Thursday, 7 August 2008


After doing a quick review of the FORUM I feel that it is the ideal place to place some of the more informational postings that we have enjoyed on this Blogsite over the last year or so. I am sure that all of your regular contributors have one or two of your own that you are particularly proud of. As long as the post can be amended slightly to be understandable to the novice itladian then I feel that these could be re-used.

I have taken a few of my early posts ... specifically the PKD ones ... and placed them on the FORUM. Clearly I had to explain the background but I am fairly pleased with them.

So if you guys have any historic gems that you are proud of think about "forumising" them and placing them on there.


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Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: CRIKEY!! That's a rather large task for me but yes I shall begin editing, updating and transferring some of my previous BLOG posts to FORUM including links to other posts to show thought-form development from tomorrow.

I agree entirely with your ideas of how FORUM / BLOG should co-exist and what should be posted where.