Sunday 19 October 2008

Roman Dreams, did this person have a glimps of a past life?

Another little story here about an old workmate of mine named Emrys, he has long since passed away but he came to work one day and was telling his boss that he had had a dream that he had been a Roman Soldier he presumed in a past life and in battle he died in this dream by being struck with a spear in his chest.
What surprised him was that when he awoke there was quite a mark on his chest where he said the spear had struck him. He never ever knew how the mark on his chest was made in bed asleep.
He always talked of this story which no doubt puzzled him until he died in this life well into his eighties.

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Karl Le Marcs said...

Rod: Welcome Back Rod!!

This story may be better placed on FORUM under the PRECOGNITION section section as I suspect a few of the regular contributors there would be interested in some of the potential implications.


Maybe you could place a copy there for discussion?