Sunday 3 August 2008

WOWIO - Some Thoughts

I am assured by my publisher that downloads on Wowio will not impact upon general sales of "The Daemon". I remain to be convinced about this but they are professionals in the publishing business and I have to assume that they know best.

However this does not take away my fear that the ability for people to read the book on-line for free will have a negative impact upon hard-copy sales. With WAP phones and such like, individuals can read the book as and when they like and although reading on a screen is not ideal sales of the "Amazon Kindle" device in the USA has shown that people are getting more used to reading something on a portable screen. To be able to do this for free rather than spend money on a book is, to me, a very rational decision ... particularly in a world facing an economic down-turn.

I agree that this may open up my theories to many more people ... people who would not ordinarily buy my books ... and that is a good thing but this is not the same as the 'relationship' that is created between writer and reader when the have the intimacy of a tactile book in their hands (a fully portable device that does not have to be switched on and off!)

However I feel that potential readers should find "WOWIO" in their own way without any assistance from me. as such I will wait a few days then "pull" any reference to Wowio of this blogsite, my website and my other various web-locations.

I would like request that you guys also use WOWIO in a useful and dynamic way. If you consider that the only way a friend or associate will become aware of Itladian ideas will be through the free access to WOWIO then by all means let them know ... but please be careful. I am worried that both books may become very popular and generate absolutely no revenue which will really be a two-edged sword. I make very little from my writing to begin with. To end up losing what small revenue I receive will be economically disastrous for me - I will become much more famous and much more poor at the same time. Indeed such a scenario would really make the writing of a third book economically non-viable.

We have to manage this very carefully.


Anonymous said...

Tony: I'm certain I'm not the only one who will always prefer to hold a book in my hands and turn the pages. There is aa total sensory experience in reading a book. I love the smell of a new book and to touch the paper. You can read a book anywhere - it's part of my sleep routine to reaad for a while.

I have downloaded a copy of the Daemon simply because I can't wait to read it. But I MUST HAVE a real, tangible volume as soon as it's published. Think of WOWIO as one of those sample CDs you get with magazines like The Word. You get a free track but how often have you bought the CD after you fall in love with a track - and the other albums you've bought afterwards?

SM Kovalinsky said...

TONY: I agree fully with Di, and I was going to say the exact words she has set down here; she said it beautifully ! I too have downloaded the book simply because I could not WAIT to read it, but I still want a real book to hold, signed by you, and I know that others will want it too, and I will buy copies for them as well--do not worry, the WOWIO is going to work to your advantage, and only to that.

Anonymous said...

Tony: Another thought: as you have pointed out on numerous occasions, synchondipity always has some sort of significance behind it. Most of us in the UK had not heard of WOWIO until you drew our attention to it. Furthermore, you asked us to download ITLAD and in so doing became aware that "The Daemon" was available before its published date. Many of us, people who love ITLAD and would not ever wish to cause you harm, were drawn to download copies. Again this would not be something many of us would do under normal circumstances. And as a result you book is already in at number 4 of the most popular downloads. You cannot get better publicity than that.

No - trubba not (as Riddley would put it) I think this will prove to be a positive thing.

SM Kovalinsky said...

DI: That is an excellent point you make. What seemed to Tony to be mere accident or mishap, has become the best PR agent he could have hoped for.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Tony: I have re-read this post and now see more fully your worry and your plea. I for one will make no mention to any friends or associates about the free download. For you to become at once poorer and more famous would be a most undeserved fate. What do your publishers say about this, and what do they hope to obtain by offering the free downloads? There are many textual downloads on the internet for which you must use your credit card and pay the full price, why don't they offer that instead of the free? As I recall Napstar, ? ( cannot remember the exact name at the moment) had to stop doing this with free music downloads as the recording artists were (quite reasonably) protesting. So also is your own protest reasonable.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Tony: I have emailed you re Napster and the closing down of free music downloads after protests by recording artists. There is the issue of intellectual property, copyrighted and owned by you, being given out at no cost to the public domain, which was viewed in the Napster case as infringement and violation. Your concern is a reasonable one and serious in nature, and perhaps you ought to protest or at least question more vehemently.

Rach said...

I have to say that after downloading my copy of The Daemon I am yet to read it. I haven't gone further than the front cover and I think it is because I feel a little guilty. I feel like I have cheated in a test and got the answers before the test has begun. So I have decided that I am going to leave it as it is on my computer, until september and in the meantime continue to try and understand the theories in ITLAD. Perhaps then I can be more confident about joining in the conversations.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: You and I have discussed this privately but I feel the need to say something in the public arena
(such is my way on occasion)

I personally agree with you regarding WOWIO and "The Daemon", however I do think WOWIO could be a valuable tool towards "ITLAD" in that the original book has now been out for a period of time, and this may be an effective way to keep it within the cultural consciousness.

I don't think, however, that it is an effective method for your publishers regarding the new book, BUT, having spotted this early it is my hope that it will not affect book sales for you, as those who are regulars here would, like Di, JoJo, SMK and myself, all be purchasing the actual book anyway, but it would be a shame if anyone at all were to merely download it (or even worse simply read it for free online), thus providing no real purpose behind your and I's ultimate aim to collaborate on a hugely paradigm shifting thesis.

I think your suggestion regarding pulling all references to WOWIO from blog in the coming days is a good one, and I would continue with your concerned correspondence with your publishers regarding how this could(!) affect "The Daemon" sales.

Us writers are grossly underpaid and underfunded and whilst "deals" such as this may infact benefit the website/publishers and advertisers, it would be another death knell to add to the New Book Agreement, for new writers or those who have ideas and theories (such as ourselves) that we wish to bring to debate and consciousness.

*mild harrumph and shakes head at publishers*

Karl Le Marcs said...

Rachel: GREAT to see you getting involved.

If you have ANY questions or seek any help or guidance on what to read from Blog or even Forum then please ask.

Dreamer said...

Count me among those who plan to buy the book when it becomes available in September. I can hardly wait!

[Hi everyone -- I've been traveling and haven't been around much to comment, but I'm still very interested in ITLAD, the Daemon, and related topics. I hope to drop by more often from now on.]

Anthony Peake said...

Thank you all for your supportive comments on this blog. I will be talking to my publisher in the next few days to discuss how we go forward with this issue.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Tony: I have emailed you some case studies which were conducted for publishing companies regarding the correlation between free downloads and drops in book sales. Both concluded that free downloads generate sales, and do not decrease them. Perhaps this is what your own publishers have been advised of as well. There was some talk of free excerpts rather than the whole text, and perhaps you could speak to your publishers about this.

Ed said...

I agree with all of this. Tony and I just chatted and my take is that it is yultimately a good thing to have some (if not all) avauilable as a download and that this will enhance sales and give good publicity.

People do NOT generally make a living merely from book sales (even very good book sales) unless it becomes a Harry Potter thing. Great though they are, ITLAD and The Daemon are not that kind of book. i think Tony's FAME will make his living somehow. I will give some thought as to how FAME does that. Maybe sone of you know how? Perhaps ITLAD will create a connection of minds around the world who will generate a funding machine of some kind.

Yes, it's still worth having a chat with hthe publishers.

And as for online versus paperback? No contest.


Karl Le Marcs said...

"Book Sales"
*smiles at someone who will appreciate it*

*waves at Dreamer*