Monday 22 September 2008



Just to let you know that the Kerrang Interview tonight has been postponed. It seems that they are very interested in the book and would prefer to have read the book before they interview me. Indeed they wish me to go to their studios in Birmingham rather than on the telephone. This is a very positive development but unfortunately a little late for me to get the message out to all of you. If you see this can you please let any other itladians know about this delay.

I will be agreeing a date with them in the next few days and I will post it on here.




Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: Bummer!
Thanks for this, and the text message: I will let as many ITLADians know as I can.

I had skillfully managed to arrange all my Manic Monday meetings for this evening around a nice 30 minute window in the pub so I could record this interview for all my fellow ITLADians.
(I'm dead nice like that)

Oh well!

I'm still going to the pub though!

CD...M said...

Tony & Karl: Perhaps the stage is being set for an even beter interview opportunity.

It would be great to have a recording available, Karl. The live feed does not seem to extend beyond the UK ( nor apparently would station archives be available ).

Anonymous said...

Tony: It's a shame I wasn't able to hear your interview tonight but I'm certain it will be all the better if the interviewer has read the book and is able to facilitate a more in depth interview. I'll look forward to that!

SM Kovalinsky said...

Tony: Sounds like this will be a fruitful delay. I agree, much more in depth, and altogether better; I will love to hear it, but it will have to be downloaded, as like Cam, I do not get it in the US.

LeMarcs: Hey, pardner, you are not accessing my emails, and you are "appearing in the field" here, so I must have committed some cardinal sin. All I can say, is that I will not step foot in Liverpool if I don't get to see you, and that means I will not get to meet Tony, Di, Huxter, et al. LeMarcs no show=Kovalinsky no go. I'm not laughing, either.

Jesamyn said...

Susan Marie! So great to see you here, as I told you a while ago, Roster changes at work have prevented me from speaking as much with you, but I have been thinking very much of you and the lastest tie-in to Itlad and Philosophy we discussed. Your knowledge still astounds me..
I know how much you are hoping to meet with all in Liverpool and I really hope you have a great time..

Karl Le Marcs said...

Cam: No problem, I will do my best to get recordings of AP's interviews available for download via BLOG as quickly as I can, following the appearances for those, like your good self, who cannot receive them or indeed miss them.

Woodsprite: I agree, Di. Absolutely.

Susan Marie: OH DEAR!!! Susan Marie!!!
*shakes head in disappointment*
A learned Philosopher as yourself employing invalid argument via false syllogism and false conclusion from true premise!!
What would your Mentor say??
*tuts and smiles*
(which is not easy to do unless appearing overly camp)

Jesamyn: JES!!!! How wonderful to have you back. I really hope you are feeling MUCH MUCH better.

...............much to do; will try and catch up with as much as I can before I shoot off for Tony's book launch with the wine and nibbles.