Sunday 19 October 2008

The National Lottery a missed opportunity

Many years ago when the lottery was first started I was very excited about the idea that 'with luck' perhaps there was a chance of winning the big one.
The wife and I bought 2 or 3 tickets and I had a strong feeling that we would win the jackpot or at least a lot of money.
That night I went into a dream that I could see the winning numbers being revealed but within that dream I began to panic that I would forget all of the numbers by the time I woke up and three of those numbers faded away quickly but I hung on to three numbers and on waking wrote them down immediately.
I used the three numbers and won £10. The question will always remain had I remembered the full set would I have won the jackpot?. I will never know and even if for some brain storming reason I remembered them now it would be useless and to know would be more depressing than not knowing. So I guess my Daemon who does know the answer will spare me that torture. Why did the Daemon if that's what it was let me see the numbers in the first place or did my Eidilon catch it off guard and it went into immediate shut down action but not quick enough to fade all three remaining numbers from my memory. To me this proves that the future and past and present are all the same thing, it is all ready there. The trick is to look into the future by tricking your Daemon but you may not like what you see, curiosity killed the cat remember.
I have tried to avoid delving into things too deeply.
Having said that you hear of people winning jackpots two consecutive weeks running. This is a very rare occurence but it has happened and there must be some reason why this occurs.Do they cheat the Daemon in some way? Is their a flaw in their brain that lets them see into the future even though they are unaware of it?

Regards, Rod..

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Karl Le Marcs said...

Rod: Maybe your Daemon didn't, in fact, know all 6 numbers but only knew the 3 that were to win you £10.

Indeed if it DID know the 6 then by giving you just 3 it would have been guiding you away from a past life recording for a reason; most probably (and less often considered) that money in fact does not bring happiness.

Also, the odds on the same person winning the lottery two weeks running are exactly the same as the odds of two seperate people winning the lottery in a two week period. Indeed the odds on the lottery numbers being 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 are exactly the same as any other selection of numbers; it just seems to human congnisance that it is less likely as we are pattern-finders and place undue signifance on patterns if they are they and even if they are not.

We have a thread in FORUM: PRECOGNITION where you have the opportunity to place these hunches before the event happens which will then allow Tony and I to use it as scientific evidence, so if you have this "feeling" again, please place them here:

FORUM: Recording Your Precognitive Events [By Johar]

Thanks Rod.