Wednesday 27 August 2008

Daemonic Evolution and Neuro Atypicality: A Theory

This synopsis was posted a few weeks ago but then mysteriously disappeared!! I have reposted it here and on the forum and look forward to feedback from my fellow ITLADIAN's both old and new! (Thank you to those that posted the first time round, I would appreciate it if you would comment again)

This is a synopsis of a piece I have written theorizing the evolution of the daemon and how neuro atypicality may serve a very real purpose in such an evolutionary cycle.

Karl has theorized that there has to be a Virgin Life when it all begins and an Ultimate Life when we lose sentience and return to the objective consciousness field. By applying Cantor’s rule, eventually our particle of consciousness cannot be divided any further and we lose sentience.

What I suggest is that we don’t just suddenly reach our Ultimate Life and become daemonically fused. The daemon evolves gradually and as it does, eidolonic influence diminishes until the sentient being is functioning primarily as a daemonic individual.

The Quantum Zeno Effect suggests that constant self-observation of the brain/mind tends to sustain certain brain states more than others. A daemonic individual will therefore, naturally, have greater effect on the more eidolonic individual. The daemonic individual exists in a different conscious state of perception than others.

The daemon cannot exist independently of the eidolon. I suggest that fusion of the dyad doesn’t take place in the Ultimate Life. Experiences of the eidolon grow the daemon. The eidolon is an absolute necessity for the daemon to flourish.

Now imagine a Virgin eidolon born with the doors of perception wide open. It would know something was wrong but would not be able to make sense of it. This, surely, would cause neuro atypicalities such as schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder. If the Virgin Life is the start point, the baptism of fire, once within the Bohmian IMAX, the daemon comes into play. This traumatic start point will lead the strongest of daemons

Karl has kindly given me permission to use him and his neuro atypicality as an example to help support the theory I have posited.

Karl’s Virgin /Ultimate Life state has oft been debated on blog. There is something on an unconscious level that affects individuals that come into contact with him.

Could it be that he is a very evolved, daemonically living individual?

If this is the case, then his amazing memory would not be unusual. Karl has much more access to the playback and therefore exhibits much higher levels of recall.

I posit that as evolution continues the corpus callosum diminishes and the eidolon has less and less access to the daemon. The individual is living daemonically, is reaching full potential and the eidolon is losing sentience.

This may explain why Karl also has strange effects on people. They have reported being unable to have déjà vu experiences around him and personally, I have noticed that my daemonic activity is much reduced around him. If we go back to the Quantum Zeno affect this would make sense. As a daemonic individual Karl in functioning ahead of others. He is the primary observer in any interaction and if we apply the MMI, Karl will always be the one to cause decoherence in any interaction. This would preclude anyone else having a déjà vu and reduce their daemonic activity as well.

It also explains why Karl doesn’t have precognition and déjà vu himself. The corpus collosum is much reduced; the eidolon has very little access to the daemon so nudges and hints like precognition and déjà vu are just not necessary.

If we look at Karl’s neuro atypicality we can also see the functioning of a primarily daemonic individual.

Simply put Bipolar disorder manifests as extremes of mood. I have observed that Karl has overcome the debilitating symptoms of this condition through self awareness and wisdom to help him grow.

If we look at some of these symptoms we can see clearly the eidolon/daemon balance

Daemon – Hypergraphia hyperlexia, intelligence, memory recall, thinking ahead, constant brain/mind self observation.

Eidolon – Low energy, sometimes low mood, chronic fatigue.

In conclusion I suggest:

The dyad of eidolon and daemon always exists as the eidolon is the experiencer to enable the daemon to grow.

  • Fusion of daemon/eidolon therefore does not occur. I suggest that as the daemon grows in awareness the eidolon’s sentience diminishes. The corpus callosum link also diminishes as this process evolves.
  • Over time, the percentage balance increases in favour of the daemon. That is the primary goal from the start.
  • Neuro atypicality can now be seen to serve a purpose. We may not be able to see it in this present moment but if we look at the big picture of many, many reruns within the Bohmian IMAX past life memory playback, it makes sense. The individual who starts from a position of having too much perception will eventually have the strongest daemonic existence.
  • The eidolon begins learning with unconscious/incompetent (doesn’t known and doesn’t know it doesn’t knows). Then moves to conscious/incompetent (doesn’t knows but is aware of it). Then conscious/competent (learning is taking place but conscious effort required to understand). Finally, unconscious/competent (integrated learning that requires no conscious effort). At this point the individual is primarily daemonic in existence.
  • In coming into contact with these highly evolved daemonic individuals the lives of others will be affected, enabling them to further their own evolution. This, again, suggests evolutionary synergy. It is not an individual goal but also has bearing on the potential of others.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: Hi JoJo, I'm glad you re-posted this as I think it is integral to the collective work that you and Di and Ed (with myself) are wanting to do.

I would urge any BLOG readers to also check out FORUM and the MENTAL HEALTH section where such theories as Jo's wonderful one here are discussed and developed.

Before this disappeared mysteriously a few weeks ago after you originally posted it, I did thank you for all the work you have put into this (and the plethora of questions which you have bombarded me with)

I know that Ed and Di and Tony and Susan Marie all commented last time so I hope they re-place their thoughts here and on FORUM.

Fantastic work JoJo, truly fantastic.

Karl Le Marcs said...

FORUM: Daemonic Evolution And Neuro Atypicality: A Theory
[by Johar]

SM Kovalinsky said...

JOJO: I love this piece, and am so happy you placed it on my American Musings blog site as well. Very good work, and you are very right about the subject. Keep on with your lovely theorizing and writing, and with your study of our Karl, who is an enigma within a mystery, for certain. Well, well done.