people experience these Altered States of Consciousness (ASCs) at least once in their lives. Indeed I suspect that for some these are not unusual. The only reason that they are not reported is that the experiencer will feel that others, on hearing about the experience, will ridicule them. It is only when the experiencer feels at ease via the annonymity of a radio phone-in or when surrounded by people who have shared such experiences will they be forthcoming.

To listen into this amazing experience simply follow the following link:

Wait for the show to load and "Fast-Forward" around 63 minutes to hear my whole spot and around 100 minutes to hear the final caller.I am keen to have your comments on this.

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