Friday 12 September 2008

KERRANG Interview

The producer of the programme has informed me that I will get twenty minutes this time. This is great news ... the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad introduced on prime-time, national radio!!!!

For those outside the UK this can be listened to on-line at


SM Kovalinsky said...

That is so wonderful to hear, Tony. I do hope this time I can hear it live ( I did get to download it later, last time, thanks to LeMarcs.) You have a truly refined, sublimely lovely voice and present your ideas beautifully. I only wish I could see you lecture live. ( You can do an impromptu lecture for me, I suppose, on the docks. ) Prime time national radio, good for you, and next, perhaps in New York. That would be the ultimate for me.

SM Kovalinsky said...

PS FOR TONY : What was the title of the post in which you explained the meaning of your mysterious insignia, and a strange synchronicity in which it played a role? I would like very much to re-read it ( after having a dream in Ohio about you out in a cornfield, and with the insignia on your coat. Very strangely portentous mood and tone to the dream. Oh well, if you happen to remember).

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie: I think the post you refer to in your above comment is:

Stange Events
[by Tony]

and later:
Servants Of The Light (SOL)
[by Tony]

CD...M said...

Portentous - 3 very different meanings ... ?

portentous (por tentes)
1 that portends evil; ominous
2 arousing awe or amazement; marvelous
3 ponderous or pompous; self-important
SYN. ominous

[L portentosus < portentum: see portent]

(C)1995 Zane Publishing, Inc. (C)1994, 1991, 1988 Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Anthony Peake said...

SM: What a curious dream. Is it possible that your subconscious (Daemon?)perceives me as being similar to the "Scarecrow" in "Wizard of Oz"?

(This isn't Kansas, Toto")

SM Kovalinsky said...

Anthony: The dream was actually quite compelling, and it had that portentous aura that all "great dreams" ( as Jung termed these) have: the sense that I was seeing the real you, and you did stare at me with a knowing look. It had the feeling of a visitation from eternity. In terms of the scarecrow, I have seen you as a signpost to an alternative route, and I have always felt that there is more, much more, to you and your theory than that which is seen on the surface. Ohio is the home of my ancestry: the Alcotts made their first home in Ohio, and Louisa May Alcott was born over the border in Pennsylvania. I found it fitting that you should appear in the cornfield, and gaze as you did.

SM Kovalinsky said...

CAM: I just noticed, was that aimed at me, sly Canadian??? 1 and 2 apply; yes, there was a sense of evil, in that there was something highly and wildly disturbed by his breaking into that environment. But that it had a positive aspect was clear. The pompousness in no wise applies to Tony; are you applying it to me? Horrors.

CD...M said...

SM: I see I can be sly, or perceived to be, without even trying. Perhaps slyness is a New York trait, expected and assumed LOL.

No, with my limited vocabulary, I simply wasn't familiar with the term. Then I was surprised to see three meanings I felt were quite divergent from each other.

The dream, though, and Tony's reply, are interesting.

I've earlier made a reference to the Tin Man, in a Forum post, i.e.,

"Why do I feel like lights are starting to go on, exposing cobwebs I didn't even know were there, and rusty parts are starting to squeak, as if Dorothy were just now applying oil to the tin man's hinges ?"

Perhaps the oil is the intellectual discourse I'm becoming accustomed to on the ITLAD Forum, and via these blogs.

Likley, there was also more than what met the eye in the stories from OZ, as well. Take a look, if you like, at:

and scroll down to the section near the end called "Sources of the Tin Man image", for some historical background there, if you like, that you might find interesting.

I had previously looked that up after I made the "Tin Man's Hinges" post on the Forum.

An interesting analogy, then, for the scarecrow and Tony, and your dream, which Tony links, humourously, to Baum's Wizard of Oz story.

In the end, in that epic tale, the scarecrow was the wisest of the three characters: the scarecrow, the tin man ( or the Tin Woodman ) and the cowardly lion: each of which were truly shown to already possess the characteristics they set off in search for, with Dorothy, i.e., heading off as they did to see the Wizard of Oz in the Emerald City.

An interesting parallel, perhaps, to the BBC "Parable" story posting, by Tony, as well, as the scarecrow, in the Wizard of Oz, wasn't he really looking not only to find a brain, but, in the end, perhaps, looking for recognition of his brains, his wisdom ... that were there, all along ... or at least thy were discovered or revealed along the way ?

Hmmm ... that way ... yes, they were following the "Yellow Brick Road", but, perhaps, in our case, is it the "Karl Brook Road" ?

* sheepishly glances in Karl's direction *

SM Kovalinsky said...

Cam: I was only kidding regarding your being sly, and it is a New York trait, for certain. Interesting flow of ideas, about Oz, and the Scarecrow. Very poetic analogies you make in the style of a writer, whose train of reflection he knows will be fruitful if it is followed. I did take note of your Tin Man, by the way. Listen to Tony's interview. And keep your thoughts coming; I look forward to them; they are like installments in a story which I continue to follow, and to ponder. . .

Karl Le Marcs said...

Cam: "Hmmm ... that way ... yes, they were following the "Yellow Brick Road", but, perhaps, in our case, is it the "Karl Brook Road" ?

* sheepishly glances in Karl's direction *

"Put 'em up! Put 'em up!"